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POTC type questions....

Mad Jack

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Ahoy! First off, let me compliment the creators o' this here game! An excellent piece o' workmanship.

Now, my players are looking to start a new campaign, and want to do a POTC type thing. "Aha!" I sez, "I gots the perfect thing for that right here, I do." So of course, I show them all S&B. "Great!" sez they. Well to make a long tale short, I gets to be the master o' ceremonies this time 'round. What I be wonderin is this, mates. Has anyone tried to stat out POTC characters? I'm not so much concerned with Capt Jack or Will or Lizzie...no, I was wondering how you would make a S&B version of Davy Jones and Tia Dalma?

That be asked now, me other question is this, is there any thought to the idea of perhaps doing a POTC character supplement or something in an upcoming issue of B&B?

Keep the wind in yer sails, mates!
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Yeah, pretty much ZERO chance of us doing POTC content without the license.

As far as your questions go -- take a look at how we wrote up some of the Djab in S&B. I would expect that Davy Jones would be a similar sort of thing. As far as Tia Dalma, she's a straightforward Hougan as presented in the rulebook.

Mad Jack

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Aye, forgot that blasted licensing thing! Ignore the humble pirate behind the keyboard, heh.

Well, I'd like to think I'm not the only one looking for these influences though. Sooo, I think I found a good beastie for the Kraken, in Swashbuckling Adventures...The Great Grey. Its basically a MM Kraken on steroids with the intelligent bent we see portrayed.

You're right about Tia being a straight Hougan. What level would you think her to be around the time we see her? 15th perhaps?

Mr. Jones is throwing me however. I dont see him as a Djab per se. He did start out a man and isnt an entity or spirit that needs to manifest, he's still pretty much a flesh and blood, albeit scaly, character.

Lastly, that infamous ship with black sails....during it's curse phase...do you think a zombie or ghoul template would work? I know the crew would be skeletons, but what do you think for the ship? Also, I was thinking a lacedon (aquatic ghoul) template for Mr. Jones ship since we actually see it travel submerged.


Avast, Mad Jack!

I think it's your mission to post your Pirates of the Caribbean characters on here once you've statted them up!



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