ZEITGEIST Questions about the "Mad Shootist" - Multiple Blasters and Autofire


Hi, i have two questions about the "Mad Shootist"

1. Ist it possible for a PC to have more than one Blaster on themselves at the same time? If yes, wouldnt that negate the "overhating" from Autofire? Or is this balanced with the cost of the Blaster?

2. This is written about the Autofire: "You deal normal damage against a creature hit while you use this feature, but if you miss and would normally deal no dam-age, instead the Autofire still does this grazing damage. A creature that has any cover from your attack takes no damage from Autofire."
So if you activate Autofire, target a creature and hit them do you only deal normal damage to that creature OR do you deal normal damage to that creature + the AOE damage to other creatures?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Yes, this would deal with the overheating, but switching back and forth between the weapons might be an issue. You can only take out or put away one weapon as your interaction with the environment on your turn. So either both weapons must be pistols, you drop a weapon on the ground (where it might be stolen) and pick the other up, or you have a feat or class ability that lets you switch weapons.
  2. You only deal normal damage on a hit with autofire. In the text you quoted, the grazing damage only occurs on a miss where you do not already have some form of damage on a miss.

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