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Level Up (A5E) Roll20 Level up and 5e


So Level Up is compatible with 5e products and expansions right? It’s one of its great selling points.

So the question is, can I combine the Level Up character sheet and support with 5e modules, and my existing 5e compendium (that I spent the best part of £500 on)? If so, how?

I get that Roll20 hasn’t got a Level Up compendium which is understandable considering how new it it. Hopefully that will follow soon, and it can be compatible with the 5e compendium. Otherwise I’ve just replaced a five books with lots of options and with one completely separate book with lots of options.

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I think you bring up some excellent points. From my own Roll20 experience, the character sheet basically dictates compatibility between multiple games; so I've been able to import vanilla 5e characters to a custom sheet like the "Shaped 5e Sheet" or "Darkest Dungeons Sheet", because they kept most of the internal variable names the same.

paulvenner is the sheet designer and he's been fairly active with us on the "Level Up Roll20 Character Sheet is live!" thread in trying to make changes and improve the sheet. These would be some good questions/concerns to bring up there.



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The Level Up character sheet is a 5E sheet as I understand it (I'm no Roll20 expert) -- you use it with 5E modules.


I've been running and converting my modules to LevelUp, and I've customized a few Roll20 sheets, so here's my take:

As it stands now, you can take a 5e game, use the "copy game" feature and change the character sheet to LevelUp. It will copy the art assets, maps, and names of characters. Originally it didn't copy over any stats, but I believe paulvenner has been renaming the internal variables in the LevelUp sheet to match their 5e vanilla sheet counterparts... so this is now letting some of the stats copy over. Currently it will bring over the primary ability scores, HP, and AC from 5e-vanilla to LevelUp. He has a feature list he is working on to continue to improve the process.

So, in short, it will work to copy assets over (either by changing the character sheet from 5e vanilla to LevelUp or using the "transmogrify" feature), but currently you'll need to go through each PC and NPC and add levels, abilities, attacks, items, etc.


Any update on how smoothly this works? I'd not considered using the "Copy Game" feature to move over published adventure content to a different system!

You can use the standard 5e character sheet, it has the ability to add universal modifiers to things like skill rolls, so it's very easy to set it up to allow for expertise dice. In truth, I find it a better sheet on Roll20 than the A5e sheet, which seems much more challenging to work with.

It doesn't have some things, like maneuvers, but the ability to create custom macros and track class/race/game features works well.


Any update on how smoothly this works? I'd not considered using the "Copy Game" feature to move over published adventure content to a different system!

I haven't tried it with published adventure content, but with my own campaign that I copied over... maps and tokens and character sheets come over, and you'll get basic ability scores (HP, Str, Dex, etc), but I had to spend quite a few hours re-adding features like attack rolls, spells, and items to each character (NPC and PC).

Confirmed which kind of defeats the purpose, especially since you also lose access to the compendium so you can't just drag additional things out. Looks like hacking the O5e sheet is still the best option for playing A5e on Roll20 (things like global modifiers for expertise dice, etc.).

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