Ranger: Non-HuntersMark Builds


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I think Polearm Master + defensive fighting style works perfect here. Use a reach weapon to make your Attack and bonus action attack (multiple chances to apply colossus slayer here). Then step back and force the enemy to come into your reach and try to hit it again with colossus slayer on your turn.

Any other concepts anyone particularly likes for a non-hunter's mark ranger?

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Variant human with Great Weapon Master. Be a Hunter, take the Horde Breaker Ability. At 4 take mobile. Cast longstrider. At 5 you can make up to 4 attacks a turn, and move 50 feet to make sure get to land the Horde Breaker and GWM extra attacks. Its like Whirlwind Attack at half the level investment!

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Ranger/Monk is very enjoyable. It does benefit a great deal from hunter's mark (regularly get off 4 attacks on a single target with flurry of blows), but I have found that the sheer physical abilities of the two meshed is making it so I don't even want to use hunters mark most of the time. Pretty much you pick up a bunch of reactionary defensive effects (defensive duelist, absorb elements, monk stuff, etc) and use your mobility to bring your significant offensive abilities to the fight. The trick I have found is not looking at what you can do at maximum damage, but what you can you can bring to the fight. The build allows for a relatively high survivability, very strong anti-magic capability (silence, fog), extra effects when using ki, and a high minimum damage provided you have a high dex. If you want really high damage (equivalent to 4 attacks with a greatsword) then you have to cast a hunter's mark, but it is not needed to be effective and have a great deal of fun.

If you go melee, it effectively plays as a medium attacker that gets significant gains throughout leveling.

One build I am interested in trying is an eldritch knight multiclassed with a ranger. The spell slots could be a problem, but the sheer amount of AC that class can generate without magic armor is staggering. Additionally, booming blade, polearm master, war caster, and spell sniper can all be leveraged to allow booming blade to be cast at 10 feet with a pole arm. It turns out that you can use colossus slayer once a turn, not just your turn and booming blade counts as a melee attack. So you can use, as a reaction, colossus slayer (1d8), booming blade (NA->3d8), and polarm (1d10) on a creature within 10 ft, to which if the creature continues to move to get to you or another it triggers the rest of booming blade. You can then on your turn use colossus slayer, booming/green flame blade, and polarm attack... then make another full polarm attack as a bonus action if eldritch knight is level 7 or higher.

Eats a lot of feats, but doable by level 8 due to fighter feat progression or level 6 if variant human. You would want level 7 or 10 eldritch knight anyways due to abilities.

-Biggest negative is the low amount of spell slots.
-Biggest positive is that the spells used by ranger and eldritch knight can be highly effective without needing high wisdom or intelligence, so strength and constitution can be the high stats.
----Silence, healing spirit, goodberrys, and zephyr strike are all really good spells for ranger
---- magic missile, shield, and any buffing concentrating spell are good for wizard (assume con proficiency from fighter and advantage with warcaster)


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I'm going to be playing a Beast Conclave Ranger(Revised) in a one-shot, and I'm honestly not sure if I'll be using Hunter's Mark. So many of the Ranger's better spells compete for Concentration, and the beast companion can't benefit from Hunter's Mark. Since I'll only be getting one attack per round, HM doesn't seem like as big a deal if it means making other stuff available. If I drop Healing Spirit on the battlefield to help keep us alive(thank goodness it lets you choose who can trigger the effect), then stuff like Hunter's Mark and Hail Of Thorns is off the table.


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I have played a Ranger/Rogue with the special Out of the Abyss crossbow feature on a pair of hand crossbows: six-shooters!

The various class features to increase damage (such as Sneak Attack) took care of my DPR needs, so my spells went into the Arcane Trickster side of the character. I was looking forward to Pass Without Trace to aid our escapes (since we liked to get in over our heads and beat a hasty retreat).


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I am not familiar with this feature. What is it, or what source book does it come from? Thanks!
Curses, my cheapskate nature comes back to bite me from behind: I don't own the book, I borrowed it from the library. It is in one chapter of Out of the Abyss: the PCs visit an underground Dwarven city (NOT Gauntlegrym) while trying to get somewhere else; the City Watch has specially-modified Light Crossbows, the better to defend their town.
I reasoned that the mechanical adaptation could be designed on a smaller scale, and my DM agreed. (I was nice and did not pick up the weapons until he ran a special 'Christmas' episode and told us we could design our own 'toy' for a present.)

In effect, you can put a small 'magazine' in a crossbow and get 6 shots before you have to put in a new magazine. This is most awesome once you get Extra Attack and/or find a way to provoke Team Monster into triggering your Reaction. (Normal crossbows must be loaded again after every shot, so you would get only 1 shot per two rounds.)

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