D&D 5E Revised Fighter/Revised Wizard/Revised Cleric/Revised Rogue for Feedback


I was thinking of trying out these customizable classes as an alternative to the base classes (so no Paladin/Revised Wizard, but Revised Cleric/Revised Wizard would be ok).

This merging of classes allows new archtypes such as:
The heavy armor martial artist zealot that rages.
The fiend pact arcane caster with metamagics and a spellbook to prepare spells from.
The trickery cleric that wild shapes and uses the druid spell list.
The metal armor wearing shepherd druid that learns eldritch invocations instead of wild shape.
The unarmored champion strength rogue sneak attacking with a greatsword while granting bardic inspiration to teammates.

It is assumed that most fighters will choose ki or rage (which could be restrung as a Grit stance for RP purposes) at level 2 (action surge is mainly there as a legacy option and is also added as a rogue option). A revised fighter “monk” has some trade offs for gaining 3rd/4th attack, d10 HD, increased customization, and potentially transitioning to single attribute dependency; people that prefer the old features could play the standard monk.

Revised Fighter - use Fighter except as follows (ASIs still at 4/8/12/16/19):
Armor: medium armor & shields
Skills: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Athletics, History, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Persuasion, Religion, Stealth, Survival

1 Choose Heavy Armor/Second Wind, Favored Enemy x3/two skills, or Unarmored Defense (AC 12 + [str mod] or AC 13 + [dex mod]; no shields); Choose Martial Arts (damage increases at levels 5/11/17; may use while wearing light armor [or heavy armor if chose Second Wind] but not with shields), Reckless Attack, or Fighting Style (+2 ranged weapon attack damage, +2 two handed melee weapon attack damage, Dueling, or Two Weapon Fighting; at level 11 TWF offhand does double base weapon dice; at level 17 damage bonus increase to +3 or TWF offhand does triple base weapon dice)
2 Choose Action Surge (1/short rest, increasing to 2/short rest at level 11), Ki (ki points = class level with Deflect Missiles, Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, and Step of the Wind), or Rage (damage bonus increases at 9 and 16, rages increase at 3/6/12/17/20; may perform in heavy armor if chose Second Wind)
3 Choose subclass from Barbarian (requires Rage), Fighter, Ranger (ignore additional spells), or Monk (requires Ki, Martial Arts, & Unarmored Defense)
5 Extra Attack, Fighter Technique
6 Fighter Technique, Ki-Empowered Strikes (if chose Martial Arts)
7 Subclass power 2
9 Fighter Technique
10 Subclass power 3
11 Extra Attack (2)
13 Fighter Technique
14 Fighter Technique
15 Subclass power 4
17 Fighter Technique
18 Fighter Technique
20 Extra Attack (3)

Fighter Techniques:
Brutal Critical (increases to two dice at level 13)
Danger Sense
Exhaustion Resistance (requires Favored Enemy or Second Wind; treats exhaustion level as two less, e.g. death at exhaustion level 8)
Fast Movement (requires Favored Enemy or Unarmored Defense)
Feral Instinct (requires Rage)
Indomitable (1/long rest, may use 2/long rest at level 13)
Slow Fall (requires Monk subclass; also gain Unarmored Movement Improvement at level 9)
Stunning Strike (requires Ki; use str or dex for DC but limited to once per turn)
Stillness of Mind (requires level 9 & Monk subclass)
Purity of Body (requires level 13 & Monk subclass)
Relentless Rage (requires level 13 & Barbarian subclass)
Tongue of the Sun and Moon (requires level 13 & Monk subclass)
Resilience (requires level 14; gain two additional save proficiencies)
Fighter subclass power 5 (requires level 17 & Fighter subclass)
Persistent Rage (requires level 17 & Rage)
Indomitable Might (requires level 18 & Rage)
Perfect Self (requires level 18 & Ki)
Primal Champion (requires level 18; can choose 2 stats from str/dex/con)

Revised Wizard - use Wizard except as follows (ASIs still at 4/8/12/16/19):
Skills: Arcana, Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Persuasion, Religion

1 Spellcasting (intelligence; from Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard lists without eldritch blast/hex; spells known = 3 + 3/4 level, max 15); Choose subclass from Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard (all powers intelligence based)
2 Font of Magic
3 Wizard Power
6 Subclass power 2
10 Subclass power 3
11 Wizard Power
14 Subclass power 4
18 Wizard Power
20 Wizard Power

Wizard Powers:
*Eldritch Invocation (choose 2; may replace 1 with a Pact Boon [requires Warlock subclass; also grants access to eldritch blast/hex]; grants 2 more for each additional time chosen; may change individual invocations on level up; intelligence based)
*Metamagic (choose 2; if chosen multiple times grants 4 extra sorcery points for each additional time chosen; may change individual metamagics on level up)
*Ritual Casting/Spellbook (inscribe ritual spells and level 0-5 spells into pact tome or spellbook; may prepare int mod level 0-5 spells from book, and may change prepared spells on a short rest; if later chosen a second time may inscribe/prepare up to level 9 spells)
Sorcerous Restoration (requires level 18)
*Spell Mastery (requires level 18; spells can be known or in spellbook)
Timeless Body (requires level 18; as Druid)
Arcane Release (requires level 20; as Improved Divine Inspiration but any inscribed or known spell)

* May be chosen more than once

Revised Cleric - use Cleric except as follows (ASIs still at 4/8/12/16/19):
Skills: Arcana, Animal Handling, Athletics, Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Persuasion, Religion, Survival

1 Ritual Casting/Spellcasting (choose Cleric or Druid list at level one); Choose subclass from Cleric (charisma casting), Druid (wisdom casting; also gains Druidic; Moon Druid Wild Shape starts at CR 1/4 until level 2 is gained and must choose Wild Shape at that time), Paladin (charisma casting; at level 1 gain 1st level War Domain powers but with Oath spells instead of Domain spells; Paladin Channel Divinity delayed until level 2 [if chosen]), or Warlock (charisma casting; may choose one expanded spell list spell and one expanded spell list/Warlock spell from each level 1-5 [i.e. two spells of each level] that are automatically prepared as domain spells, can only be changed on level up)
2 Cleric Base Supplication
5 Destroy Undead (if chose Turn Undead; upgrades at level 8, 11, 14, & 17)
6 *Subclass power 2 (or power 3 if Cleric subclass)
10 *Subclass power 3 (or power 4 if Cleric subclass)
11 Cleric Supplication
14 *Subclass power 4 (or power 5 if Cleric subclass)
18 Cleric Supplication
20 Cleric Supplication

Cleric Base Supplications:
Channel Divinity (2/short rest; gain choice of Turn Undead plus one Cleric/Paladin Channel Divinity or two Cleric/Paladin Channel Divinity’s [may choose from other subclasses if not assigned enough options by chosen subclass])
**Eldritch Invocation (choose 2; may replace 1 with a Pact Boon; grants 2 more for each additional time chosen; may change individual invocations on level up; spellcasting ability based)
Wild Shape (may not transform in metal armor/shields; upgrades at level 4 & 8)

Cleric Supplications:
Aura of Protection (+3 saves 30’ radius)
Beast Spells (requires Wild Shape)
Divine Smite (may also be used with unarmed strike or natural weapons; necrotic or radiant damage; cannot be used on the same turn as Eldritch Smite)
**Eldritch Invocation (as above)
Archdruid (requires level 20 & Beast Spells)
Improved Divine Intervention (requires level 20)

* If the power uses Channel Divinity/Wild Shape (and it wasn’t selected at level 2) then have the option of taking a different subclass similar tier power (e.g. at level 10 a Vengeance Paladin that lacks Channel Divinity could take Divine Strike from a Cleric Domain instead of Soul of Vengeance [which is based on Channel Divinity])
** May be chosen more than once

Revised Rogue – use Rogue except as follows (ASIs still at 4/8/12/16/19):
Skills: All

1 Expertise; Choose Halfcaster (Spellcasting from one class list with corresponding casting ability mod; as a half caster but with 2 first level cantrips/spells at level 1 and cantrip progression as a Bard of half level; spells known = 3 + half level; Arcane Trickster/Eldritch Knight can later add Wizard spell list access [with option for intelligence based casting] & additional cantrips but doesn’t add additional spells known or spell slots) or Sneak Attack; Choose martial weapons (all), Thieves’ Cant, or three languages/tools
2 Rogue Talent
3 Choose subclass from Bard (requires Bardic Inspiration & Halfcaster), Fighter, Ranger (ignore additional spells if not Halfcaster), or Rogue (some subclasses require Sneak Attack)
5 Rogue Talent
6 Expertise
7 Rogue Talent
9 Subclass power 2
10 Rogue Talent
11 Choose Action Surge (2/short rest), Jack of All Trades (+3 to all ability checks that do not already benefit from Expertise/double proficiency), or Reliable Talent
13 Subclass power 3
14 Rogue Talent
15 Rogue Talent
17 Rogue Talent
18 Rogue Talent
20 Rogue Talent

Rogue Talents:
Bardic Inspiration d8 (2 + level/5 uses, regain on short rest)
Countercharm/Song of Rest 2d6
Cunning Action
Fighting Style Blind Fighting (Blind Sight/Detect Invis 10’)
Fighting Style Two Weapon Fighting (if has Extra Attack then at level 11 offhand also does double base weapon dice)
Jack of All Spells (requires Halfcaster; add another class spell list, can use any available spell list ability mod to cast)
Slippery Mind (choose one other save if already has wis)
Unarmored Defense (AC 12 + [str mod] or AC 13 + [dex mod]; no shields)
Versatile Sneak Attack (requires Sneak Attack; removes finesse requirement)
Extra Attack (requires level 5 & Halfcaster)
Spell Sneak Attack (requires level 5 & Halfcaster; 1d6/three levels damage with spell attacks that otherwise meet the same qualifications as Sneak Attack)
Uncanny Dodge (requires level 5 & Sneak Attack)
Evasion (requires level 7 & Sneak Attack)
Land’s Stride (requires level 7)
Magical Secrets (requires level 7 & Halfcaster; increases spells known by 2 chosen from any spell list with upgrades at levels 14 & 17 [i.e. 6 total secrets at 17])
Poison Immunity (requires level 10)
Bardic Inspiration d12 (requires level 15 & Bardic Inspiration d8)
Improved Attunement (requires level 15; allows attunement with 4 magic items)
Subclass power 4 (requires level 15 & a subclass that has 4 powers)
Superior Inspiration (requires level 15 & Bardic Inspiration d8)
Elusive (requires level 18 & Sneak Attack)
Stroke of Luck (requires level 18)
Foeslayer (requires level 20; add int or wis mod to all attack damage rolls)

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