ZEITGEIST Roll20 Planatery tokens

Andrew Moreton

I am soon 2-4 weeks going to reach the point where my players start building their planatery configuration and will be having a big debate about what to use. I had hoped we would be back to face to face gaming before that point but mixing 6 households together is currently outside the guidelines for meeting up so my plam to print out the cards and let players use them is out.
My skill with graphics and roll20 in particular is limited so does anyone have the planar icons in a format I could import, any idea's of other freely available tokens I could use or another clever method I could use to give my players a visual representation of how they combine the planes?

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Andrew Moreton

I have I used them to illustrate convocation in book 6, and they are nearly what I want. I could use them to create a picture on Roll20 but what I want is to create an individual movable token for each world so they can be moved around in the same way bits of paper could so everyone can keep track of the planned alignments.


Like these? Or do you want something smaller/with less text?

Have you seen the plane tokens in the premium handouts?


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Andrew Moreton

I don't recall seeing them, which is odd since I own the premium handouts but seem to have forgotten about them. I will see if I can use them. When I have time to mess with Roll20

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