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Okay okay, so the last piccy is getting a bit old. Not that I've changed much. And I have the odd new pic lying around. This is one's a bit poor quality, but hey, it's me, the way I -should- be. Hanging out of a 4x4! Me!

Bit of a difference huh!

NicholausDennoncourt said:
*blink blinks!!!!*

E...E...Ethera!!! Can it be?! It's, it's! You!!!


This is the player, not Nicholaus, Nicholaus would actually pounce. ^_^

Haha,yes it's me. I've probably much better photo's of myself but that one works.
It's awesome seeing everyones pictures though.Some folks look just like I thought,others so different. It's darn cool.

And Nicholaus may pounce in a friendly manner. Hahaha! ;)

Reshak Delanier

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the man behind Re'shak, and a few others. The little one is my son. the pic was last year at this time. he's now 18 months old, and weighing in at around 37 lbs.

daddy's little tank!

The other pic is me and a friend of mine and the PA Ren Faire last year.


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I heart the Storm Trooper picture. The little guy looks so enthralled.

And your 18 month old weighs more then my 3 year old! Watch out, daddy is raising a football star!

Reshak Delanier

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Thanks. The troopers are a couple friends of mine from the 501st. I'm a member too...just haven't finished my armor yet.

He's a big one alright...born 9lbs 12oz! I always wanted a football player, but it seems I got the whole offensive line!!


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Hmmm alright. It's been a while since I uploaded some pics.

And right now I feel like showing off.

Here is what happens, when I find cheap fabric, and get bored on a Sunday afternoon. Take note, I had no pattern to follow, and it is reversible:
One side and The other attempts at knitting. Taken me ages...but they're all feathery and preeeeeedy see: Feathers

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