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This will be a repository for character sheets for our D&D 5e game Moving Through the Flame using the Al-Qadim setting. Any kind of sheet is fine, whether BBCODE, uploaded in PDF, or whatever version you use. Please post your finished sheets here

[MENTION=6814006]Thateous[/MENTION] Vizier Akilah the Hakima ♀ half-elf / noble / cleric (truth*) 11 / LG
[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] Ankabut the Holy Slayer♀ human / urchin / monk (way of shadows) 8, rogue (assassin) 3 / N
[MENTION=6803188]VLAD the Destroyer[/MENTION] Salahuddin ibn Hamid al-Qadib the Sha'ir♂ human / genie-touched* / warlock (noble genie*) 11 / CG
[MENTION=23]Ancalagon[/MENTION] Lal Qalandar the Mystic ♂ human / hermit / barbarian (dervish*) 11 / CG
[MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION] Harun the Sa'luk ♂ water genasi / desert rider* (with flippant charm*) / rogue (mechanician*) 11 / CG
[MENTION=20005]Matthan[/MENTION] Husam ibn Khalid the Guardsman ♂ half-orc / soldier / fighter (guardian*) 11 / LG

Retired PCs
[SBLOCK] [MENTION=6855130]Jago[/MENTION] Kaniel ibn Faruq al-Masafir ♂ half-orc / al-Badia mamluk of the Valiant* / barbarian (dervish*) 11 / CG
[MENTION=6866331]Foxbytes[/MENTION] Najiyah Amahhum ♀ human / genie-touched* / sorcerer (elementalist*) 11 / CG
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Najiyah Amahhum
Most Mystical and Illuminated Vizier of Sheikh Ali al-Hadd (Forever May The Sun Rise On Him), Sorceress Supreme in Matters Arcane and Jann

TLDR Character Sheet:
Class:  Sorceress (Elementalist)       STR:  8
Level:  11                             DEX:  16
Align:  CG                             CON:  14
Race:  Human (Variant)                 INT:  10
Background:  Genie-Touched             WIS:  12
Personality:  Flair for theatrics      CHA:  18

Persuasion +8 / Deception +8 / Performance +8 / Insight +5

Summary:    Adopted by Halfling parents
            Affinity for fire magic
            Weird attachment to oil lamps
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Kaniel Ibn Faruq al-Masafir
Valiant Mamluk of Qudra, Self-Exiled Al-Badia

A tattooed slave-soldier of The Sultan, Kaniel is a mighty swordsman of The Valiant: Mamluks entrusted with the deadliest of assignments. Originally an Al-Badia of House Nasr tasked with protecting the most holy Desert Mosque, the young Half-Orc fled into the High Desert after the Mosque was assaulted by mysterious foes, the teen barely stopping to grab the ashes of a great Nasr hero in his flight. Lead through the dunes by visions of a young woman wreathed in fire, Kaniel survived and was eventually captured by slavers from Qudra. Accepting the markings of The Mamluk, Kaniel took the names of the Al-Hadhar and distinguished himself as loyal soldier and able leader. Now a Kiaya within The Mamluk, Kaniel finds himself assigned to Tajar, investigating strange disappearances in the High Desert he was born in.

For Full Backstory, please see Character Sheet

[sblock=Kaniel At A Glance]Half-Orc Barbarian Dervish, Level 11

HP: 104
Initiative: +4 (Advantage)
Perception: +5 (Passive 15)
Darkvision: 60 feet
Speed: 40 feet

[sblock=Defenses]AC: 16
Str: +4
Dex: +4
Con: +6
Int: +1
Wis: +1
Cha: +2[/sblock]
[sblock=Offenses]Scimitars: +8 1d6+4 S (+7 Dancing)
Longbow: +8 1d8+4 P
Whip: +8 1d4+4 S

Extra Attack, Roll 2 Extra Dice for Criticals[/sblock]
[sblock=Proficient Skills]Acrobatics: +8
Intimidation: +6
Perception: +5
Performance: +6
Persuasion: +6
Religion: +5
Survival: +5[/sblock][/sblock]
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Salahuddin Idn Hamid al-Qadib
The Wind Called, Consort of the Venerable Fatima idn Zaida, the Mistress of the Northern Gale, Mortal Hand of the Great Caliph Husam al-Balil ben Nafhat al-Yugayyim

Class:  Warlock (Noble Genie)          STR:  10
Level:  11                             DEX:  16
Align:  CG                             CON:  14
Race:  Human (Variant)                 INT:  12
Background:  Genie-Touched             WIS:  12
AC: 17                                 CHA:  20
Init: +3

Personality:  Mortal majesty and authority just don't matter to me anymore.
              Curiosity drives me.  To explore the hidden places and learn their secrets is better than worldly wealth.

Persuasion +9 / Deception +9 / Arcana +5 / Stealth +7 / Investigation +5


Ankabut the Patient.


[sblock=What is Known]A quiet, serious young woman of great faith in Hakiya, whose calm demeanor is at odds with the scars of a hard life now left behind.

Trait: I avoid closeness with other people; they will not understand what I do.
Trait: Nngh. Thinking
Ideal: I trust the goddess Hakiyah to guide me; she sees the truths that are hidden from my imperfection.
Bond: I have quietly sponsored an orphanage, to spare as many children as I can the ordeal I faced.
Flaw: I still struggle with my desire to avenge the deaths of my parents, though it has no place in my life anymore.

Human Monk/Rogue

AC 18 HP: 90
Initiative: +5
Perception: +11 (Passive 21)
Darkvision: 60 feet (via item or ki)
Speed: 55 feet

[sblock=Background]My mother and father lived on the sea...he a mage, she a captain. They were successful and we had a house. I remember it being a nice house, with a maid who sometimes gave me treats when no one was looking. Once, when I was young, they took my on their ship. The ship was attacked by men in black clothes, who burned the sail from afar with a spell. My father took me below deck, as the ship was boarded, and gave me a charm he had with him. It had a magic that whisked me back to the house. I never knew what happened after that. What was left of the ship was found, I think...but it was a long time ago and I was very young.

I was too afraid to stay home...I thought they'd come for me. I ran away. Later on, much later, I learned the house had been sold, and...all that is gone now. It doesn't matter. It was never mine.

I'm not proud of what I had to do to survive, living alone; a little girl with no money or family. I made some friends. I made many enemies. I learned to hide, to fight, to steal. But I did not lie. My father, my mother, they held to Hakiyah, and even as far as I had fallen, I drew a line. One thing I would not do, one thing that would make me...me.

One morning, I stole from the pocket of a humble woman...who realized what I had done immediately and caught me by the arm. I slapped it away and ran. That afternoon, she found me again and asked if I was the one who had stolen from her. With nowhere to run, and the guard looking on, I had to decide what to say. So I told her yes.

She told the guards she would take care of this, and her men took me with her to the temple I learned she was a priestess of.

I became an acolyte of Hakiya there, but not for very long. The truth that the Seafarer saw for me was a different one, and a darker one. There are those who are tasked with uncovering knowledge, and those tasked with maintaining it and caring for it. And there are those who are called to safeguard the truths and knowledge. Sometimes this is done by guarding the priestesses or libraries or houses of worship.

But Hakiya has another face...a cloaked one, in shadow. Sometimes knowledge is guarded by shrouding it in secrecy. There are truths too terrible to teach freely, too dangerous to speak. There are enemies of the order who move in dark places, where the temple guards cannot see, cannot act.

My truth is silence. The silence of my footsteps as I seek those who plot against Hakiyah and her people. The silence of the secrets I keep, and the secrets I protect. Most of all the silence of the grave.[/sblock]

Neutral Human Monk 8 / Rogue 3
Background: Urchin (City secrets)

Str 9
Dex 20 (+1 racial + 2 lvl 4)
Con 14 (+1 feat)
Int 10
Wis 16 (+1 racial)
Cha 11

HP 90
AC 18 (10 +5 dex + 3 Wis)
Prof Bonus +4
Init +5
Speed: 55'

- +1 to 2 attributes (Dex, Wis)
- Bonus Skill Proficiency
- Bonus feat

- Unarmored Defense: AC is 10 + dex mod + wis mod when not wearing armor.
- Martial Arts: Use Dex with unarmed or monk weapons, unarmed or monk can do 1d6 damage, bonus unarmed atk
- Unarmored Movement +15
- Ki 8
- Slow Fall (40 points)
- Deflect Missiles (1d10+13, if damage reduced to zero 1ki to counter attack by throwing ammo/weapon back)
- Extra attack
- Stunning Strike (1 ki, DC 15 con save or stunned 1 turn)
- Ki strike (unarmed attacks count as magic)
- Evasion (no damage on dex save, half on dex fail)
- Stillness of mind (action to end charm/fear effect)

- Monastic Tradition: Way of Shadow
** Cast Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace or Silence for 2 ki
** Gain Minor Illusion cantrip
** Teleport from dim/no light to dim/no light up to 60', gain adv on first attack afterwards

Sneak attack - 2d6
- Expertise - Add prof bonus to 2 skills (athletics, perception)
- Cunning Action - Bonus action to Dash, Disengage, Hide
- Rogue archetype - Assassin
** Prof with disguise kit, poisoner's kit
** Assassinate: Critical damage on surprised foes

Weapons: Simple, Shortsword
Armor: None
Tools: Thief tools, Disguise kit, Flute, poisoner's kit
Saves: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution

Bonus - Resilient Constitution
4 - Dexterity ASI
8 - Mobility (+10 speed, ignore diff terrain on Dash, enemy she attacks cannot OA her due to movement)

Acrobatics +9
Athletics +7
Perception +11
Sleight of Hand +9
Stealth +9

Common, Jannti

Cash: 10gp

Unarmed, +9, 1d6+5
Darts (10), +9, 1d4+5, 2.5lbs, thrown 20/60
Theriajidan (shortsword, monk), +9, 1d6+5, 2lbs

Common Clothes

Backpack, 2gp, 5lbs
- Blanket, 5sp, 3lbs
- Hooded Lantern, 5gp, 2lbs
- Oil (3 pints), 3sp, 3lbs

Belt Pouch, 1lb
- Small knife, 1lb
- Caltrops, 1gp, 2lbs
- Memento (trinket) 22

Theriajidan -
An old blade who's name means in a long forgotten tongue, Knowledge of the Certainty of Oblivion, Theriajidan is a weapon that, like time itself, whittles its prey down until nothing is left. The metal of its blade is stained black, and this stain contaminates the wounds it makes, preventing even magic from closing them while always chewing at the edges and making them slowly worse and worse. A surgeon can clip away the infected tissue along the edge of the wound, but it is only a delaying tactic. Death claims all in the end.
* Short sword of wounding (wounds can only be healed by rest, 1d4 necrotic damage/turn as part of attack damage, stacks with self)

Cloak of the Shifting Dunes
The illusions worked into this cloak make it, when activated, seem to become composed entirely of sand that's constantly whirling and swirling in a sheet. When gathered around by the wearer, it changes color and texture to perfectly mimic whatever is nearby, creating a nearly perfect camouflage.
* Cloak of Elvenkind (Adv on stealth, others have disad on Perception to find)

Coins of the Dead Passage
A pair of jet black onyx 'coins' that one can fit over one's eyes, holding them in place with the muscles of one's eyelids and face, these objects allow one's vision to be unimpeded by shadow and darkness. Although the original items were storied to give the wearer 'dead sight,' seeing into the world of spirits and mortals alike, these are relatively easily-made imitations used by many assassin and thief guilds.
Goggles of Night (darkvision 60' when worn)

Laughter and Tears
A pair of soft slippers, one grey and gloomy, the other white with fancy trim...the names of these items of footwear are a play on the words 'gravity' and 'levity,' and the magic of them when worn allows the user to realign how gravity affects them while in contact with a solid surface. The previous wearer forgot this caveat at a crucial moment and plummeted to his death during an otherwise-acrobatic dodge.
* Slippers of Spider Climbing (climb speed = to walk speed)

* attuned[/sblock]

[sblock=Hit List]Prince Omar - Prince of Hiyal; thought to have been behind assassination plot.

Ali "The Inferno" al-Lazan - Attempted to assassinate Sultana of Hiyal, no leads on location

Solina al-Ganii - Part of plot to assassinate Sultana of Hiyal; expert at subverting captive mages to Brotherhood, currently in High Desert, courting the support of tribal leaders.

Badiyah al-Said - Leader of the University of Flame Mages in Qadib; a hotbed of Brotherhood recruitment.

Jamal al-Yindannim - Enchanter recruited by Brotherhood in Qadib, wherabouts unknown.

Kerima "the Fiery Rose" al-Zahir - Ambassador for the Brotherhood to Qaybar

'The Hidden Spark' - Main recruiter and financier of Brotherhood; thought to be operating as a slave-trader out of Huzuz. True name unknown.

'The Bonfire' - Leader of the Brotherhood of True Flame, identity and location unknown.

- Locations to start with: Hiyal and Qadib. Huzuz and Qaybar.
- Some targets may know more of other targets.
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Akilah ♀ Half-Elf Hakima Cleric of Truth

Magic Items
Mantel of spell resistance
Bag of holding
Broom of flying
Boots of striding and springing

The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.

Personality trait
It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.

Nothing is more important than the other members of my family.

I secretly believe that everyone is beneath me.
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Dusty Dragon
Lal Qalandar, of the Purple Lands

Background: Hermit
Level: 11
XP: 0
Race: Human (Standard)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

older dervish medium.jpg
[Sblock=rolls]Stat rolls (unmodified) : 4D6.HIGH(3) = [3, 1, 6, 3] = 12
4D6.HIGH(3) = [3, 5, 1, 5] = 13
4D6.HIGH(3) = [1, 1, 4, 2] = 7
4D6.HIGH(3) = [1, 1, 2, 4] = 7
4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 2, 6, 5] = 16
4D6.HIGH(3) = [1, 4, 5, 3] = 12
[sblock=character sheet] Abilities:
Str: 20 (+5), Dex: 14 (+2), Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 8 (-1), Wis: 13 (+1), Cha: 8 (-1)

AC: 17 (scale armor, dex, cloak)
Initiative: +2 (advantage)
Speed: 40
HP: 104 (12 + 7*10 + 11*2)
Hit Dice: 11d12
Proficiency Bonus: 4
Passive Perception: 15

Great axe +2: +11 to hit, 1d12+7 damage (when raging: 1d12+10)
Hand axe: +9 to hit, 1d6+5 damage (when raging: 1d6+8 if in melee)
Javelins: +9 to hit, 1d6 +5 damage

SAVES (* = proficiency)
* Strength +9
Dexterity: +2 (advantage if can see source)
* Constitution: +6
Intelligence: -1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: -1

SKILLS (*=proficiency)
* Acrobatics: +6
Animal Handling: +1
Arcana: -1
*Athletics: +9
Deception: -1
History: -1
Insight: +1
Intimidation: -1
Investigation: -1
*Medicine: +5
Nature: -1
*Perception: +5
* Performance: +3
Persuasion: -1
*Religion: +3
Sleight of Hand: +2
Stealth: +2
Survival: +1

Tools: herbalist's kit (hermit)
Language: Midani, Sovereign-eze, Yellow City Trade Tongue, Parbati, a bit of Lamarakhi
Weapons: simple, martial
Armor: light, medium, shields

Barbarian Features:
Rage (4/day, +3 damage)
Unarmored defense
Relentless Attack
Danger Sense
Ability Score Improvement: +1 to all (Human), level 4, level 8
Extra Attack
Fast Movement
Feral Instinct
Brutal Critical
Relentless Rage
Sword Dancing (well, axe dancing) (dervish)
Bladed pirouette (dervish)
Dance of death (dervish)
Display weapon prowess (dervish)

Hermit feature: Discovery: One with the Universe

None at this time[/sblock]

[sblock=appearance & Personality]Height: 5'6"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair: Salt and pepper and wavy
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: brown
Age: 55

Lal Qalandar is somewhat short but wide shouldered and barrel chested and moves confidently despite his bulk and age. He has an easy smile and friendly disposition. His skin is a dark brown, tanned by his years in the sun. He has long, graying hair that is starting to thin that he keeps under his turban, and his face is bearded. He wears crimson robes, old but sturdy boots, and the pelt of some large animal to keep himself warm. He also wears a long necklace of wooden prayer beads. Beside his long hafted axe (which he calls a "tabar"), he always caries with him an ornate wooden begging bowl, which he uses to collect alms.

Life of Seclusion: Lal retreated from society following a plague that killed most of his village
Personality trait: Lal believes that the universe is one, and that all that happens is interconnected
Ideal: Self knowledge: if you know yourself, you know the universe
Bond: I entered seclusion because I loved someone I couldn't have. The road is now my home.
Flaw: I am dogmatic in my thoughts and philosophy

Heroforge link: https://www.heroforge.com/load_share=55440[/sblock]

[Sblock=Equipment]Traveler's clothes
Great Axe +2, the axe of sorrow
Winter blanket
Bag of Holding
Pelt of elven friendship (cloak of protect.)
Ring of the wavewalker (water walking)
hand axe 2X
Javelin 10X
scale Armor
Herbalist kit
Prayer beads, engraved
Beggar's bowl
Mess kit and tea pot
tinder box
Waterskin X 10 (collection, full)
Cheap wine bottle X9 (of 10)
Diary with 7 pages missing
Sack, 5, empty
Sack, full of curios and cheap toys from abroad (for the children)
Chalk (2 pieces)
3 brick of tea of the third quality (used to be 4)
bucket X2
Rations X 20 (from 30)
100 feet of rope
10 torches
10 oil flask
Tent, 2 person
50 pounds of animal forage

MONEY: 1 gp, 8 sp, 6 cp

Lal is quite poor, but has accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, mostly "just in case" supplies he keeps in his bag of holding. While some trips are with well stocked caravans, experience has taught him he cannot rely on that, and thus keeps ample food, water and other things with him. He also has a few petty vices in which he occasionally indulges and thus keeps the materials at hand[/sblock]

[sblock=magical item notes]Pelt of elven friendship: This cloak of protection is made the skin of a great cat that was terrorizing a village and that Lal realize was simply old and feeble and unable to hunt - Lal put it out of its misery "gently" and kept the skin. After he helped a group of elven druid deal with an undead problem, the elven druids, grateful for his help, enchanted the cloak as a reward.

Axe of Sorrow: This great axe is of unusual design and is named due to the utterly regrettable way it came into existence. A powerful noble and an influential holy-man had been clashing in one of the Oligarchies at the foot of the Mountains of the moon. The noble, fed up, gave the holy man a very large sum of silver so that he could go build a temple *off* his lands. The holy man, feeling he might do more good somewhere else anyway, agreed. His cult not being particularly war like, he hired a group of sell-swords (including Lal) to protect the cult on its trip/quest to build a new temple.

Alas, the noble acted with malice. The silver had been stolen from an exiled clan of dwarves. He informed them that the cult had their silver, and the clan, enraged, attacked the cult's camp at night. The battle was terrible - the dwarves were outnumbered and desperate, but better warriors than the cultist. Lal entered in a fierce battle with their king and broke the shaft of the king's axe, shattering his own tabar in the process. Lal finally killed the dwarven king by throwing him down to rocks beneath, which broke the resolve of the remaining dwarves and stopped the fighting. But it was too late, as the holy man had also been killed. The survivors of the battle realized that they had all been betrayed by the noble, and joined in a campaign against him, using the silver to hire a mercenary army and depose him. Lal struck the final blow.

Lal, with the help of one of the few dwarven survivors, repaired the king's axe by replacing its the shaft with the holy man's wooden staff, which was of the appropriate length and made of a very strong wood, thus replacing his tabar. The axe is very dear to him and he will not willingly part from it.

Ring of the wavewalkerThis thick silver ring is the only visible piece of valuable jewelry Lal wears, the rest being pretty inexpensive religious paraphernalia. It was crafted by the Slugmen of the Yellow City, and purchased by Lal for a significant sum. Lal was initially a bit dubious of the item, but has become fond of it over the years.

Bag of holdingThis magical item was found during one of Lal's many adventures, and is of unknown origins. The bag of holding is mostly used to carry bulky supplies, such as a dozen water skin to cross desert. It also has a sack that is filled with cheap curios, toys, pine cones, petty coins etc - wondrous items to enchant children and baffle scholars.[/sblock]

[Sblock=Background] Lal Qalandar is from a far away land, across the sea from Al Quadim. Following harsh disappointments in early life, Lal retreated from the day to day world and entered a long period of meditation and fasting with a group of ascetics, leaving everything behind, even his name (Lal Qalandar means "Ruby-colored wandering holy man" - a title he eventually acquired after his red robes and lifestyle).

One day, Lal, following an intense session of meditation, suddenly perceived his deep connection to the Universe. All was interconnected. Himself, that ant roaming on his meager piece of bread, his dead relatives and long lost love, his fellow monks, that rock over there, were all one with the universe. Individuality was but an illusion.

Lal Qalandar suddenly felt that the austere practices of his fellows were stifling. He was meant to live in the Universe, to fully embrace it. He wanted to preach. He wanted to help others - was that not the Universe healing itself? He also wanted to fight injustice - was that not the Universe purifying itself? Lal abandoned the group of monk and started a life of wandering - sustaining himself through petty jobs, preaching, helping the less fortunate, protecting travelers from brigands and living on the road. He took upon himself the mantle of the Dervishe - the mendicant wanderer. Through his trials and tribulation he found that his connection to the Universe deepened, and that in times of great danger he could reach a sort of spiritual ecstasy, able to wade in battle without fear, easily warding off blows and dealing terrible ones in return.

On a sea voyage, a freak storm blew the ship he was on far away, and he and a few survivors reached a distance place, known as the Sovereign Lands, to the astonishment of everyone. There Lal faced undead and worse and became a hero of sorts. After a few years of tribulations, he embarked on another sea voyage, and again following a freak storm, Lal found himself back home in the Purple lands.

He was initially glad to be back, but the return was not a pleasant one. After a disastrous incident in which a ruthless noble manipulated events to get a renegade dwarven clan to destroy a religious cult Lal was trying to assist, Lal felt the need to leave. He had come to understand that sea voyages had a tendency to carry him far away, powered by a potent Fate... but he didn't feel like endangering the lives of sailors. So using most of the gold he had left, he purchased a magical ring from a slugman in the Yellow City, one that allowed him to walk over water. After gathering supplies, Lal left the Purple Lands on foot to cross the ocean, perhaps to never return...[/sblock]

[sblock=local travels]Upon arrival, Lal spent some times in Qudra, in part to learn the language an the local culture. The local authorities were initially concerned with his rather unusual arrival, but after some time concluded he was harmless.

After spending a few seasons there, he traveled south, as he had heard of the great desert mosque, where he met the Dome Dancers. He spent over a year there, discussing, dancing and fighting with the Dome Dancers, where he gained a reputation as both a fierce fighter and an eccentric. He gained an appreciation for the the ways of the desert tribes. However, after the 3rd raid vs the savage people, Lal became disillusioned and left the cult behind.

The next caravan that headed south, Lal joined. He spent several years traveling up and down roads, helping guard caravans for a small feel. This is where he would have met Matthan's character. He did the run between Tajar and Akota, the genie's caravans, from Qudra to to Magrib, ect... but all this time avoiding sea travel, as he feared being swepped away on another mysterious storm.

However, on one day he realized that he could see the city of Saraq across the Suq Bay, and decided to cross the bay on foot (seriously, look at the map it's like 5-8 miles across). This trip gathered a fair bit of attention, and by the time Lal reached Huzuz, words of the "wavewalker" had preceded him. Lal enjoyed the attention for a season or two and the magnificence of the city, but it did not last (low charisma alas). However, Lal heard of the Dancing Dwarves of the Al-Akara mountains, and decided go to pay them a visit. It is at this point that Lal "vanished" from the map, and it was concluded that he had perished on the trip. However, his disappearance was due to a mishap with a genie lamp. Fortunately, after a year or so Lal re-emerged near Tanjar, none the worse for wear...[/sblock]

[sblock=contacts and friends]- Captain Reis AlGhuri, a Mamluk of Qudra. 10 years ago when Lal Qalendar first came to these lands, AlGhuri, a mere sergeant at the time, interviewed Lal and declared him harmless. Over the years Lal has seen Reis climb the ranks and become more and more important. Still, whenever he is in town he visits for a pitcher of wine. Reis appreciates these visits as Lal is a good source of information regarding events in the south, and has good stories.

-Husam (Matthan's character). Husam and Lal fought side by side twice - once repelling the giant scorpion army of the mad wizard Al-Qadir, and the second time vs an evil cult, the Serpent Brethren.

- Vizier Umayl Al-Magrebi, an alchemist and Vizer of middling importance in the court of the Caliph, in Huzuz. He hosted Lal during his stay in the city of Delights. Umayl thought that Lal's stories were fascinating, but that he was too coarse for the court of the Caliph. He is the one that told Lal about the Dancing Dwarves of the Al-Akara mountains, and he is worried that he inadvertently sent Lal to his death. He is currently working on a book - Tales of the Purple Lands - and he would dearly love to meet Lal again to firm up a few chapters.

- Mansur, of the Desert Dome. A mystic of the Dome Dancers, he and Lal meditated, spared and fought together. He is the one Lal announced his departure one morning, and Mansur was sad to see him go. They haven't seen each other in a number of years.

- the entire staff of the caravanserai at the Hamid Oasis. A frequent stopping point for Lal, he knows the owner, Mehmed, quite well and is welcome.

- Akbar Al-Badu, Caravan master. This merchant has been doing the Tajar-Akota run for over 20 years, and Lal has worked for him about a dozen time. He will accept Lal as part of a caravan in an instant. 6 years ago Lal fought off almost single-handedly a small pack of desert trolls that were tearing into the caravan - his defiant stance allowed the rest of the defenders to rally and push back the monster.[/sblock]
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Chaotic Good Water Genasi Rogue (Machanician) 11
Background: Dessert Rider (Sa’Luk, Flippant Charm)

Str 10
Dex 20 (+2 Level 8)
Con 14 (+2 Racial)
Int 14
Wis 16 (+1 Racial)
Cha 18 (+1 Feat)

HP 80
AC 17 (12 (Studded Leather) + 5 (Dex))
Prof Bonus +4
Init +5
Speed: 30

Water Genasi
- +2 Con, +1 Wis
- Acid Resistance
- Amphibious (Breath water and air)
- Swim (Swim speed 30 ft)
- Call to the Waves (Know Shape Water and Create or Destroy Water)

Sneak attack - 6d6
- Expertise - Add prof bonus to 4 skills (Deception, Performance, Sleight of Hand, Persuasion)
- Cunning Action - Bonus action to Dash, Disengage, Hide
- Rogue archetype - Mechanician
- Uncanny Dodge – Use Reaction to half damage on one hit per turn
- Evasion – On dex saves vs area affects, no damage on success and ½ on failure
- Reliable Talent – Treat a roll of 9 or less as a 10 for any skill that uses proficiency.
- Can create Machanicals, small machines that obey commands. Can create as many as I want, but can only have 3 active at one time, and can not make them larger than Medium. Can grant a Mechanical my Evasion, Uncanny Dodge or Sneak Attack temporarily.

Weapons: Simple, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortsword
Armor: Light armor
Tools: Thief tools, Musical Instrument,
Saves: Dexterity, Intelligence

Actor – +1 Cha, Adv on Cha (Deception) and Cha (Performance) checks when trying to pass as another person, can mimic speech of another person or sounds by another creature if listened for 1 minute.

Mounted Combatant - You are a dangerous foe to face while mounted. Whileyou are mounted and aren’t incapacitated, you gain thefollowing benefits:
You have advantage on melee attack rolls against anyunmounted creature that is smaller than your mount.

You can force an attack targeted at your mount to tar
get you instead.

If your mount is subjected to an effect that allows it to
make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, it instead takes no damage if it succeeds on thesaving throw, and only half damage if it fails.

Animal Handling
Sleight of Hand

Common, Primordial, +1 Language

Cash: ?gp

Genie Slayer Shimshir (+10, 1d8+6, extra 2d6 to genies)
2 Daggers (+9, 1d4+5)
Hand Crossbow (+9, 1d6+5)

Studded Leather Armor

Ring of Mind Shielding (always invisible)
Hat of Disguise
Gloves of Thieving (Invisible as well)
Riding Saddle
Bit and Bridle
Common Clothes

- Bedroll
- Mess Kit
- Tinderbox
- 10 torches
- 10 days rations
- Waterskin
- Thieves Tools
- A glass orb filled with water, in which swims a clockwork goldfish (trinket 48)

his father is the Grand Caliph's brother. He grew up in Huzuz, and was introduced to all the luxuries that entailed. He was apprenticed (if they do that sort of thing here) to a Machanician, and in his childlike wonder he became obsessed with learning how to work the little machanicals.

Later, he was sent away to his mother's people, a nomadic Al-Badia tribe in the High Desert that prized itself on its fine horses, for an unknown reason (well, unknown to him). He grew to be a man here, learning their ways and customs. He came to appreciate them, and the freedom they had. At puberty, he discovered he was a Genasi. He was told by his mother's father that Marid blood flowed through his bloodline, though few Genais were actually born. This heritage gave him an advantage in the desert, as he could create water from nothing. He was a great boon to his tribe. So much so that when he came of age, he was gifted with his grandfather's sword, a jeweled Shamshir called Alqatil. It was a fantastic blade with a number of gems set in the hilt, which was in laid with gold. It was said to be the bane of all Genies, and had protected the tribe more than once. It became one of his most prized possessions.

He never stopped tinkering, though. Most of the money he earned at this time was spent on supplies.

He also became known for his impersonations, and his pranks, in the nomadic tribe. When he got older, in his early twenties, he decided to leave the desert and go back to the city. His grandfather gave him one more gift, an Aba which would protect him from any hot or cold weather, allowing him to be comfortable no matter the temperature.

He was welcomed in Huzuz readily enough, but he couldn't help but laugh at the people frolicking back and forth, flaunting their wealth. What was wealth but a means to an end?

So he started pulling pranks, using his unique gifts at impersonations to go places in the city that few of his status would normally. He was welcomed everywhere, as no one ever recognized him, and learned a great many things. And yes, he'd occasionally steal something here and there. He got very good at that. But the people he stole from would either deserve it, could afford it, or he'd leave something of equal value behind. To him, all material wealth belongs to the gods, so why not share? He is usually quick to give to others (possibly because very little he owns is actually his) and he rarely has more wealth on his person than he needs. Then again, he rarely has less than he needs, either.

Sure, he may have gotten over his head a few times, like that time when he killed the merchant's daughter's fiancé, but that was purely self defense. Or when he was caught stealing a rich man's priceless artifact. I mean the man had three of them.

But every time, he managed to appeal to his uncle. His charm and wit made his uncle, the Grand Caliph, laugh, and everyone knew he was his Uncle's Favorite Nephew, a status he greatly exploited.

Eventually, he grew bored with Huzuz, and decided it was time to leave, to the great relief of the city's wealthy. His decision had absolutely nothing to do with a young woman named Alayia. The rumors about how he fell madly in love with her, and that they had planned to marry, were completely untrue. He was, after all, a scoundrel, and she was a respectable daughter of an ambassador from another city. It was a real shame to hear about her and her family, being taken in the desert. Supposedly the Brotherhood of the True Flame were involved, but nobody could give any more information than that.

Either way, he left, and spent the next number of years going...well, everywhere. He survived attacks by raiders and assassins, one one of which he found a hat that allowed him to change his appearance to whatever he liked. He couldn't help but grin when he thought of the implications of that, and woe to the merchants of the world when he started using it.

He stumbled across the ruins of an ancient city, where he found a single, solitary ring, and upon putting it on, discovered it was magical, imbued with the power to shield his mind from intrusion. It also helped him lie better.

All in all, life was good. Until his Uncle called for him.
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Husam ibn Khalid

Husam ibn Khalid
Half-Orc Fighter - Guardian 11 LG

AC 17 HP 136 Speed 30ft

Str 20 (5) Dex 14 (2) Con 19 (4) Wis 11 (0) Int 8 (-1) Cha 9 (-1)

Flametongue +9 2d6+5+2d6 fire
Javelin of Lightning(30/120) +9 1d6+5

Racial: Half- Orc
ASI: +2 Str/+1 Con
Darkvision: 30'
Menacing: Intimidate Proficiency
Relentless Endurance: 1/Long Rest when reduced to 0 HP, but not killed, can choose to drop to 1 HP instead.
Savage Attacks: Critical hit with melee weapon, may roll one of the weapon's damage dice one additional time and add it to the damage.

Background: Soldier
Skills: Insight, Survival
Specialty: Palace Guard
Feature: Military Rank

Class Fighter-Guardian
Skills: Athletics, Perception
Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting - When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.
Second Wind: As a bonus action, you can regain 1d10+fighter level HP. 1/short or long rest.
Action Surge: 1/short or long rest may take an additional action
Guardian's Mark: anytime you attack an enemy (hit or miss) you mark them until the end of your next turn. Your opportunity attacks against marked enemies have advantage and do not expend your reaction. Marked enemies within 5 feet of you have disadvantage to attack your allies.
Trustworthy: your reputation of trustworthiness encompasses your hometown, many caravan drivers, and others familiar with your particular hometown, lord, or branch of military. Among such people your Charisma checks are advantaged (but not attempts to use Deception) and people take you at your word.
ASI (4th level) - +2 Con
Extra Attack (5th and 11th level) - May attack three times when taking the attack action
ASI (6th) - Great Weapon Master
Hold the Line: when you hit a creature with an
opportunity attack, its speed is immediately reduced to 0 until the start of its next turn. In addition, any spaces within 5 feet of you become difficult terrain for your enemies.
ASI (8th) - Tough
Indomitable: 1/long rest - may reroll a saving throw that you fail, but must take new roll
Uphold the Meek: when an enemy within 5 feet of you attacks one of your allies (without attacking you), you may make an opportunity attack against that enemy, adding your proficiency bonus as extra damage if you hit.[/sblock]