Level Up (A5E) Racial Proficiencies: you can now officially swap them

The Adventurers League Players Guide already adopted the official rules that will appear in Tashas Cauldron of Everything, to customize your character.

Where your race or subrace mentions a proficiency (such as an Elf with longsword martial weapon proficiency or Perception skill proficiency) you can swap it for an other proficiency instead.

The rules are somewhat stilted, ranking some proficiencies as better than other proficiencies.

• Skill: swap any skill for any other skill
• Tool or Simple Weapon: swap any tool or simple weapon for any other tool or simple weapon
• Martial Weapon: swap any martial weapon for any tool, simple weapon, or martial weapon

However, for Level Up, I would rather have more freeform swaps. Swap ANY proficiency for ANY other proficiency:

• Skill
• Tool
• Language
• Simple Weapon
• All Simple Weapons (requires having 2 other weapon proficiencies)
• Martial Weapon
• All Martial Weapons (requires having all simple weapons proficiency and 2 other martial weapon proficiencies)
• Shield
• Light Armor
• Medium Armor (requires light armor proficiency)
• Heavy Armor (requires medium armor proficiency)
• Cantrip
• Darkvision = 2 proficiencies

So for example, the wood elf culture can swap the shortsword simple weapon proficiency for a cantrip, instead. Additionally the elf heritage might swap out Darkvision to gain any 2 proficiencies. Oppositely, the human heritage might swap out any 2 proficiencies in order to gain Darkvision.
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