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Proposal: Burning Arc


The Burning Arc spell (from Humans of Golorian) would fill a gap in an evoker's spell list. There are a number of second level fire attack spells but most are hard to use effectively or don't scale with level.

From the example it's clear that the Targets line should read

Targets one primary target plus one additional target/3 levels above 3rd level (each of which must be within 15 ft. of the primary target)

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Satin Knights

First Post
I am going to vote a weak no.
It is cherry picking a single spell from a book.
The spell is strong in its application. It gets to do fireball damage into a group without hitting friendlies.
It is designed to be restricted to a specific human culture we don't have. Yes, we could transplant it to Rha'manti, but then Menik isn't Rha'manti.
And the example is bad. It should arc at least once when the character is third level, hence the name. The example should hit four targets at 9th level.


First Post
It's less of a fireball than a burning hands, really. Plus, it requires a Reflex save, it's weak at lower levels, and at higher levels everything has fire resist.

I don't have an issue with cherry-picking. Isn't that what proposals are all about? I mean, we approved the Grenadier archetype, and that's out of some other Golarion book as well. With that said, you've got a zillion pre-approved spells already. What's the compelling case for this particular one over the ones that are already available?


As I said, most other level 2 spells are hard to use effectively. Flaming sphere is great, and would be my first choice except that it's too risky to use in wooden structures and many other environments due to setting things on fire. Fire breath requires enemies to be close to a wizard who's not a front liner, but not mixed in with allies. Spontaneous immolation is a bit weak past levels 3-4, and for Menik, he's usually better off casting Ear Piercing Scream (a level 1 spell) than that.

The spell it's most comparable to is scorching ray, but that requires a ranged touch attack, which will usually face a -4 penalty for firing into melee.

Perhaps not a compelling case, but it could certainly come in handy.

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