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Reaper S02E09 - No Reaper Left Behind


The Devil wants Sam to begin his training to bring about the end of days so he sends him a tutor named Sally. Sam decides to seduce Sally to get information from her about how to beat the Devil. Meanwhile, Nina takes revenge on Ben and Sock.

This week's episode.

Sam's plan to take on the Devil really fell flat. He's too much of a nice guy to win that way, and I think maybe he can't win that way.

Interesting plot development with Sam's father.
Tired of his existance as an undead, he gets Sam to send him to hell. Nice use of the vessel from last season. I was wondering if that would show up again. Will he be able to help Sam from within?

Sock gets another
demon dream invasion.
I'm thinking with his track record so far, Sock really should stay away from the she-demons.
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Am I alone in thinking that the Devil set the whole thing up? He tempted the guy so Sam would seek out the knowledge, set him up to try and seduce the teacher, and then give him the vessel so he would threaten her instead, only to get in bed with her... never underestimate the Devil.


Oh yeah, it was a setup to make himself look good in front of the soul. The Devil shows once again he's not above using Sam.

Though Sam is a wimp. When the Devil caught them in the restraunt and started threatening them, Sam should have laughed in his face to make it worse. The Devil would have done it to him.