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little girl


Well, like naked.. not really naked (unless you went into my pics gallery)...:p It's what I do for a living, I model for a friend artist,and I also do portraits/pets/fantasy. My last work was of golden retrievers. (I just hope that the image was not offensive...:(
If so , please let me know so that I can edit. I am cosmically unaware sometimes, and don't want to go around breaking the rules of this or any board. Hey , I hope you signed my gb. Almost no one does. But thank you for replying! :) I really thought no one would!

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Sorry for the delay in updating, somehow managed to miss the last few posts on the first page for almost 2 months when they were made right after I posted.

Updating momentarily. (Ahh busy work, the salvation of the bored :D)



Heh, sure, why not

This is an old pic . . . that belt is black now. I'll think about posting one of them . . . And the second is me and my late dog . . . Have one with the new dog somewhere . . . There we go, number three, taken maybe a month ago, with the new dog.


Ye'll know me, iff'n ye've fergotten. I may just 'aveta 'urt ye fer fergettin'! NYAH!

[Edit: Pic three]



Yeah, I'm happy . . .

I just kinda found a random pic, of me after all is said and done. This is after I took two seconds at State and qualified for Nationals. Look great and happy about it, don't I? I stood there while mom took the pic, thinking, "Alright Mother, I'm hot, sweaty, and tired, I want to get out of this damn uniform. I spent two friggen hours in it and did my form giving a year of training to get it nigh perfect, then had a five minute rest before sparring, get this picture right this time!!!!!!" And it was the second time or was this the third time we tried to take it . . .

Four (Mom, take the damn picture!)

And this one, is aforementioned form, the final time I did the form . . . BTW, tied for second, not like it matters, I went to have fun, medals are iceing on the cake.

Five (Me doing a pumsae)

You know, I just put these up because I promised Lacy if she put up more so would I.



Updated the list. Heh, was wondering when one you two would post that pic. ;)

Also, fixed some broken links, and removed some inactive ones.


Bhryn Astairre

:: sniffs airily ::

I was doing just fine avoiding it.

But Kat wanted to see us together (there y'go Cat! My Fiancé!)

and well... yeah.


....Wish I'd kept my mouth shut :p


First Post
Of course I wanted! and thank you! *huggles* sweet couple! and it's so cool you finally got together!

*no way that I'm ever posting a shot of me but that won't stop me from poking others to do so, hehehe :devil: *

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