D&D 5E Rime of The Apocalypse:Ragnarok. Zards 5E Magnum Opus


So our CoS campaign is wrapping up. DM has indicated he would like to play so I'm back in the DM chair.

Spitballed a few more ideas picked up another player and might have to many. Quick themes were Norse, undead. Egyptian, magitech. Undead got vetoed by everyone very rapidly. General consensus was Norse or Magitech. I'm leaning towards Norse which also got an extra vote. No one's going to veto either option.

Basic premise.

Setting: Midgard
Northern Part of map. Jotunheim.
Level 3-12
Cult of Ragnarok wants to trigger a false Ragnarok.

Expected Encounters Giants, cold, cultists, cold type creatures, dragons (white, red)

Allowed Books. Midgard Heroes Handbook, Xanathars, PHB, very limited Tashas (racial and class options only no subclasses, spells, feats). Party like it's 2018.

Basically an alliance of clergy from 3 evil gods wants to trigger a false Ragnarok. They gave allied evil Giants and convinced a leader that Ragnarok is incoming.

Princes of the Apocalypse and Storm Kings Thunder might be getting mined a lot along with Rime of The Frostmaiden.

The Fire Giants are forging an ultimate weapon Surtalogi. Not sure what it is leaning towards a massive sword for a champion "Bob" (placeholder name). Any of the various NPCs the players encounter can become Bob.

Bob will be created via a ritual. Stat wise Bob will be something like titan sized adult red dragon humanoid wielding Surtalogi.

Not every Giant is convinced or desires Ragnarok. The Cults opposed by the Order of the Thunderer dedicated to Thor. A Fire Giant Queen Sinmara is aware of the Ragnarok rumors but dismisses them as her husband's sword central to the prophecies is in her possession.

A chosen PC gets to face "Bob" (true polymorphed into some sort of Giant).

If they fail its a false Ragnarok but still looking at Horde of Giants. Thousands of Ogres, Fire, Frost, Jotun and thursir Giants going stompy.

So thoughts on the basic premise and any ideas for Giant induced mayhem.
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