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4E Random Martial Artist (monk) Maneuver names


Arcadian Knight
Seventh Sanctum: the page of generators - random tools for art, gaming, writing, and imagination.

Aged King Dance of Oblivions
Ant Firey Underhook
Assasin Hammer of Fortuitous Banes
Dexterous King Submission
Fang of the Rooster
Fifty Savage Monks Dance
Gold Blow of the Devil
Golden Flip of the Heroic Buddha
Icy Four Boars Blow
Imperial Gray Trap
Kind Beetle Choke of the Foulness
Lead Chop
Leg of the Fifty Guardians
Monkey's Clap
Phantasmal Sunset Grab
Phantom Trip of the Eighteen Sapphires
Placid Rat Stance of the Cemetary
Sage Marrow Storm
Serpent Fist of Sapphire Ebony
Smash of Southwestern Irrational Pandas
Spiritual Seeker Storm of Palms
Throw of the Bear
Throw of the Chariot
Unpredictable Sweep of the Cheerful Falcon
Unseen Unjust God Sweep of Stones

Well that is fun

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