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Purely Primitive is a virtual world set in Medieval times. You create a character and your character lives in that land. This is a hard land in which you decide your destiny. This is a very new land with very few residents at this time. As more people move into the land the economy will become completely driven by the people of the land. There is very good crafting system that requires people to gather the raw materials and resources to craft the things that they need.

Everything is skill based. If you want to become good at swordsmanship, you simply pick up a sword and go fight something with it. You can simply be an adventurer and travel the land with your armor and weapons ridding the land of foul beast and creatures. Or If you want you can become a merchant and have a store that sells the finely crafted wares that you made or acquired in some other way. You might wish to become a farmer and plant your seeds in the fertile ground and harvest them to become rich one day and have your own plantation.

Skills in this land are very hard to gain at high levels. On contrast, they are very easy to gain at low levels. The skills range from 0.0 (lacking any experience at all) to 100.0 (which means you are a grand master in your trade or ability). This land is unique in that very few people you ever meet in the land of Purely Primitive will ever acquire skills of 80 or above. This is not a land in which people rush to the highest levels of mastery and then start playing. This is a land in which only the strong will stay.

The rather spoiled gamers of this day and time will not like it here, which is fine because we are not catering to them. A person does not have to have the most time to spend on a game in order to become the strongest warrior in the land. A person instead has to survive to tell the tale in order to become that legendary warrior. What this means is that there is a penalty for dying. When a person dies they lose a percentage of the skills they have acquired. NOTHING in the world is more important than your life.

Purely Primitive is free to play and is really designed for the old school RPG players. This game will NEVER be nerfed. If you happen to acquire a fine weapon that is something to be proud of, you can rest assured that every person you meet will not have one just like it. Rares are actually rare, WOW.

When creating your character remember that the only city in the land that has guard protection is Britain. The king has his guards in Britain and he maintains law and order there. The other cities, towns, and villages in the land are left to the public to create and enforce laws there.

We hope you enjoy your stay in this land and I hope to see you there.

Our website is not finished so please bear with us. You can find out more at

Thanks, and enjoy your stay.
Wayne, The administrator/founder

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Actually, that's all Ultima Online game code.

Even the opening web page graphic is from EA's Ultima Online.



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Ok. The screen shot to the right on the page is 3072.05 KB (3145782 bytes). WOW. Tis a hard download. Even on my cable connection...

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