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Rokugan Void Feats


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For those who own the Rokugan d20 rulebook, you know of the element of Void. There are several feats that depend on the feat "Void Use", and they unlock really cool and potent abilities.

My question is this: If I want to use these feats, but there really isn't an Asian flavored area to my homebrew world, would it be unbalancing to change these to Psionic feats and make them available to Psionic characters or characters with the Wild Talent feat?

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No, I think that would be pretty reasonable to use the psionic focus mechanic in place of Void Points. Pretty in touch with the flavor of Rokugan, as well, though when I ran it the psionics-users were the Kolat and the people of the Ivory Kingdoms.

The only problem I can see is that they are all quite good, and so the non-psionic people in your campaigns are going to lose out. The Rokugan setting is built around the idea that most PCs are going to be taking Void feats, since most of the Clan styles are built around 'em. Unless most of the PCs are psionic, or the styles are a marginal part of the setting, it'll change those dynamics around.

I played around with the idea of making them all technique feats, with mechanics similar to how the luck feats work in Complete Scoundrel. Essentially, you take the basic feat of the style, and that grants you a certain number of uses per day of that ability. Additional feats expand both your options and your number of uses per day. If you want as simple a conversion as possible, just replace Void Use with Trained By a Master, or (XYZ) School Initiate, and most of your work's done for you.


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Void feats are cool. They give everyone the ability to do quasi-magical stuff, a limited number of times per day.

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