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In "The Holds of Vendalyr" on p. 25 there are exploits called "Tilts". Each of them have 3 exploits/effects/components. The text describes a Tilt as needing to be "charged" to be used but the effects make it seem like you only need to "charge" to use the middle (defensive) effect. Are parts of the "Tilt" active without "charging"?

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EDIT: Relevant text
The study of Venetian martial arts progresses along a curriculum as the student grows in proficiency. The first thing the Chushum instructors teach, beyond philosophy and theory, is a Tilt. A Tilt is the foundation which supports all other aspects of a Hold. Within the teaching of the Tilt lies the fusion of the psychical with the physical, developing as a manifestation of the Venetian’s inner power.
The primary intent of a Tilt is direct assault. Venetians prefer to strike quickly and effectively, disabling their opponent, and ending the fight as soon as possible. Each Tilt grants an offensive exploit, a defensive exploit, and an exploit useful in any number of situations. Offensive components of the Tilt are applied as secondary effects on a martial art career’s melee attacks.
To use these abilities, the Venetian draws energy from within and activates the Tilt. This is known as ‘Charging the Tilt’ and can be done as an action or a reaction, costing 1 PSI to maintain per round (note that this is a cost to the PSI attribute directly, not a cost in Power Points).
Tilts are an aggressive use of the Venetian’s psionic ability, draining psionic ability each time they’re used. Charging a Tilt draws directly from the Venetian’s PSI attribute score. Derived stats decrease relevant to the loss of attribute rank. The gradual decrease in PSI causes the loss of psionic energy points (PP), affecting the ability to use further psionic exploits. Once per day, a Venetian can meditate for five minutes to replenish the PSI attribute score.

Lunab Tilt (Dawn)
The Lunab (DEW-nab) Tilt draws focus from the psionic exploit, teleportation.
Blink Apport. On a successful attack, your opponent is teleported up to 10’ and suffers from teleportation sickness, gaining the Sick condition.
Interspatial Pockets. While the Tilt is charged, a flurry of spatial anomalies gravitate around you. Attacks are telegraphed away from you, through the small portals, beyond space and time. You gain a bonus +1d6 to DEFENSE.
Aperture. You can create a portal between your current location and a second location within 1AU that you are familiar with. This portal only functions as a communication channel.
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All three exploits are active/available for the round at a cost of one point from the Venetian's PSI attribute. The Venetian can use all three exploits or may choose to use only the exploit needed at the moment. Without spending from PSI, none of the exploits are available.


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Oh, ok... then what is the meaning of "while the tilt is charged" in the second part?
It suggests that only that part would be switched on/off while giving up the PSI point.


If you put 3 points of PSI into the tilt you gain the tilt for three rounds. 'While the tilt is charged' simple means that for those three rounds the defensive exploit stays active without any thought on the character's part. The offensive exploit requires a successful attack roll and the general exploit requires a conscious effort (i.e. you, the player, stating your character is creating an aperture, for example.) The defensive exploit is 'always on' while the tilt is charged, unless you decide otherwise.

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