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Did some googgling (don't see the search function here after the rebuild) and didn't really find anything.

I read it and a few different things come to mind.

1.) One is all adjacent enemies suffer 1[w] (more if you get extra OA's) for that single round. This damage happens at the start of those creatures' turns.

2.) As long as you're not stunned or something, anyone who started their round takes 1[w] damage at the beginning of their turn.
2a.) This lasts the entire encounter.
2b.) This happens just this one time.

It says "starts" its turn, not "started", so it seems the damage would be applied at the beginning of it's turn after you used the ability.

It also says "as long as you are able" to make OA's. Assuming you don't get stunned or something, you can make your OA's. It all depends on the duration then, and that just doesn't seem clear to me. It could also mean the ability only applies to baddies who are adjacent to you once the ability is used, and anyone else starting their turn next to you later wouldnt' be affected. If that were the case, could the affected baddies shift out to end the effect, then move back in another round?

The most likely would seem that you use Rain of Steel on your turn. You have 3 baddies adjacent to you. Assuming nobody gets push/pull/slid before the start of their turn, each of those 3 would simply take the 1[w] and that's the end of it. You were just swinging your weapon around. If you have the ability to have multiple OA's on something's turn, it takes x[w] damage. After the affected take their damage, Rain of Steel is done.

I hope I'm making sense here... if not, ignore this and explain what exaclty RoS does. *8)

Thanks in advance...

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Rain of Steel is a stance. Once you use the power, it stays active until the end of the encounter, or until you use a different stance, whichever comes first.

Of your interpretations, 2a is the correct one. Once you use the power, until you use a new stance or the encounter ends, any creature that starts its turn in an adjacent square takes 1[W] damage, provided you are able to make opportunity attacks. If some condition arises that stops you from making OAs, creatures that start their turn adjacent to you do not take damage from Rain of Steel. Once that condition is not longer in effect, however, Rain of Steel will once again cause damage.


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Thank you x10.

The kicker is the Stance keyword you pointed out. I made the mistake of glossing over those. That makes all the difference, and it's completely clear now. I knew I had to be missing something, and what a can of worms that turned out to be.

Thanks again!

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