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Does ENWorld's forum software support multiple questions-answer sets within the same poll?

For example, can it handle in one poll:

What is your favourite colour?
[] Red
[] Blue
[] Green
[] Yellow

If your favourite is red, what shade of red?
[] Fire engine
[] Deep rose
[] Maroon
[] Hot neon
[] Red is not my favourite colour

If your favourite is blue, what shade of blue?
[] Aquamarine
[] Navy (a.k.a. royal)
....... etc.

I ask because there's a complex poll of at least 10 different but related* questions I'd like to post and I'd rather not break it down into a whole bunch of separate poll threads if I don't have to.

* - kind of like the silly example above, where the answer to one question determines which of the later questions are relevant to that respondent.

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