Spoilers Rebel Moon-my spoiler review

Such a disappointment.

Starts off in a decent way. At that point I was hoping critics were wrong but then
-it’s a new hope(literally they basically stole the cantina scene)
-it’s bits of Star Wars romance
- if Han turned on the others
-it’s bits of dune
-throw in some fantasy of drivers and griffons
-it’s ww2 nazis (it’s literally just closed shaved white guys and they are not even worthy of being hated like you would find in decent movies
-the plot is all over the place
-characters that seem cool are there and then gone and then back

There were some cool moments
I liked the main actress. Way more likeable than current action heroines
Some alien designs were cool (bug monster etc
I liked the last minute ice encounter

IGN gave it a 4/10 and I agree

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Well, that was fun
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We saw it last night.

So.... it wasn't the train wreck that it's being made out to be in a lot of places. But I wouldn't say it's good, either. It's watchable.

It's literally Star Wars crossed with Dune (though less sand than either). Apparently Snyder originally pitched this as a Star Wars movie, and you can see that. It even has lightsabers! There isn't an ounce of originality here--it's just scenes from other films.

It’s not just the lightsabers of course. It has the cantina scene, it has Tattooine (but less sandy), it has a Star Destroyer, the Empire, stormtroopers. A main hero who is the child of the main bad guy. The Emperor, Vader(ish). Different costumes, that’s all. No magic (Force) at least.

The bad guys aren't just space nazis, they pretty much dress like WWII nazis too, and they're cartoonishly evil.

Lots of slo-mo action sequences. Some of the CGI of spaceships and cities and stuff looks a lot like a cartoon or a video game.

But... it was watchable. Plotwise or character-wise, it's not like Star Wars is better, but this doesn't have any of the visual or audio iconography of those films. There's not much you'll remember the next day. But it's not a complete train wreck.

Oh and also, nothing actually happens. They gather a motley crew, none of whom do anything. They run around a lot and have a few fights, but the status quo the end is the same as the beginning.

The Soloist

The empire's iconography is inspired by 40K's Imperial Guard. It's far too predictable but it is pleasant to look at. Nothing is memorable*. Also Seven Samurai vibe. It's not the train wreck critics make it to be so I give it 6 on 10.

(*the transfer scene at the end was interesting.)
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As my husband pointed out, it's pretty much yet another redo of Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven. Only in space wirh Star Wars backdrop. And not well done. None of the characters are given room to grow on us, except Kora. And the sad thing is the characters do seem like they could be interesting. Not going to bother with part 2.

I am going to take this opportunity to point out there are a lot of great classic Shaw Brothers movies available on Shout Factory on Prime right now. Really been enjoying theses. These are Chinese rather than Japanese, but I think they get at a lot of the same kinds of tropes people are looking for in space movies these days


Just 10 minutes into it at the moment.

  • It's the Yamato!
  • Transparent pan from opening banner and battleship, down to planet. I see what you did there.
  • Sound stage is obviously sound stage.
  • Slow motion grain fall. Why?
  • Oh, look. Serenity is coming into town.

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