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Ben Rogers

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Just popping in to tell you that the Promised Sands kickstarter is now live.
Here's our press release:

Harsh Realities, LLC has launched its first gameworld for Sixcess Core – Promised Sands. Powered by the Sixcess Core game mechanic, Promised Sands is a broad, sweeping gameworld featuring a dark, desert world with significant overtones of post apocalypse survival in the face of a worldwide culture war.

Promised Sands represents the first of many gameworlds planned for Sixcess Core, which was successfully kickstarted in November 2012, with 245% funding.

Ben Rogers, Product Manager for Harsh Realities, had this to say: “Promised Sands was originally released to rave reviews in 2003 and we are excited to resurrect it and power it with Sixcess Core.”

Promised Sands is currently available for kickstart at the following link: www [dot]kickstarter[dot]com/projects/1299187159/promised-sands-for-sixcess-core

It will be available for download and print after the kickstart has been complete.

More information can be found that Harsh Realities website: www[dot]harshrealities[dot]org

Additionally, Harsh Realities is running 75+ events at Gen Con with various gameworlds. You are cordially invited to attend our events and learn about Sixcess Core and the exciting gameworlds that we are bringing out.

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