D&D (2024) Summon X spells from Tasha's should be only summoning spells of that type for 2024.



They are 1 creature only, they are standardized, they are simple yet provide few options to chose from.

with added changes:

12hrs(so sorcerers have some use for extend spell),
this should effectively give you a sidekick for the price of spell slot and more importantly, Concentration usage(very big price to pay as caster)
Also it can be a drain on party spell slots to keep the summon alive so not to waste high level slot with lower level slots.

Number of attacks: same but this time rounded UP!, that gives 1st(1st level option), 3rd(2nd tier of play), 5th(Max for half-casters) and 9th(max in whole game) level spells good usage for this. even 7th level spells(but as we do not have 2/3rd casters it's not as imprortant(well, 4 attacks are always better than 3)

with round up, we can have version of 1st level spells for this.

Summon animal can be reworked as 1st level spell, with added Plant spirit and Warrior spirit.
then we get:

1st level: Summon Beast, Summon Plant, Summon Warrior. Summon Undead. Default 1 attack.

3rd level: Summon Aberration, Summon Fey, Summon Construct. Summon Shadowspawn. Default 2 attacks.

5th level : Summon Dragon, Summon Elemental, Summon Celestial, Summon Fiend. Default 3 attacks.

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