Rambling on about Smiles.



Trained in an art, polite and contrived,
the old silent skill of selling ones smiles.
How often these lips play cordial and welcome,
fashioned just so precise over inward disdain.

Those cultivated to greet ire with a grin,
perchance misinform one who reads much therein.
To avoid a debate or coax knowledge of a mind,
a smile is a tool I use often I find!

Light laughter and ease guarding wise watchful gazes
A twitch of the lips implies all sorts of praises.
How often it’s assumed a wish to commend,
when least a desirable gesture to extend.

Funny the trust can be born from a motion,
simple, but empty, without a word of devotion.
Strange that a being could accept at a glance,
that the thing could mean caring at one little chance.

One cunning perhaps, will know rightly well
That this pleasant poise is oft simply a shell,
Shined and smoothed, under countless crashes,
Waves of tact, of exchanged courteous passes.

Such a dire contradiction for a person to witness,
that another ones smile can be no less than dangerous.
Yet on the same lips offer real care and comfort,
To those who the wearer would not wish to hurt.

But do not assume tis all a shadowed affair,
most often, when I smile, great affection is there.
It feels far too good not to beam at a friend,
or at a stranger whose ill mood it may mend.

I promise it’s natural, not merely a toy.
Be it an expression of passion, promise or joy.
However I still must wonder at all who insist,
That I’d give them the world, over so brief a thing as this.

I laugh just to think of the smiles that I drop,
I beam as often at friends, as to those who are not!
I ask no pardon for posing that some days I must play,
Not all I abhor should be greeted another way.

Admitting manipulation is rarely part of the game,
Though I find I am satisfied admitting the same.
I suppose it’s not hard to imagine the ploy,
But honest though I am it’s a tactic I enjoy.

I certainly enjoy the act of all smiles,
Considering the outcome, they’re usually worthwhile.
Now what do you suppose, seeing a gesture as often false as is true,
does it mean when it happens, I’m smiling at You?

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Of course

OF course she did : P

I liked it!! Verra nice LS.

I thought it was verra cute, verra upbeat....wheres the music?


Lace aka B



Nice point of view :D
I must say i like your style,someday i will be able to do the same in your "tounge"

The glass is half emty,as everything will vanish and die,if you refill it,its only another moment before its emty..."

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