D&D 5E Rating Wizard Traditions at 2nd Level

I'm a little uncertain where to put the the +2 ASI among them, but nevertheless (with 10 being best):

Sculpt Spell (10), Portent (9), Bladesong (8), Arcane Ward (7), Grim Harvest (6), +2 ASI (5), Minor Conjuration (4), Hypnotic Gaze (3), Improved Minor Illusion (2), Minor Alchemy (1)

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(He, Him)
Bladesong: 9/10 Bonus action for non-concentration buffs to movement, AC, and concentration checks for two encounters per short rest... great! Although you'll be let down if you were expecting this to let you go toe-to-toe with a hill giant... you're still a d6 hit die wizard.
Cast Blur and you can go toe-to-toe with a Hill Giant.

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