D&D 4E Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded -- Free 4E Adventure (Ennie Nominated!)


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Cam Banks said:
Hmm. I had thought those two passive skill entries are there as DCs for the DM to roll Hide or Bluff checks against without telling the players.


That's exactly right, and what I'm saying (although I wasn't very clear, I think).

You use the passive perception/insight as "defenses" when the party is not actively paying attention to something. Like if you have a kobold sneaking up on the party, you roll his stealth, and just compare it to passive perceptions of the group. Now if the fighter specifically said, "I'm going to watch that corridor to the north for anyone coming this way," and the kobold is coming from the north, I'll let him make an ACTIVE perception roll. Granted I'll just say, "Okay roll your perception," regardless of whether or not anything is coming. If kobold sneaks up from the south, I'll just use passive perception.

Basically you have to be actively committed to something to make an active check, in my opinion. Someone lying to the party with a bad Bluff check might get past the denser members of the group, but the cleric will note a difference in his voice, even if the player didn't say, "His story sounds fishy, can I roll Insight?" (Active check at that point.)

Oh, and Stone Table, Level 2 added! I tried to get a greenish-purple glow in the dragon's lair, but I'm colorblind, so I had to do it by math--cut me some slack. :)

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Hmmm ... I think I need another map with a waterfall. And a tar pit. Or maybe a lava-fall.

For those who want to play Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded Extreme Edition, make Nightscale a red dragon and the water areas lava.

Jeb McDonald

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Our 3.5 group ran the basic Raiders quest last night. A couple of thoughts--

1) Thank you for your time & energy in putting this together. I'm confident many, many of us will run this adventure in preparation for 4e!

2) If one of the goals of WOTC was to give each character something meaningful to do each round, then they succeeded (at least with the first level characters provided). I played the cleric and never once did I simply "swing my mace".

3) As a D&D player since '78, I've kept updating my play with whatever edition of D&D which comes out, and I'll be doing so in June.

Thanks again!



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I took that awesome stone table map, printed it and will use it to run a 4e intro session for my group next week. They are not huge miniatures/battlemat fans, so I hope that a great looking map and the streamlined 4e rules will help them see the light... :)


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I missed my map-a-day deadline, sorry about that--I've actually got The Lost Tomb almost finished (need to add lighting effects) and I've got a good portion of the crag mapped out. I got invited to play in a 4e fan demo over VTT last night as a player so I couldn't pass that up.

We got stomped, 4 of us against some kobolds, and the GM thought it would be a hoot to have a DRAGON swoop down on the fight. I managed to fear the dragon (cleric) and we ran like hell. No one died at least. :) I didn't use the Lance of Faith much, spent most of my time wading in and putting metal to meat with my mace, and boosting the AC of the tank.


Xorn said:
and the GM thought it would be a hoot to have a DRAGON swoop down on the fight.

Heh, that's evil.

As a sidenote, are there going to rules for a dragon swooping down, grabbing someone, flying them sixty feet up, and dropping them? I wonder how the Grapple rules would accommodate a common tactic like that? Or is that something that 4e will relegate to special monsters with "special powers." I hope not. We need to be able to expand outside of the combat stat block if needed.


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First of all, hello everybody!! :)

I've been lurking here since the release of 3rd edition and I've never posted...

But 4e edition is exiting me so much, and I'd like to give you a hand with your project.
Since I'm a graphic designer, I was thinking to format and add graphics to the adventure. And, since I like to draw (you can see some of my stuff here; I know, I haven't update it for a long time...) what about portaying the most notable NPC?
It shall be a nice work, and a really cool fine add on for this great demo of 4e. Olgar, let me know what you think.

Second, I played the "original" adventure with my group (I'm the DM) and I have to say that I really had a blast with 4 edition. Everyone had fun and I can't wait to play the reload version!! (Not to say that I'm longin for the 6 june!! :D)
See you!!

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