D&D 5E Roll20 content available on DMSGuild February 2023


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What this means, basically, is that you can create Roll20 content for Roll20 via the DMSGuild. Essentially unlocking the IP available there for terrain, tokens, and other assets that will show up automatically in your roll20 account when purchased via DMSGuild.

The DMsGuild program allows D&D fans to create and sell their own D&D content using the official content published by Wizards of the Coast. Through the program, you will (soon) be able to create and sell your own D&D content for use on Roll20! Create Roll20 Art Packs, Token Marker Sets, Adventures, Rulebook Addons, VTT Play Aids, and Product Packages that will be listed and sold at DMsGuild.com. D&D fans who purchase your content can unlock it for play under their Roll20 account as part of their purchase at DMsGuild.

See the link for the FAQ, however I'd like to point out this bit here.

What Content from Wizards of the Coast can be used in a Roll20 Module/Addon?
The standard Content and Setting Guidelines for DMsGuild will apply.


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Whizbang Dustyboots

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With the caveat that I haven't really used Fantasy Grounds - but my impression was it's able to import files from the user, so the things on DMs guild are just distributing those files and doesn't need anything from Fantasy Grounds' end. This seems to be more coupling DMs Guild with the Roll20 store itself
OK, so Fantasy Grounds DMs Guild content is more about formatting, rather than anything more sophisticated? That makes sense why it happened first.

Still, the more VTTs, the merrier.

I wonder if there's any chance there could be a universal standard some day for this stuff.

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