ZEITGEIST Question about Prestige Classes in 5e

In 5e, all the prestige classes except for Vekeshi Excoriant and Urban Empath have a prerequisite of proficiency +3. It seems a bit odd that the last two are missing that consistent requirement, so I’m wondering if there might be a typo. @RangerWickett (or anyone else who would know): is that an intentional exception, or are they supposed to require +3 proficiency as a prerequisite and it’s a mistake?

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You're not supposed to be able to take them until level 5.

Edit for clarity: I mean you need five levels of other classes, and then you can take a PrC.
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I had my players not take it until level 6, as they will not have a +3 proficiency bonus until after they have taken level 5 in another class.

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