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D&D 5E Questions about Tyranny of Dragons


I've got a few questions about Tyranny of Dragons. I've used the search function, but I came up with nothing particularly fruitful, so here we are.

I have the hardbacks for Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat and I also have (the revised) Tyranny of Dragons on D&D Beyond. Is there any significant difference between them that I should know about—especially before running the campaign.

Also, does anyone that has actual experience running the adventure have any advice, recommendations, or anything that they can share to make the experience easier for me as the DM and better for my players? I'm sure there was an advice thread from ages ago, but I can't find it and I'm also hoping that there's been some new insights between then and now as well as experiences with the revised, compiled book.

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Well, first of all, here is the classic megadiscussion:

The biggest difference for the revised version is the encounters in the first 3 Chapters have been recalibrated to be less of a PC death trap (they were originally written with playtest CR estimation tools...), bit overall should be a pretty similar experience.

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