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"Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts" - D&D

Silver Moon

Module 105: “Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts” (20 Year Anniversary Module). Night Six of Eleven, April 28, 2002, Game # 813. DM: Narg’s Player.

Cast of Characters
Blip, female gnome illusionist/thief
Blake, male halfling thief
Cassie-Andra, female half-elf magic-user/cleric
Jeremiah, male gnome thief
Kim-Sung, female half-dwarf druid
Mojo, male elf fighter
Toshiro, male human fighter
Narg Junior, male three-quarter elf fighter (NPC)
Roddy, male human fightr (NPC)

March 27, 1019:

The party find themselves on another plane, which many presume to be the elemental plane of air, as most of what surrounds them is sky and clouds. They are standing on some type of light-blue colored surface, solid enough to stand on but with a spongy feel to it.

The next team is preparing to depart. As it is comprised of seven members of the Silver Moon, As some of them have not adventured together as a group before Ilma's suggest that the team spend a few minutes to reacquaint themselves with each other before she whisks them away. Ilma tells them “Find the Rod or I’ll smash your faces in. Call me when you find it.” The group comments about how abrupt and surly she had become this week (in reference to this DM’s attitude). She then pops them out.

The group arrive on a ridge. A pair of soldiers are approaching, one familiar looking and wearing a familiar looking uniform. The other is a tall Scotsman wearing a kilt, although the DM modifies the man’s attire a bit from what is on the provided character sheet because he says “I don’t allow anyone looking like that into my module.” The tall man introduces himself as Roddy. He explains that he is from the Highland Kingdom.

The other says “Guys, don’t you recognize me?” Cassie, Kim, Mojo and Toshiro then realize that they are speaking to Narg Junior, the kid from an alternate reality that they had met in the orient six-months earlier. He is now about a decade older, human equivalent of late teens. He explains that they are in the Kingdom of Narg, where he is a Lieutenant in the Army, one of the King’s Rangers, and that they are currently battling giants. He says that it has been ten years since he saw them last “Nice to know you’re still alive,” comments Mojo.

He gives brief information about the war, in which they are allied with the neighboring Kingdom of Patton. Mojo comments “Patton? Aren’t they all dead yet?” “No” Narg Junior replies. Mojo answers “I’m not sure that I like this future, it gets blurier and blurier.” They ask about the Rod, and Narg Junior replies that he has a pretty good idea of who has it.

The party asks for more details about the war, and Narg Junior is rather vague in his reponse. “I knew we should have killed him when we had the chance,” Mojo mutters. Narg Junior goes on to explain that the war began with the invasion of Frost and Hill Giants. Toshiro asks “Which are better, frosted or unfrosted giants?” Roddy expresses the need to go kill these giants.
“Lead on McDuff” Mojo answers.

Jerry inquires as to how this tall Scotsman became associated with Narg Junior, and Roddy explains how he and the boy have been friends for years. Mojo makes a reply, implying that their relationship is probably also sexual in nature, earning him a nasty look from the celtic fighter.

Two giants attack from the adjacent hillside. Kim-Sung casts an entangle spell, and Blip takes to the air on her magic broom. Jerry says that it would help if he and Blake could get closer. Roddy asks Mojo “Why don’t you pick up the halfling and throw him.” Mojo replies “Because I’d first have to touch him. Wait, does anyone have a pair of tongs?”

Kim Sung’s player makes an unrelated comment. The group looks to her, and she replies “I’m the only one who hasn’t had a chance yet to say something that doesn’t have anything to do with the game.” “You’ll fit in just fine here,” the DM replies.

Meanwhile, the fighters have scaled the hill and Toshiro has hit the bad guy for 23 points of damage. Mojo tosses his hammer into another, as Narg Junior uses his Nargblade to sever the leg on the one that Toshiro hit. Both Blip and Cassie throw some spells into the creatures. Jerry sneaks in for a 9 point jab with his shortsword.

The first giant falls, and the second yells out to Mojo “Elf man me hurt.” Mojo comments “Such awful grammer. I am so tired of fighting the poorly educated. We just have to find a better class of monster.” as he jabs his sword into the giant for the death blow.

The giants are searched, but do not have the rod. “I’m not surprised,” comments Narg Junior. The boy and Mojo get into a discussion, which is a bit awkward, as Mojo barely knows the elf, but to Narg Junior he is speaking to his Stepfather, the man who raised him. The conversation eventually degenerates into a volitile discussion, with Mojo commenting about how “Look kid, you said I only became your parent to make you legitimate when you are born next year.” “Or nine years ago, from when we are now” the boy replies. Jerry comments “This time travel stuff is so confusing.” Roddy says “Nah, just do what I do. Ignore it.”

The giants are tracked back to a cave, where it assumed the rod is located. Cassie uses a Locate Objects spell to confirm it. The strategy is suggested to get everyone into the bag except for the two thieves who can turn invisible, Blip and Blake. The DM comments “Blip and Blake! That was one of my favorite breakfast cereal when I was a boy.” Jerry’s player says “Okay, so the invisible sneaky people are entering.” Mojo’s player exclaims “Invisible sneaky people, that was my favotire song from the 1950’s.”

They enter the room, seeing it filled with four giants standing around, one of whom has the Rod. Blip moves around for a back stab, leaving Blake with the Bag of holding. Blip casts an illusion at the doorway of several tough human fighters, who charge into the room. This captures the full attention of the giants, allowing Blake to dump real fighters out of the bag. They ask Blake which giant has the rod. He replies “The big one,” which doesn’t help much. Mojo says “You’re a halfling, they’re all big.” “That one,” Blake replies, pointing across the room. As he is still invisible, that also does not help. He is finally prodded to give enough of a description for them to know.

Meanwhile, Blip’s illusionary fighters continue to do well against the giants, with Blip making sure to have them react to the occassional hit in return. As the fighters charge into the monsters, weapons out, Jerry takes the bag from Blake, saying “You’re still invisible, use it. Go backstab the one with the rod.” Blake does as instructed.

The halfling succeeds in the backstab, causing the already wounded giant to stumble and drop the rod, which is quickly snatched up by Toshiro. Jerry starts to usher the party out of the cave, as the fighters continue to hit the remaining giants. Jerry manages to convinces them to do a fighting retreat.

Narg Junior misses two swordswipes in a row, and Mojo criticizes his fighting ability. Jerry says “Well, what do you expect. You raised him! This time around let’s try putting the kid with one of the tough, strong macho members of the party instead.” “Like Serita,” Blake interjects.

Blip drops a giant with her Wand of Illumination, as Blake gets in a backstab on another. Narg Junior finally hits, severing a leg. Mojo drops the last, assisted by Roddy. The group heads outside of the cave. Mojo and Narg Junior continue to exchange insults, with him commenting “I don’t care whose kid you are. I should find a way to go back in time and neuter your parents.”

Blip actually suggests to Narg Junior that he return with them back to their time. “Nah, that would make three of me present then” the boy comments, opting to stay when he is. Roddy chooses to accompany them.

Silver Moon

Module 105: “Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts” (20 Year Anniversary Module). Night Seven of Eleven, May 5, 2002, Game # 814. DM: Serita’s Player

Cast of Characters
Ailsheir, male drow elf ranger
Benedict, male human cleric
Hiroshi, male human magic-user
Patrick, male human monk

March 27, 1019:

The party find themselves on another plane, which many presume to be the elemental plane of air, as most of what surrounds them is sky and clouds. They are standing on some type of light-blue colored surface, solid enough to stand on but with a spongy feel to it.

The next team is preparing to depart. As it is comprised of two of the newest members of the Silver Moon and two from Da’Bears. As some of them have not adventured together before Ilma's suggest that the team spend a few minutes to reacquaint themselves with each other before she whisks them away. She explains that where they are going there are no elves, so Ailsheir might want to cover their ears. “What’s wrong with my ears. I have my mother’s ears,” he replies. He digs a cap out of his pack.

She drops them off on another world, telling them “If anybody challenges you to a ballgame don’t lose,” then vanishes. They find themselves in a tropical jungle Travelling a short distance, they come upon a set of tracks, which Ailsheir and Hiroshi recognize as similar to those made by Alton’s vehicles. They make their way along the roadway, with tropical jungles and swamps to either side.

They arrive at an encampment of canvas tents, with a few vehicles parked nearby. Dozens of humans, most of them in their late teens or early twenties are hurrying about. Also in the area are several stone walls that look to have been recently unearthed, with mounds of dirt and shovels nearby. Most of the people at the camp have turbans or hats covering their heads.

Hiroshi quickly assesses the ‘command tent’ and leads the party in that direction. Prior to entering he casts a ‘Friends’ spell on himself, to further boost his charisma and increase the liklihood of a positive first impression. They enter the tent, to a room, filled with archiologists and scientists, who are mostly wearing shorts and t-shirts. Throughout the room are various tables with computers, charts, maps and assorted artifacts. The group is led by a older human female, who the students in the room address as professor.

Hiroshi quickly takes in all of the details, and the leaders title, and introduces himself as Professor Hiroshi Mitsubishi, from the University of Mayako. He explains that he is an expert on ancient oriental cultures, who was sent here with a trio of students to assist in their work. He introduces his associates as Benedict, Patrick and Ailsheir. “I never heard of you. What do we need an expert on oriental cultures here for?” the Professor asks? Hiroshi answers “I was sent here after hearing news of the discovery of an ancient rod, which I am told bears similarity to one that I had found during an excavation in my homeland.”

The Professor replies “Ah yes, the Staff of Leadership. We haven’t actually found it yet, but have found references to it.” The Professor comments to Bendict about how his plate armor might be a bit warm in this climate. Hiroshi explains how Benedict “Is our team’s quartermaster, and brings along lots of equipment we might need.” Benedict says “Yeah, the armor keeps bugs and snakes away.”

Hiroshi asks for more informaiton about this Staff of Leadership. The Professor explains how the King of the Miyan people carried the staff, said to be a great magical item. He explains how the city that is now being excivated was the home city of this King. The excavation covers a full five miles of territory. They have been working on it for ten years, and have barely begun, having so far unearthed only a fraction of this ancient place.

Ailsheir points to a large stone slab with markings on it, which a team of students are examining, and asks what it is. The Professor expalins that it is a sacrificial stone. “Does it still work?” Ailsheir asks, “maybe we should try it,” and glances in Patrick’s direction. The Professor expalins how the Miyan Empire lasted from 5,000 to 7,000 years earlier. It’s first recorded leader was name Blue-Green Parrot. Ailsheir says “This place was run by a pattot? This city is the largest friggin nest that I’ve ever seen.”

“What’s with him?” the Professor asks Hiroshi. Hiroshi whispers “Don’t pay too much attention to him. He’s not all that bright or helpful, but his father has made a substantial endowment to my University.” The Professor says “Oh yeah, I got saddled with one of those too. I think his father just wanted to get rid of him for the semester,” and gestures to college student along the end of the tent, a human boy of around twenty wearing white shorts and a white shirt with a polo player logo on the pocket. The boy notices the Professor looking in his direction and says “What do you want?” “Nothing Skippy, just go back to whatever it was you were doing,” the Professor replies.

Hiroshi asks for more information about the history of this place. The professor explains that “We have only just begun deciphering the 364-stair text. Basically, a group of outsiders first gave Green-Blue Parrot the Staff of Leadership, and it passed on to each leader after that. The final leader, Eighteen Rabbit, was the last to weild it. He was challenged by outsiders to some type of sporting competition and lost. He sacrificed himself on the alter, and the outsiders left, taking with them the staff.”

A small boy, apparently a member of the local indiginous people, is helping out around the tent and offers to assist the new arrivals. The boy whispers to the four party members “You are not from this time.” Hiroshi tells the Professor that this boy might be of some help, and asks to go see the hiroglyphics. The Professor instructs the boy to take Hiroshi there.

Hiroshi quietly instructs the other three members of his party “Find out what you can about this contest the outsiders won. Based upon that comment that Ilma made I suspect we were the outsiders, and this Staff of Leadershp is the Rod piece we are looking for.”

Ailsheir’s not-so-nice drow background and heritage begins to show itself, as he starts asking for more detail about the blood sacrifices that took place here. He finds out enough information to discover that there is some type of ‘blood gate’ said to be inside the main temple. Benedict specualtes that perhaps this is a gate through time to the earlier period.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi begins examining the ancient texts, being provided with a code book to help with the translations. The party spends the next several hours deriving information for their quest. Key pieces of informaiton are the “The Sun must be at zenith in the temple center” and “The key is the name.”

The others find out that this ancient game is comparable to a more modern game known as ‘soccer’, the primarily difference being that the ancient Miyans used a severed head to kick around rather than a ball.

The quartet get back together, joined by the young boy, who says “You have found what you needed. You now must visit the Elders now. They follow him out of the camp, and to a series of huts a short distance away. They enter a building where a series of older South American natives are gathered together. The senior of these addresses the party, telling them that he knows who they are and what they seek.

Hiroshi says “Good, that will save us time. What can you tell us of this sporting event that we must compete in?” The man expalins that there will be a total of six competitors. Patrick comments about them being two short. The Elder says that they can choose any two from those present to accompany them. Hiroshi asks who is the best at playing soccer. A young, very atheletic native man is identified. Hiroshi chooses him, and then asks the Elder to be the second.

“What? He’s too old,” Patrick whispers to Hiroshi. Hiroshi replies “We may need his help with the temple and will probably also need him for his knowledge, and to be able to communicate to the ancient people. He may not be in the best shape for a soccer game, but we may be able to counter some of that with magic.”

To their surprise, the Elder heads off into a nearby tent, and returns looking fifty years younger. Hiroshi asks about how the man did that, and is told that he drank a mystical potion. Hiroshi considers drinking that himself, until he hears that a side effect of the potion is sterility, saying “Nope, I don’t think my wife would approve.” “She want’s more kids? You have three already!” Ailsheir states. Hiroshi answers “I actually don’t know, but I wouldn’t make that kind of decision without first consulting her.”

Even though one of the clues says that the sun must be at zeneth, they decide the best time to sneak into the temple will be during the night, when the archiologists are all sleeping.

Shortly before midnight they approach and climb the structure. There is a more easily climbable rampway in the front of the structure, but it is lit up and within sight of the archeologist’s camp, so the party decides to climb up the back instead.

The climb is a bit tricky, with Patrick helping support Ailsheir, who then pulls up the others. As they reach the top of the structure they inerrupt a pair of college students, who are having intimate relations inside of a sleeping bag. The male member of his pair is the boy Skippy, who is angry at the party for interrupting his fun. A short fight ensues, during which Skippy is knocked unconscious by a karate chop from Patrick.

The naked girl sreams and runs away, down the rampway. The group decide “Let’s get into the temple before she can alert everyone else. “What about him?” Patrick asks of Skippy.” “Take him with us,” Hiroshi comments, “He’s probably good at playing soccer. We might need him later.” Ailshier hoists the boy up over his shoulder, and the group find the temple entrance.

The group soon finds the main room of the temple, where the walls are covered with markings. A container is found, which Ailshier concludes has dried blood on the bottom. They find an ancient device, on which are various markings, as well as levers and dials, each of which have been dyed with various symbols. (For this segment the DM simulated with a baby’s nursery crib activity toy).

The group finds the Sun symbol, moving it to zeneth. They then move the level with a rabbit symbol eighteen times. A strange wave washes over them, and they appear to be in the same room. Ailsheir notices the blood in the container is now fresh rather than dried. He tastes a drop of it, and states as though commenting on a wine vintage “Hmm, Virgin, last Thursday.” Hiroshi says “Well, his alignment has changed, but he still has that ‘drow’ heritage in him. The group concludes that they have traveled through time, back to the designated time period.

The temple door is approached. The door is opened, to reveal that it is now daylight. A large native man wearing a considerable amount of gold stands before the doorway. In front of him, lying on the altar, is a semi-naked man who the standing man then kills with a knife in some type of ritual sacrifice. A crowd of several hundred natives is assembled before the temple, and let out a loud cheer.

Hiroshi instructs his team to “Shut the door.” It is, however, too late, as the man wearing the gold has heard the door open, and turns to face them. He enters the temple, grabbing Ailsheir.
Hiroshi concudes that this man is the leader, Eighteen-Rabbit, which the Elder confirms. The doors are then shut, and a fight follows. After several rounds of the party unsuccessfully trying to stop the man, who is apparently magically protected from both spells and weapons. The doors are reopened, and the party push Eighteen-Rabbit outside, where the public challenge is made. Eighteen-rabbit accepts the challenge, telling the party “You lose, you die.”

The soccer game itself lasts for three whole days (of which the DM fast-forwarded over most of the details, as the game night was almost over). Hiroshi sits it out, having Skippy take the sixth place. He motivates the college student to win, explaining that “Unless you win you don’t get to have sex with any of the women.” During the greuling match Hiroshi also assists the group with various spells and cantrips. At the end the party win. As stated in the history, Eighteen-Rabbit then kills himself on the altar after giving the party the Staff of Leadership. Ilma arrives, and teleports them all away.

Silver Moon

Module 105: “Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts” (20 Year Anniversary Module). Night Eight of Eleven, May 12, 2002, Game # 815. DM: SilverMoon

Cast of Characters
Furynick, male human fighter
Grun, male orc fighter/magic-user
Harald, male human fighter
Ka’thudd, male half-orc fighter
Luekia, female human monk
Narg, male half-elf fighter
Vallessa, female elf archer-ranger

March 27, 1019:

Narg arrives with Ilma to an unusual location, standing on a stone floor with a twenty-foot diameter sphere surrounding him. As he is with none of the team members that he had been teleported out with he exclaims, “What the hell is going on! Where is everybody else.” Ilma replies “I brought them all to their planned destination. There is enough power in that team to manage without you. Something else has come up, which will require another team, so I thought that you should be the one to lead them. “What is going on?” he asks. She replies “Time is short, I’ll go get you your teammates so that I only have to explain it once.” She pops out.

[DM’s Note: This hadn’t been the original plan, but Narg’s player happened to miss the game night that was played out with the team he was on and we didn’t have a copy of the character sheet so that DM just left out his character. It didn’t make sense that the Silver Moon Party Leader didn’t participate in any missions so we took a look at what other playing characters and prominent NPC’s hadn’t been used yet to field a seventh team of characters.]

Narg looks around, noticing that the sphere is translucent, with a cloudy appearance to it, except for above through which he can see the sky, which is maroon colored with flashes of lightning. “More weirdness,” is his only comment? Ilma returns, bringing with her a human, an orc and a half-orc. Narg barely recognizes the human as Harald, a human who hung out with them on the island a short while before joining the Da’Bears team three years earlier. He doesn’t know the other two. Harald introduces the half-orc as Ka’thudd, a fighter who works as the team’s janitor, and the orc as Grun, a fighter/magic-user. Ilma explains “Their races may come in handy for your mission.” “Geez Louise,” is Narg’s response. Ilma pops out again.

Harald explains that Grun won the previous year’s Farnsberg Fair, and how Ka'thudd was the runner up. “Like that will make me think any better of those two?” Narg answers. Ilma returns, this time with three members of the Silver Moon, namely the monk Luekia, Narg’s fighter roommate Furynick, and Narg’s fiancée Vallessa.” “Okay, you did better this time,” he tells Ilma.

Vallessa looks to the sky, and mutters the ominous phrase “Uh oh, I’ve been here before.” “When?” Luekia asks. She replies, “Last year, along with Alton, Blake, Cassie and that Arondel guy. This was the world where that cosmic war took place, and we had to find the key.”

Ilma continues “Yes, and upon your entry through the barrier surrounding this world you lost the Rod of the Seven Parts, with it breaking into the seven pieces and scattering. Remember what I said about Oxnard, the Demigoddess of Disease, who also wanted to assemble the Rod. Well, her clerics used the piece that they found to trace the magical trail back to this location. We are now standing in the only intact tower of an ancient fortress on this world, where below us these clerics have assembled a team to retrieve the various pieces. Eight of her clerics are now below, casting spells to their deity to trace the other paths that the rod pieces took.

“So we have to stop them?” Narg states. “Yes,” replies Ilma. “You are currently standing in a sphere of invisibility and silence that I cast, to keep them from seeing and hearing you. Let me drop the invisibility on this side, so that you can see exactly what you are up against.

They can now see below. Most of the walls in the red brick fortress are still intact, giving it a 150-foot by 200-foot dimension. One corner tower is completely destroyed, and two others are partially destroyed. Several sections of the front wall, which presumably once had gates, are torn down with rubble strewn about. Rubble and large sections of brick are scattered about on much of the interior. Two small single-room brick buildings are in the center of the structure.

Standing within the building are groups of enemies, totaling about 200. Most groups are congregated together within the building by race and tribe. These include bugbears, frost giants, goblins, gnoll, half-orcs, half-ogres, hill giants, hobgoblins (2 tribes), lizardmen, minotaurs, orcs (2 tribes), ogres (4 tribes), and a stone giant surrounded by seven wolves. Also present are a blue dragon, some type of blue winged devil, an oriental demon, and a dark furry globular creature with a sword known as a snark. In both the right center and left center of the structure are two quartets of clerics. One quartet is surrounded by a group of brown ogres, the other surrounded by skeletons. Outside of the castle wall, circling it in a clockwise formation, are two other groups, one of mostly human mounted riders, the other a group of centaurs.

Ilma explains that "The trail of the one rod piece led them to here." Narg says "So, that piece is down there?" "No," she replies "It's presence here would have prevented them from being able to link to the other trails, so it has been passed on to another. Each of the eight clerics below is linked to one of the magical trails caused during the rod's separation, and they are casting Divination spells to gain the knowledge of the place and time of the other pieces." Luekia says, "Eight? The rod only had seven pieces." Ilma answers "Yes, but the boy Bok-Choi who held the rod also had a magic item on his person, a ring of Mordenkainen's which allowed the evil arch-mage to communicate with him. The ring also fell back through time a space along with the rod pieces, creating its own trail. In fact, that is what has presented the current situation."

"What situation?" asks Narg. Ilma replies "When the clerics of Oxnard, also known as Kiptytto and Talona, began to assemble this team I had assumed they would be using the same strategy as myself, sending a team to each location. I have since learned that they instead plan to send their entire group to each location, one after another, planning to overwhelm whoever has the rod with the combined force of their army." "That would do it," Harald comments.

"Yes," Ilma states, "As you might remember Vallessa, magic works unusually on this world, and much of the magical barrier around the world still exists. That is causing the clerics spells, which normally would take but a few turns to cast, to instead take several hours. Of the eight trails, the one to Mordenkainen's Ring will be the first one found, as that item is less magically shielded than the pieces of the artifact. They are but minutes away from fining that trail, at which point they will travel to its location. The ring is currently in the possession of a group of adventurers, who would not stand a chance against this assembled army."

"A group of adventurers? Anyone we know?" Narg asks. "I'm afraid so, your former roommate Phraakeese is one of them," she replies. "Who else?" Narg asks. Ilma replies, "The ring fell back in time nearly seven years. It is now on July 6th, 1012" "The week we met," Vallessa says to Narg." "I believe it was," he replies. Ilma says "Yes, that was when your group had split into three teams. You Narg, led the high-level diplomatic team that dealt with Pamela and her cronies. Your group had sent the other two teams into the north woods, to stop the army pay and supply caravans. The lowest-level team, which included you Luekia, saw a great deal of action.

The mid-level team however, spent close to three weeks just walking around the woods waiting and not finding anyone. On what to them was yesterday Milo snuck into an enemy camp and stole some bottles of wine and the ring from a General. Cassie now has the ring, and is trying to identify it. Also with Cassie and Phraakeese are Alton, Lono, Mark and a fighter named Dan. "You said Milo?" Narg comments. Ilma replies "He and Aradyn are not in the camp at the moment, having gone to again scout the enemy camp. History will be seriously changed if this monster army now goes to that point and kills those six." Narg says, “True, of those six I actually like Cassie and Phraakeese.”

"So we have to stop this whole army?" Grun asks. "No," states Ilma, "just disrupt the one casting the spell." She points out which of the eight clerics that is. She adds "That is why I also brought your orc and half-orc allies as part of this team. You will note that the two closest groups of monsters to where we are now are the orcs and half-orcs." She then warns the party that the invisibility and silence surrounding them will cease once they take offensive action. Ilma then departs, saying she has to go check on the other teams.

Luekia reminds the group that she has a Ring of Wolf Control, which she will use to attract the wolves and cause a distraction. Meanwhile, she tells Ka'thudd which cleric he needs to stop. As she is the first female to ever speak in a friendly manner to the half-orc in his entire life he becomes immediately infatuated with the stoic human monk, deciding to follow the instructions of the “pretty lady” to the letter (and despite the fact that her clothing hides all except for her eyes, making his conclusion of her being ‘pretty’ nothing more than an assumption.) .

Both Grun and Ka'thudd sneak down below and approach the enemies. Grun starts to blend in with the monsters, while Ka'thudd makes a beeline straight to the enemy that Luekia had identified. He manages to push his way past the skeletons and bother the cleric. Meanwhile, Grun starts to instigate a fight with the group of orcs and half-orcs, telling them that the other tribe of orcs has insulted them.

Ka'thudd is grabbed by two skeletons, who pull him off of the cleric. At this point the seven wolves are making their way over in this direction, with their Stone Giant owner chasing after them. Grun sees this, and alerts the orcs and half-orcs to this new danger. Meanwhile, the cleric who was disturbed heads over towards Ka'thudd.

As the wolves charge into the orcs and half-orcs the terrified monsters attack the canines. Grun uses this distraction to head over to the other tribe of orcs, telling them that the first group he was with called them a bunch of ‘elf-lovers’ and ‘unworthy of orcdom’. These orcs draw their weapons, and Luekia directs some of the wolves in that direction. Three orcs with bows move back to fire. As they let loose their arrows, Vallessa and Furynick do likewise, striking the cleric (who, as they planned, assumes the orcs had hit him, firing on the wolves and missing).

The cleric charges over to the orcs, both groups of which are about to engage each other in combat, as the Giant charges into their midst, getting hit by a few orcs himself, plus some arrows from the orc archers (Val and Fury each getting in another shot). Luekia has the wolves move away, heading for the other quartet of clerics, as this cleric tries to calm matters down.

Ka'thudd now tries to instigate the orcs into fighting the cleric, hitting the evil holy man once himself. This plan backfires, as he orders all of he orcs to kill Ka’thudd. The orcs charge in to comply, with Grun helping to pull Ka'thudd out from under the enveloping pile of orcs, who are now fighting each other.

Furynick and Narg start to climb down to “join in the fun”, but are convinced by Vallessa and Luekia that they are being stupid, and to climb back up before they are seen. They point out that the party’s cover hasn’t been blown yet, so not to press their luck.

Both Ka'thudd and Grun start to make their way over to the wall, with the orcan melee working as an effective distraction, except for a trio of gnoll who spot them and move in to attack. Meanwhile, the wolves reach the other quartet, but are prevented from getting to the clerics by their ogre guards. The Stone Giant arrives to pull him wolves away from the ogres.

Both Grun and Ka'thudd make it up to the tower, and Ilma arrives to take the group away. Ilma suggests that they could try to get Mordenkainen’s Ring away from the team seven years earlier, and then set up an ambush for the Oxnardians at the time and place of their choosing. Narg rejects that idea, fearing that meeting their earlier team could mess time up even further, suggesting instead that they get all of the teams together for a surprise attack on the Oxnardians at the fortress. They return to where they had begun the mission, where most of the other groups are waiting, having been successful in getting the rod pieces. Ilma goes and retrieves the final two groups, who had also been successful.

Silver Moon

Module 105: “Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts” (20 Year Anniversary Module).
Night Eight of Eleven , May 12, 2002, Game # 815

Cast of Characters
Ailsheir, male drow elf archer-ranger
Alton, male human druid
Aradyn, male elf archer-ranger
Benedict, male human cleric
Bitsey, female half-elf 2nd Edition bard
Blake, male halfling thief
Blip, female gnome illusionist/thief
Dennismore, male elf thief
Duegar, male dwarf fighter
Ebony Shadow, female hengeyokai (cat sub-race) archer-ranger
Fiona, female half-elf magic-user
Freyland, male gnome fighter
Furynick, male human fighter
Grun, male orc fighter/magic-user
Guice, male half-elf ranger
Harald, male human fighter
Hiroshi, male human magic-user
Isaiah, male human cleric
Jerry, male gnome thief
Ka’thudd, male half-orc fighter
Kharole, female elf magic-user
Kim-Sung, female half-dwarf druid
Lannon, male dwarf thief
Lono, male elf fighter/thief
Luekia, female human monk
Mark, male half-elf ranger
Min-Mae, female hengeyokai (owl sub-race) magic-user
Mojo, male elf fighter
Narg, male half-elf fighter
Opal Silversteel, female dwarf fighter/cleric
Ron Luther X5-0135, male human fighter
Ryan, male elf thief
Serita, female half-elf druid
Syrendal, female hengeyokai (falcon sub-race) ranger
Tiffany, female elf-like
Timothy, male human cleric
Toshiro, male human fighter
Troyan, male elf ranger
Vallessa, female elf archer-ranger
Vincenzo, male human cleric

March 27, 1019:

Narg tells the others about the Oxnardian clerics, and their attempt to find the rod. He emphasizes the danger to the younger versions of Alton, Cassie, Lono and Mark. Cassie comments that “Wait a minute. When we were at that place in the woods all Ixy stole from the General were the wine bottles, not a ring of Mordenkainen. Won’t leaving that with them then change history?” Ilma replies “Not really. I’ll just make sure that the fighter Dan is the one who retains possession of the ring, as he left you guys soon thereafter. His having it won’t have effected anything during the seven years since then, as the ring can only be used by a magic-user, which there aren’t any of back at his home at The Keep.”

Cassie has not-very-pleasant memories of both her magic-user and clerical magics not working right on the world where the fortress is, so agrees to stay behind to guard the six pieces of the Rod instead of going there. Eric, Patrick, Shamus, Skippy and Roddy agree to stay with her as added protection. Vallessa declares that her daughter Dani will also be staying behind, much to the girl’s chagrin. Tiffany decides to accompany them, pulling out a laser pistol that she had hidden on her back behind her cloak. The remaining characters split into five teams, with Narg deciding where each team should begin.

A team comprised of the four of the archer-rangers, Ailsheir, Aradyn, Ebony, and Vallessa, along with the fighter Harald, take up a position in the intact tower. Bitsey accompanies this group, to increase their success through her bardic singing. Situated near them are the Stone Giant with the wolves, and a group comprised of the three gnoll and five surviving orcs.

A team comprised of the six “space cadets”, namely Alton, Lono, Min-Mae, Ron and Syrendal in their space suits, and the space-elf Tiffany, take up a position in the other mostly intact tower, The nearest group of enemies are five frost giants.

A team comprised of Benedict, Blip, Grun, Hiroshi, Kim-Sung, Lannon, Narg, Timothy and Toshiro take up a position near the back wall, a short distance away from the quartet of clerics surrounded by skeleton. Also near them is the group comprised of bugbears.

A team comprised of Duegar, Fiona, Isaiah, Ka’thudd, Luekia, Mark, Ryan, Serita and Troyan take up position in the center of another wall, not far from the quartet of clerics surrounded by ogres. Also near them is the large group of hobgoblins, and both groups of goblins.

The final team, who it is decided will initiate the attack, are comprised of Blake, Dennismore, Freyland, Furynick, Guice, Jerry, Kharole, Mojo, Opal and Vincenzo. They arrive on the opposite side of the quartet of clerics surrounded by ogres than the team listed above. Also situated near them are the group of bugbears and a group of three hill giants.

The three thieves in the final team have been made invisible by Kharole, and head off towards the clerics. They are successful in all sneaking past the ogres, and each positioning for a backstab. Jerry gives a discreet signal for the attack, and the three thieves begin. Jerry is unsuccessful, his sword deflecting off of the cleric’s armor. Dennis is more successful, doing some damage to his foe. Blake has the most success, as his sword of sharpness slices through his foe’s torso, cutting the man in two.

The remaining seven members of their team had been watching and waiting for this, and as soon as the thieves become visible again, launch their own attacks. The four fighters each split into pairs, and charge the nearest monsters, to keep them away from the spellcasters. Mojo and Freyland charge at the hill giants, while Furynick and Guice charge the bugbears. Both Vincenzo and Opal begin Prayer spells, to aid their comrades. Kharole lets loose with a fireball, choosing the Blue Dragon as her target.

The party had been warned that magic worked unusually on this world, but she did not expect the result as the fireball explodes for twice its normal impact, in an irregular oval shape approximately forty feet long and twenty-five feet wide at its center. The fireball does considerable damage to both the dragon and blue devil, and kills three of the four blue ogres near it and two ogres from a group further away. It also catches the attention of everybody present.

With the fireball as the signal the five archers in the tower let loose their first volley of arrows as Bitsey begins her singing. All five target the same foe, namely the one trying to trace the path to Mordenkainen’s ring. Seven of the first ten arrows hit their mark, the accumulated damage being more than enough to drop the foe. Narg’s team also reacts following the fireball, charging en mass towards this same group of skeletons and clerics. Both Benedict and Timothy get ready to use their holy symbols to turn the skeletons while Hiroshi prepares a Push spells to disrupt one of the clerics.

When the group along the far wall see Blake sever one of the clerics they react. The DM asks “What do Fiona and Isaiah do?” Tim offers the suggestion “Decide it is the end of the world, and make wild passionate love to each other.” Guy says “Like Hell,” instead having Fiona let loose a Lightning Bolt into the assemblage of clerics and ogres. She throws high to avoid hitting her allies, but as with Kharole’s spell, it exceeds its normal spell effect, grazing both Jerry and Dennismore. It also proves fatal to two of the ogres as well as the cleric that Dennismore had backstabbed. The bolt continues past the group, striking one of the small brick buildings, which showers brick onto the a group of hobgoblins.

The remainder of Fiona’s team move out, staying clear of her ‘enhanced spells’. Luekia heads to the side, to then move in to the clerics. She is followed by Ka’thudd. Isaiah and Serita remain with Fiona back near the wall, as Serita is now into the 8th round of her casting a Call Lightning, and Isaiah has begun a Prayer spell. Duegar, Mark and Ryan move to attack ogres around the clerics while Troyan charges into the nearest group of goblins.

In the other tower, the six with the laser weapons fire into the giants, with only one scoring a successful hit for ten points. This also causes the giants to charge at them. Their next shots are more successful, with four of the energy weapons hitting the same foe, causing him to stagger, as the remaining four giants charge the tower.

Blake and Jerry continue to attack the clerics and ogres, supported by Mark and Ryan charging in from the other side who drop two more of the ogre guards. While no clerics drop this round, both have the spells that they were casting disrupted. Both then become held by a Hold Person spell from Isaiah. Fiona then hits one with a Magic Missile spell, further weakening him. Dennismore moves onto the other held one and slits his throat.

Luekia and Ka'thudd have their hands full as a wall of hobgoblins charge them to defend the clerics. Luekia strikes one unconscious as Ka'thudd drops another. Mark breaks off from his other opponents to go assist them. Duegar continues to attack the ogres. Troyan gets mobbed by goblins, dropping one, but having five others attack him, two hitting.

In the central group, Freyland, Furynick, Guice and Mojo all successfully strike their foes, with both Guice and Mojo being hit back. Vincenzo casts a Spiritual Hammer on one of the enemy clerics, to disrupt his spell.

The archers let go a volley of another five arrows, three of which strike the remaining three clerics in the closest group. Kharole also targets this same group of clerics. She centers the fireball further back, in anticipation that like the first fireball, this might be larger than usual. The player rolling percentile dice gets an even higher number this time, indicating twice normal size and damage. The forty-foot diameter fireball that results causes seventy points of damage, obliterating all of the skeletons and dropping two of the remaining three clerics with that group. It also catches and kills the blue dragon and blue devil, as well as several more ogres.

Four of the party members in Narg’s team, namely Blip, Lannon, Narg, and Timothy are also caught in it. As the enlarging fireball had swept towards them Toshiro had dived back, knocking his Uncle Hiroshi and Cousin Kim-Sung back to protect them. As the fireball ends Blip remains unmoving on the ground. The fireball also obliterates the second volley of arrows from the archers.

Serita is now able to call down a Lightning Bolt. Her own party members surround the cleric closest to her, so she instead targets the lone standing cleric that had just been fireballed. Unfortunately Kris’s percentile roll, to determine how effective the spell will work on this world, is incredibly low, and “02”, resulting in a very minor bolt of lightning doing only minimal damage.

Back on the other tower, one giant strikes the tower, causing Alton to fall twenty feet to the ground below. Fortunately for him, the space armor absorbs the impact of the fall. The others on the tower fire into the giants, with the wounded one from the prior round falling. Both mounted patrols from outside begin to ride into the structure, the centers from the side wall between the frost giants and goblins, and the human riders on the long wall where the gates had originally been.

Fiona notices a Wererat moving in to attack Serita, and lets fire a Melfs Acid Arrow into it. It stops the enemy, who will perish the next round. Serita comments “A Wererat! We haven’t run into one of those since we killed King Kohlorahdooh” (a comment that will turn out to be both very ironic and prophetic.) Isaiah casts a hold person, cutting off the large group of hobgoblins approaching Mark, Ka'thudd and Luekia. The two closest to Mark keep moving, and he cuts one down, while Ka'thudd decimates another. Those being the held ones just assume that those before them chose to stop, and decide that stopping looks like a good idea. Seeing no more advancing foes the three turn and head the other direction, seeing Duegar drop the remaining two ogres in the area.

The thieves continue to strike at the lone standing cleric, all missing, but then assisted by Luekia and who charges to their rescue, hitting the cleric and knocking him out. Dennis ensures that the cleric does not revive.

The person in desperate need of rescue is Troyan, who has dropped yet another goblin, as eight now swarm and attack him, three hitting. Luekia heads towards him, followed closely by Mark and Ka'thudd.

Ilma appears by Kharole, Opal, and Vincenzo, calling the two pairs of fighters to back up. Guice and Furynick reluctantly do, but Freyland and Mojo are too caught up in their battle with the Hill Giants to hear her. Ilma waves her sword, teleporting the five she is with out of there. Freyland and Mojo each score a successful hit on the giants, but are also hit in return. Mojo takes a second hit into his foe, dropping him. Behind where the giant falls he notices that one of the mounted humans by the far gate is dressed like a mage, and pointing a staff in their direction. He yells this out. The third giant moves in to take the place of his fallen ally, striking at Mojo.

Narg’s group can’t see this mage due to buildings and foes in between, but he does notice that Ilma has left Freyland and Mojo without any support fighting the giants, with a group of minotaurs moving in to support them. Narg and Toshiro charge off in that direction. The other seven members of Narg’s team pull together to decide what to do next. Meanwhile, both Benedict and Timothy administer emergency cures on Blip to keep her from dying. Lannon charges at the nearest foes, which happen to be orcs. Fortunately for Grun, Lannon is having a particularly lucid moment, so asks the orc ally to join him in killing orcs. Grun agrees, and accompanies the Dwarf.

In the nearby tower above the archers do not see any more clerical foes, and are too far away to have heard Mojo’s yell, so decide to support the team at the tower 200 feet away, firing arrows into the giants. Even at this distance, the size of the giants make for easy targets, and soon fill up with arrows. The space-suit group welcomes the support, as one giant strikes Syrendal, knocking her back into Min-Mae and Ron. Lono sees that Alton is about to be stomped on by a giant. As the giant lifts up his leg for the stomp, and is standing on only one foot, Lono decides to dive off the tower and into this foe. This works, as the off-balance giant is knocked back onto the group, which also cushions Lono’s fall.

At the nearby wall Serita has heard Mojo’s yell about the enemy mage. She deduces that since magic works unusually here, and since the skies are already filled with lightning, she could try to attempt to pull down another lightning bolt now rather than waiting the usual full turn. The DM allows this, stating that she must roll a high percentile for that to work. She rolls an “83”. He says a bolt comes down, which she centers on this mage. She rolls up eighty points of damage. The DM then has her roll another percentile, to determine in the planets magic will either enhance, keep the same, or reduce the effect of the damage. She rolls a “98”, which indicates triple damage. Thus, a bolt causing a record 240 points of damage strikes that part of the fortress, killing all of the foes in that area, including all of the riders and their mounts. This also causes the few enemy teams not already engaged in the fighting to think twice about joining the fray.

Ilma appears again by the group of Benedict, Blip, Hiroshi, Kim-Sung, Timothy. Lannon and Grun are called back from their fighting to join them, with Lannon swearing about her spoiling his fun. The group are teleported out.

The archer group continues to fire into the distant group of frost giants, as Min-Mae, Sytendal, Ron and Tiffany continue to fire into the same enemies. The combined attacks from both groups cause two giants to fall. Of the remaining two giants, the one nearest Alton becomes the recipient of a point blank laser shot. Lono’s strategy is similar, but even more effective. Since Lono is lying on this fallen giant’s stomach he simply jabs the barrel of the laser rife into the giant’s head, and blows his brains out.

The centaur’s a short distance away, including a powerful cleric, begin to move towards this same tower. Ilma appears again, popping Min-Mae, Sytendal, Ron and Tiffany away. Serita notices the centaurs, and tries again, but two more successful percentile rolls, the lightning this time striking for 115 points of damage. This drops all but two centaurs, who ride away.

This massive bolt of lightning is seen by all but two of the goblins attacking Troyan, who turn and run away in fear. Troyan assumes they are running from him, and chases after. The remaining two goblins are dropped by Ka'thudd and Mark.

Freyland, Mojo, Narg and Toshiro had managed to drop by Hill Giants, and are now fighting a quartet of minotaurs. The archers conclude that these four are doing fine on their own, and start to target the bugbears. Ilma arrives in the tower and teleports the archers out.

The fight with the minotaurs continues, with Narg getting in a couple of severs and Freyland also getting in a sever. Both Toshiro and Mojo do equally well. No other enemies decide to join the battle, with the only other fighting taking place being with Alton and Lono attacking the remaining wounded frost giant.

Ilma arrives in the center of the group of Dennismore, Duegar, Fiona, Jerry, Isaiah, Ka'thudd, Luekia, Mark, Ryan, Serita and Troyan. She calls them all together, with also coming over to join them. Serita notices that Mojo, Narg and Toshiro are oblivious to all but the minotaurs they are fighting, and rushes over in that direction with her boots of speed as Ilma teleports the rest out.

The pair of Alton and Lono finally finish off the last frost giant, concluding that space armor and laser weapons are fun toys. Ilma shows up and teleports the two of them out. Mojo and Toshiro team up on and drop the minotaur they are fighting. Narg misses his foe, the final minotaur, who Serita then casts a Rock to Mud on the stone floor beneath, causing the Minotaur to fall back. Narg yells at her for spoiling his fun. He then moves in to strike the fallen foe, but Ilma shows up first and teleports the last four members of the Silver Moon away. Narg yells at her for not letting him finish what he started.

They arrive back where they began, on what they assume is the Elemental Plane of Air. A quick survey shows that everyone is still intact, although some (like Blip) are in pretty rough shape.

Silver Moon

Module 105: “Return of the Rod of the Seven Parts” (20 Year Anniversary Module). Second half of Game Nine of Eleven, May 19, 2002, Game 816. DM: Mojo’s Player

March 27, 1019:

Ilma and all forty-seven of the other characters are back on what is assumed to be the elemental plane of air. She takes the seven pieces of the Rod and announces that she will reassemble it and dispel the curse. “Dispel the curse?” Serita inquires. “Great, I get to be dirty again,” states Duegar. “Not that curse,” says Cassie, adding “And cleanliness isn’t a curse.” “Says you,” Duegar replies.

As soon as the final two pieces of the Rod are put together another figure appears beside Ilma. The man is familiar to Kharole, Mark, Narg, and Serita, who announce to the others that it appears to be King Kohlorahdooh, who the four had helped to slay fourteen years earlier. Vallessa has also met the man before, and detests him, as his original rise to power thirty-eight years earlier was through a military coup during which three of her first-husband’s nephews were slain.

Kohlorahdooh kisses Ilma, which then causes her flesh to dissolve, her wings to wilt and she, then bursts into flames. The flames then dissipate, leaving an undead charred husk, who Kohlorahdooh declares is now a Lich that is under his control. He says “I’ll be taking that” and takes the Rod from her. He then turns to the party, saying “I’ve missed you all so much.”

Serita exclaims “How can you be here. Twelve years ago your body was teleported into the sun.” He immediately burst into flames, which then extinguishes, with him resuming him more human form. He states “That man Pyro did thrown me into the sun, but to a location where there was a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, where I travelled and merged with a Fire Elemental.” “Sounds more like you fell into a Soap Opera,” Toshiro comments. Kohlorahdooh also indicates that they are now actually on the Elemental Plane of Fire.

“And you’ve just been waiting around for us since then?” asks Narg. Kohlorahooh replies “Not exactly. I’ve had a few run-ins with your friends at Liebercrantz since that time. Things didn’t work out quite as I had planned.” “Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that one before,” states Kim-Sung, “The whole plan would have worked if it wasn’t for those stupid kids and that dog.” This comment naturally leads to a side discussion about the old Scooby-Doo cartoons.

Kohlorahdooh explains who he was not able to return to this world until he received magical assistance from Mordenkainen, as he used the Anti-Magic Sphere to dispel the magical confinement he was in at another plane. Narg mutters “Mordenkainen! I think I’m going to resurrect him just so that I can kill him again!”

Kohlorahdooh declares that he is back to take his rightful place as King of Phlooredah. Narg replies “Damn it! Just once I’d like to be able to go six months without an evil megalomanic showing up….no offense.” Kohlorahdooh ignores him, and continues to ramble on about how he should be ruler, adding “And I hope you don’t think that you will be able to stop me.” Biz says to Jon “How many modules have we played?” Jon replies “This is Module #105.” Narg turns to Kohlorahdooh and says “Look, I have it on great authority that our group is 105 and 0, so why don’t you just surrender now.”

The villan replies “And what would you rather do? Try to kill me or save the life of your Queen?” “You mean we get a choice?” Blip exclaims. Vallessa says “Hmm, that’s a tough one, give me a few minutes to think it over.” “Why do you want to kill Jennifer?” Serita asks. The villain answers “Weren’t you listening? I want to be King. Then again, I suppose I could kill her husband and take her as my wife, then I would be the King again.” “Kill Matthan? Okay, now you’re on to something,” Narg comments. Mojo exclaims “Hey! She’s my little bit of adultery, you go find your own!”

Narg says “Why don’t you give us a few minutes to disucss this.” “There’s nothing to discuss,” Vallessa exclaims. “The only answer is that you should die. You killed my former husband’s nephews!” “Oh, it’s you,” the villain says to her, adding a few insults. Narg yells “Hey, she’s my fiance.” “Always one for damaged goods, eh Narg,” the villain says to him.

Kohlorahdooh states “Decide now, Matthan or Jennifer, or I’ll just have to go kill her myself.” Vallessa says to Narg “We can’t let him kill Jennifer. She’s in our wedding party in five weeks. He replies “Yeah, your right. Do you know how hard it would be to get somebody else to stand in on such short notice.” Narg convinces both the villain and his sidekick to pop out. Once they are gone Vallessa says “You’re not serioously considering doing what he wants?” Vallessa states. Narg says “Of course not. You always lie to megalomaniacts to make them tell you their plans.”

The villains pop back in, saying “Well, what have you decided?” “We’re still talking it over, give us some more time,” Narg answers. “Since when are you so hesitant about killing Kings?” the villain answers. “Some Kings make better targets than others,” Serita states, staring icily at Kohlorahdooh. He replies to her “You didn’t hesitate with Toronas.” “He wasn’t a King, just a King’s brother,” she replies. Vallessa whispers to Narg in a serious voice “We need to talk about that later.”

Narg tries to get some more details from Kohlorahdooh about his long-term plans. He explains the multiple layers of his villainy and plans for world domination. “I get it. It’s kinda like a parfait,” states Duegar (again, always thinking of food). Narg asks for some more time to discuss this. The villains pop out.

Syrendel gets an idea, and communicates via the space helmet microphones to Alton, Lono, Min-Mae, and Ron Luther X5-0135. She says “He’s probably eavesdropping on their conversation, but I doubt he can hear us, let’s do something about him and the winged Hillary Clinton when he pops back. The five decide to fire their laser weapons into the bad guy as soon as he pops back, and move around to get in better firing positions (and also so they won’t hit any allies if they miss).

The villains return, and the five immediately let loose with their laser weapons. Alton, Lono and Ron all miss, but both Min-Mae and Syrendel hit him. Unfortunately, neither shot penetrates him, but deflecting off of him and into the Lich. “Did you enjoy that?” the villain asks. Narg says “Hey they had to try, but they did that without my orders.” “Your orders?” states Serita, “Who died and left you king.” “I think the real problem here is one too few dead kings” Isaiah states. Narg says “Give us a few minutes more.” “Very well, but you need to bring me either Matthan or Jennifer’s head. Decide quickly.” The two pop out again.

Vallessa says “Well How about if we agree to that. He never said WHEN we have to bring it to him. According to what our unborn child said to you she dies in another fifty-one years. Why don’t we just wait until then to bring it to him?” “Like he’s gonna go for that,” states Narg.

The villains again return, saying “Time’s up.” Narg says “Okay, we’ll all go do that, send us back home.” The villain says “Yeah, right, decide who is going.” “We all are,” Cassie states. “As if I can trust you,” Kohlorahdooh says. “A group of say….oh, seven, should go. The rest stay here as my hostages to make sure you do what you are supposed to.”

Vallessa says “Well, Jennifer would be expecting to see Narg and myself, so we’ll go.” Cassie, Duegar, Kim-Sung, Lannon and Mark also volunteer. Before they leave Vallessa and Fiona head off for a private conversation. When they return Kohlorahdooh says "Keeping secrets?" Fiona replies "Girl talk." (which the whole group laughs about, as both female characters are played by male players).

Duegar asks "Wait a second. You want us to kill the King, but then that would make you the King, so wouldn't that just cause others to kill you?" Duegar gets and idea, and runs over to the Lich, giving her a big hug. He says "Everything I touch turns clean, this should cure her." Nothing happens, other than a piece of her wing breaking off. Kohlorahdooh looks to Narg and says "You let just anybody in these days don't do?" Narg shrugs.

The group gets another idea, and offers to send a second group to go deal with Matthan simultaneous to the first group going to Jennifer. Kohlorahdooh agrees to this. The second group is comprised of Alton, Aradyn, Blake, Jerry, Min-Mae, Serita and Toshiro. Jerry pulls Narg aside, for a brief conversation with him. Kohlorahdooh teleports the first group to the City of Karjjil Valley in Thenossia. The teleportation is very weird, leaving them all temporarily disoriented.