D&D 5E Reevaluating Mage Slayer feat

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PEG is one of the best 1st level spells. Not as good as shield or healing word, but right up there with Bless or Silvery Barbs or other "good but not busted" 1st level spells. The character I am playing now that I mention above had PEG at 4th level (EK3/Warlock1) as one of the first three Eldritch Knight spells she got.

I get resilient Wisdom on almost every high level character who does not have Wisdom proficiency already. In tier 4+ you usually have to if you want to actually be able to control your character in combat. In this case I am not because she is going to have Paladin levels and a 20 Charisma which give me a +5 and she can make herself immune to frightened which is probably about 20% of those saves.

Well it's gold on EKs and Paladins, clerics not so much.
I'll probably ban silvery barbs.


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Sadly, 2024 monsters will almost never trigger the feat since they don't cast spells, they have special abilities that do the same things as spells but don't count as spellcasting.
Yeah, ever since Witchlight, and then even more in Monsters of the Multiverse and beyond, a lot of anti-caster things got nerfed because of how they changed statblocks.

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