At PAX Prime this week, the trailer below was shown. "Dare to Descend! Demon Lords have invaded the Underdark. Get a glimpse of what's in store for the Forgotten Realms with a suite of Rage of Demons products, including: Sword Coast Legend, Neverwinter: Underdark, a D&D tabletop roleplaying game adventure, miniatures and accessories".

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Is that supposed to be English dialog throughout or meaningless whispers and chanting, 'cause I couldn't understand any of it.

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Too much of a certain dark elf, and wincing a bit at the "AND ZOIDBERG!" of OotA's mention, but the demon lords animated there have me pretty hype! Definitely reflects the "madness."
I liked it but surprised on the animation used, it's kind of dated but don't get me wrong it was cool to see the Demon Lords and the Mind Flayers!
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What I hate about earth shaking adventures in the FR is needing to find a reason why the real powerful heroes are not just taking care of it. Screw that, make the PC the real heroes of the world.


Well, that was fun
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I think the trailer is more about the novels and video game than Out of the Abyss, the adventure. It's titled Rage of Demons, after all, not Out of the Abyss. OotA is just for us; Rage of Demons (and this trailer) is for the mass market storyline stuff.

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OK then, but it seems the module has a similar thing to it. Help Driz'zt fight the demons from what I've heard, but I haven't read it yet.

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Me 5 minutes ago: Another generic marketing trailer for the storyline. Ho hum.
Me now: holy poo... That was pretty cool. The ilithids wetre scary and we saw some neat stuff with the demon lords. And it struck me that Drizzt wasn't entirely sane at the end.

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Apparently he is pretty minor in the book and can be removed if wanted. As the PCs are the stars there.
Which is cool, I'd just keep him out all together. I just don't like the idea I've seen in other FR stuff in the past where some reason is given why Elminster isn't there to do it or things along those lines.


Ya, I don't hate him like some others, but that was way too much of him, and not the players.
Out of curiosity, how would a trailer focus on the players? No matter what they do, don't they need a player substitute in the trailer? I ask because that's how I see Drizzt in the trailer, as a stand-in for a player's PC.
Okay, we know that there are Eight Demon Lords in the Rage of Demons storyline. I really don't think the PCs are expected to find, fight, and win against all eight of them. Ergo, I think the storyline is being divided up against the various mass media. For example:

* PCs in OotA will win battles against Zuggtmoy, Orcus, and Juliblex
* Players of Neverwinter will face Baphomet and Yeenoghu
* Sword Coast Legends Players will face Graz'zt and Fraz Ur'Blu
* And Drizzt will face Demogorgon solo in the Archmage novel.

(Final division subject to change).

That way, everyone experiences a part of the RoD story from a different angle. While you're stopping Orcus from controlling an Elder Brain, Drizzt will be fighting Demogorgon in Menzobarrazan at the same time. You're both being heroes, you're both being awesome. You only know of Drizzt's struggles directly if you read the novel though.

I might be wrong, but that's how I THINK it will play out.


Orcus creating a bunch of illithiliches by corrupting their elder brain was by far the best part!

As for Drizzt, I recall the buzz being that he might end up needing saving from himself or something because he succumbs to the madness himself.