Reading PDFs on tablets


<!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention -->@Alan Shutko<!-- END TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention --> - I use Xara for my page layout as well, though its not as robust as InDesign or even Serif PagePlus, still it can do everything I need. The differences between a downloadable verses a print version is small, except that when producing downloadable version you want as compact a file as possible, so I generally import 96 ppi versions of the graphics, cartography and illustrations. When importing larger pixel versions, even at export such files tend to eat more megabyte space than 96 dpi originals.

<!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention -->@Janx<!-- END TEMPLATE: dbtech_usertag_mention --> - while doing page layout is fairly straight forward, to do a 36 page publication it takes a full day or two to complete the layout (and I'm quite experienced at using the layout software, so might take much longer for someone less experienced). I usually create printable versions of the downloadable version as a separate task, often done on a separate day. Thus doing multiple page layouts doubles or triples the layout time requirements, depending on how many different layout versions are needed. Double the work is double the cost. If I have a freelancer doing page layouts, there is a significant cost increase, thus requiring more sales to break even. Because RPG product publication isn't the most profitable, anything that increases production costs, significantly reduces profitability. Because doing page layout in a platform that doesn't support graphics and tables, it is more than simple adjustment of layout, rather its completely different inclusions and processes. It is significantly more work.

And this is what I figured (TBH, your info isn't for me, I already know it, it's for anybody else wondering what the big deal is about providing different formats).

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