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mm, it was bound to happen, here is the visage behind Rajak... (thanks to the camera function on my cell phone as you notice...)

me! :D

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Meh, remind me to speak with the irev people . . .

*shushes everyone,* First off, this ain't Shen's player, this is one of his very demented family members (Most of you shoudl be able to figure out which member of this isane family it is . . .). And after I do this, I will be using all my cunning to hide from his camera, because he will try to get me back for this. I'm gonna fix all his little links for him in one shot.

This is the late doggy pic

This is the red belt piccy . . .

This is the pic with the medals

This is the in the tourney pic

I couldn't find him and little Jacki . . .

Now, I run like hell . . . and hide from cameras . . . and yes, he gave me his passsword for this . . .


Update: My image host wiped out all of my files, so this is the only one still up at the moment. The other links are dead, and I probably won't reupload the images.



Contrary to popular belief, I do still come around in character, one of them or another. I've just always been horrible with keeping up with boards of any sort.
On that note, it was brought to my attention yesterday that I have some ridiculously out-of-date pictures here, heh.
And in that light, I bring the following:
I probably do this better than I role-play, nowadays.


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AH ha...and finally I have sorted myself out. Here's one of me...otherwise commonly known as Ariel, Amehla and a few other rarities. I have to admit, I'm cheating. It's a professional photo that I got done for a gift for my mum!


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Captain_Ganis said:
The face behind the charcters: Captain_Ganis, Alister_Dark, Allan_Darkwood, Noticus, Kayle_Noticus, Surecta, Vincent_The_Dark, Dannon_Blue, Manicar, Vincent_Raeth, and so many more!!! Call me Mer...

Yeah... so not the gender you were expecting, am I?

Ha! I knew it.

Of course, I should share a photo of me...this is the most recent one I have scanned (though I'll scan some from my vacation soon -- Erin in a bathing suit! Scary.)

Me in court garb!
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Thanks! I made it myself ^_^ Actually going into business doing costuming (though hopefully nothing that involved just yet! It's hard to make a gown like that unless you can constantly fit the person).


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I just looked through the pictures..Tiagan looks like my youngest brother!

On a side note I'd add my pic to the crew, but I don't want anyone's computers to go in to massive melt down do to the horribleness of it all :p


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Ok it was bond to happen. I'll give and post a pick. But its not me, it the insperation behind my random acts of Roleplay

The Munchkins!

The on with the red eyes takes after me :]
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