D&D 5E Ritual caster: can they create or use scrolls?


probably late to need…. So, my thoughts. spells known: this is a specific term covered in each class under spell casting and listed in the class table. So RAW “knowing” doesn’t equal “spells known”. 2nd, when casting a ritual from your book it isn’t “prepared”. Again, this is a specific game term referring to clerics, druids, and wizards who must prepare spells daily from their list of available spells. Seems like you can’t prepare something if you don’t have spell slots but that’s just me. So for me, RAW it doesn’t work. Does it break anything? Probably not unless your goal is to spam out ritual spells to the whole party and engage in shenanigans. I’m confused on why you need scrolls of your rituals at all when the ritual book is essentially your reusable scroll already? 2 cents

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I was wondering... does that mean he could create scrolls? What about using them?

So to create a scroll, you must either:

  • have the spell prepared OR
  • it must be among the character’s known spells (like a bard or warlock for example)

So clearly a ritual caster doesn't have spell prepared. And while they "know" spells in the sense that it's in their spellbook, they don't know it by heart the way say a sorcerer would. So I think that means a ritual caster can't create scrolls. But it doesn't quite feel right.

But can they use them?

This... gets complicated. The rules say "If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can read the scroll and cast its spell without providing any material components. "
I think a Ritual Caster can use or make spell scrolls that he has learned.

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