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Recommend - Motherland: Fort Salem


It's on BBC iPlayer (as just Fort Salem) or I believe Hulu in the US. Originally aired March through to May, but now available to stream.

It is in (I think the modern day) an alternative history where the Salem witch trials came to a dramatic end when one witch, Sarah Alder, unleashed a devastating storm before she was about to be hung, and then struck a bargain that she and all witches, serve the Massachusetts Bay Militia (later the US military). This became known as the Salem Accords. Sarah Alder still commands the witch army, being now over 300 years old.

The series (10 episodes in the first season) follows three young witches as they are conscripted into service and their training. There is a terrorist group of witches known as The Spree, who are the main villains of the piece.

I'm only four episodes in and the world appears pretty deep, and would make for a great RPG setting.

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Having watched the entire thing, it is hard to place where technology stands.

You don't see any mobile phones, but telephones exist.

No one seems to use firearms, witches understandably as they have windstrike, but even normals.

There are Huey Helicopters (they call "Bats") and cars, but they seem a bit dated maybe 30 years or so behind.

The US timeline seems to have accelerated as well with independence and the wars with Mexico and the World War coming sooner, there is no second world war. Proxy Wars seem to be ongoing since 1960s.

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