Reward for Edena_of_Neith.



((A youthful looking human lad walks up to the corkboard, and writes: ))

I offer a bounty of 10,000 gold coins for Edena - he calls himself Edena of Neith - brought to me alive.
Alive and unspoiled. If he is dead or despoiled, I will not give out any reward.
Why only 10,000 gold coins? Because he isn't worth any more than that. Actually, he isn't worth a 10th of that, but I'm feeling greedy.

Dark Edena

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A young man walks up to the board and sees the writing.

Since he is an admirer of the great Dark_Edena he replys.

I will try to do what you wish



I've changed my mind forget everything i posted and going to help edena_of_neith.


First Post
*appears before the posting and chuckles tacking up one of her own*

Hate to say it oh stuck up one, but he's not exactly innocent and unspoiled, yah might have to be more specific in what you want.

*leaves the note unsigned and simply disappears once more*

The young man with the fez reads the notice, then posts this:

I accept this bounty.
Edena has been corrupted by the Arcane Magic, and is corrupting everyone around him. There will be an end to this corruption, by clensing Redeemer Fire.

Redeemer Elistor


First Post
A slight female form dressed in crimson robes steps up to the boards, and reads various notes. Her hand trails lightly from note to note as she peruses them. Finally, her finger stops on one and she taps it as she thinks a moment before bringing out parchement and paper. After she is done writting, she pins the note up and leaves. Her handwritting is fluid, yet strong.

Please, tell me Sir Elistor, how you know this? Do you know this Edena whom you have sworn to get? Or are you merely assuming that he is corrupted as you say? Where is your proof of corruption?

I have known Edena for quite some time, and while I will admit he is sometimes annoying, he is still a good enough man for me to aid him in need. And I am not the only one who would do so.

I have heard rumors about the "man" who called this bounty. It is my understanding that he is but a shadow. A dark force. While I am familiar with your... views, I find it hard to believe that handing a man over to a dark force would do your god any good. Especially considering that your god is distant to you in these lands, just as my own goddess is distant to me.

Or, perhaps you have... other ideas for what to do with him, hmm?

The note is signed with a stylised K

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