Quality of Miniatures plastic and metal


So I have been collecting miniatures for many years. Before I got into the metal scene I was a cheapo and used a Lego Jar Jar Binks for every boss monster. I eventually got sick of that and went on Ebay to look up REAL painted minis and I got hooked fast. Spent WAY too much on boxes of minis people were offloading (still have all that stuff 17 years later).

Anyway, I have lots of the old WotC minis and the newer Wizkids minis and a good chunk of Reaper minis, and recently I've been buying the game Shadows of Brimstone which is a hybrid RPG/boardgame. I'm sure plenty of people here are familiar with it.

But as far as the quality of the plastic: the old WotC miniatures were nearly indestructible unless melted. The Wizkids minis are much weaker. And as I'm trying to put together the dissembled Brimstone miniatures, they are REALLY fragile and require putty in some places just so I can stick joints together.

Does anyone know more about the quality of the plastics and how they've evolved?

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(Brimstone, Reaper, Brimstone, Reaper)