D&D 5E Reinventing the Wheel: Some Handouts for Out of the Abyss


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I just started running OotA this weekend and was feeling overwhelmed with the potential stuff to keep track of. I decided to let my players handle a lot of it.

The Drow Pursuit lets them know what actions increase and decrease pursuit level (as well as seeing where the drow are relative to them). I felt that adds some agency and urgency.

The Chase is what happens if the drow catch up (the beginning of which is found on the Drow Pursuit). It is based on some of the stuff that was discussed on the chase thread discussed a while back, though also a lot of ideas I was already working on myself. This has not come up yet (and may not), so I haven't playtested it.

Companions Food and Water is to keep track of who is starving (and thus likely to eat one of the characters...), as well as exhaustion etc.

Madness is pretty self explanatory.

Marching Orders puts the PCs and NPCs in (hopefully) useful positions.

OotA Encounter plan is my pre-rolled (and often just picked for interesting encounters) notes on "random" encounters up through Gracklestugh. I borrowed a couple from these threads, though mostly it is straight out of the book. There is almost always an encounter each day and evening. I have decided to go with the "long rests are difficult" idea fielded on these fora. Sometimes the encounter might be "this is a nice place for a long rest).

So I just figured I'd share these so people don't need to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully they will be helpful (or at least inspirational) for anyone running this campaign (which we are loving after just one session. As an aside, I think there may have been too much equipment in the armory; my characters are pretty much fully, if not optimally, equipped, and are not really scrounging for armor and weapons the "Survivorman" way I would have hoped).


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Thanks so much for this! I was just sitting down to start making my own handouts, and thought I would check the forum one last time.

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