D&D 5E Post your pictures of your favorite Libraries here! (Candlekeep inspiration)

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Throw in pictures of the coolest libraries you know. Outside or inside. Drawings or photos. Fantastic or realistic. Heck, it may be your own games library!

Inspiration for Candlekeep play...
Sure, I could use Pinterest and other locations. But why should I?

I'll kick us off:


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I crit!
Oh crap what a great idea!!!!
mine has to be the Library of Alexandria


He / Him
Not the most beautiful library on earth, but the small, intimate Stevenson Library at UC Santa Cruz was both the quietest place I have ever been and my favorite nap spot.

stevenson library.jpg

Now take that picture, and add a thick fog on a cold night, streetlights glowing and a stack of mythology textbooks in front of you... and your eyes... slowly... drifting... shut...


As a professional librarian, I do not have the fantastical view of them that many do. To me they are not mystical repositories or darkened fonts of knowledge. They are government buildings, like a Parks and Rec office. They are not mysterious. They are full of children playing, adults completing job applications, little old ladies getting romance novels.
The theme of Candlekeep is an instant mood killer for me. It's like having the adventurers be postal carriers.

The Long Room is a jaw-dropping sight, to be sure.

Scatter my ashes here, at Trinity College:

This is one of the sections of my local public library. The floors are translucent and have a faint illumination from the light below when it's dark:


And this was the local library in one of the places I grew up. I remember reading Endless Quest books and Poortvliet and Huygen's Gnomes there:


Going a different direction, here. But I think libraries with these are pretty cool. The one I know of is a storage for decades of science journals in tiny physical space.

There are new electronic ones with all sorts of safety features, or old mechanical ones that you could use to kill any unsuspecting scholar.

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