WOIN Questions on Summoning spells

Shaun Palmer

Can Summoned Semi-sentient creatures (animals, zombies etc) shrug off a charmed condition, or does the effects of the summon skill prevent it from happening? I ask as the summoning in the example spells list doesn't include any cost or mention of persistence.

If you have a killed a human NPC and wish to raise it with summon, can you only raise a zombie or can the spell be used to strip the flesh and raise a skeleton if preferred?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
To get a SAFE summon, you should include a component that works against condition removal - but it will raise mana cost. Lower level summoners need to negotiate with their summon - or charm it again.
You surely know tales of summoned demons breaking their chain, don't you?

I'm not sure but I remember something like you cannot summon somebody special or dead; I prefer to use things like speak with dead, it's much less hassle and way easier to handle failure 😆
"I'm sorry, mam, but it seems like your dead father has gone missing" 😂

The answer to your specific question (Zombie vs skeleton) should be up to your GM, I don't remember any rules for that case.

So long 😉

Shaun Palmer

Ahhh... which is why the Necromancer career has +CHA and [social] skills.

Would that be CHA vs MENTAL DEFENSE, or CHA vs WIL contest, or would it depend on the NPC being charmed? A minion would be vs MENTAL but a more significant NPC would be vs WIL?

I can imagine a charismatic Necromancer telling to her Undead minion "Could you be an utter DARLING and kill those people for me, you beautiful maggot ridden zombie" and rolling CHA + flirtation :)


Just a tourist passing your way...
If a character doesn't have an exploit that allows a CHA attack, it's a CHA contest. If you crit such a contest you afflict charmed.

I'd recommend charming spells.

Necromancers can get undead servants without errors which obey every command via an special exploit.

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