Kickstarter Reign of Discordia Kickstarter Enters its Final Week

Darrin Drader


We are now down to the last seven days of the Reign of Discordia 2nd edition Kickstarter, and I think we all know that it’s the final week that gets interesting as people who have been watching the project often decide to jump in before it’s over. As has been the plan since launch, we’re putting most of our advertising dollars in now and we’ll be sending out updates to the major RPG news sites.

Also, as I mentioned before, we do have an invisible backer who has pledged $4,000 behind the scenes in addition to the $1,000 they have already put into the Kickstarter, and that will be applied to the stretch goals. That means the Kickstarter may say we’re currently at just above

$3,500, but the real number is just over $7,500. That means we’ve hit the following stretch goals already:
$2,000 - Named backer. Your names will appear in the book.
$5,000 - Freshening up Appearances. We’re getting a bunch of new art.
$7,000 - Starship Maneuvers. In addition to a brand new starship combat section, there will be an addition that will essentially update the original Reign of Discordia accessory Death in the Starlit Expanse to the new system and it will be in the core book.

The next big goal is just $1,500 away and will involve adding a host of statted out NPCs that will run the gamut from heroes to villains to the setting. These will include pirates, military commanders, bounty hunters, criminals, hackers, and more!

One last note for today: I had a fun time the other day watching the first Reign of Discordia session live from the streaming group, Pair of Geeks II. I’m really liking some of the ideas they’re spontaneously coming up with, and with their blessing, might incorporate some of that into the final game. For example, apparently a Tallinite specialty is fried scarabs with extra mucus. Bon appetite! Run time on this is just about two hours. Check it out here:


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