D&D 5E Rebooting d20 Modern With Everyday Heroes

Evil Genius Productions is rebooting 2002's d20 Modern in the form of a tabletop RPG called Everyday Heroes based on the 5E ruleset.

Our first tabletop role-playing game is Everyday Heroes™ - a roleplaying universe set in the modern era. Inspired by D20 Modern, Everyday Heroes™ provides a complete rulebook on running campaigns in the current day or the near future. The book covers everything you will need to run a modern-day campaign. This includes modern new character classes that fit within the modern-day theme. It also includes professions (e.g., Fireman, CIA operative, Chef) and backgrounds (e.g., rich kid, military brat, gang member) to help flesh out your character. firearms and equipment, modern adversaries, and revised rules on car and foot chases.

The game includes 6 new classes (the Strong Hero, the Smart Hero, etc., inspired directly by the classes in d20 Modern), 18 subclasses (such as Marksman, Scientist, Commando), along with a ton of backgrounds, feats, and firearms and chase rules.


The team includes some of the original d20 Modern designers -- the company says:

"The core elements of Everyday Heroes™ are based on the Open Gaming License (OGL) for d20 Modern. Released in the 2002. d20 Modern was the first role-playing game set in the modern era. The core rulebook was quickly followed up by a series of expansions including d20 Future, d20 Past, and d20 Apocalypse. The rules were expanded with a series of sourcebooks including Urban Arcana, Weapons Locker, Menace Manual, and Future Tech. Have you ever written something and read it again a few years later? You might say to yourself. 'Man, I would have probably done that differently.' Well, there is no coincidence that many of the designers of Everyday Heroes™ are the same designers who created d20 Modern. This is their shot to take the work that they love and make it even better."

The team includes Jeff Grubb, Stan!, and Steve Miller (formerly of WotC).

Everyday Heroes is coming to Kickstarter in Spring.

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I'm really confused by the line about being the first roleplaying game set in the modern era. I very clearly remember playing the old Top Secret back in the early years as a tween... and I'm sure there are plenty of other games published then. Maybe they mean first modern-era game using d20?
Yeah, me too. I thought cyberpunk came out before d20 modern too.


Yeah, me too. I thought cyberpunk came out before d20 modern too.

When did the modern era start?

IF they mean modern by D20 Modern, than that d20 modern era didn't start until D20 modern did.

Or perhaps they mean by modern as this century, or even this millenium....which was in 2000. Technically Top Secret and Cyberpunk came out last millenium (Wow...sounds longer than it actually was...like 1000 years ago...).

Or maybe it means within the past 20 years...in which case Modern might BARELY make the cut, or at least some of it's newer sourcebooks?

Anything before cellphones were common were...well...you know...so last century....

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