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RPG Bucket List


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Normally, a bucket list is things to do before you die, but only if you think you’re going to die “soon” (individual definitions of the word “soon” can vary). I have a list of my own that’s related to all things rpg-ish that I want to do before I buy the farm, but hopefully kicking the can is still many many years away. Here’s my list. Maybe you don’t have one or maybe yours is more comprehensive. If you don’t have one, I encourage you to write one up, borrow from me and others who post here. Overall, have fun!

1. Write a full AP from 1st to 20th level. I wrote a campaign for my Kingdoms of Kalamar game and got the players up to 13th or so level before we ended the game. It was a blast writing the modules (18 out of 19 played) and I learned a bit about myself and writing. This time, I want to kick it up a notch and really sit down and write another one but definitely take it from 1st to 20th level.

2. Run a gothic horror campaign. I guess this goal is partially completed because I started the Carrion Crown AP for Pathfinder. I have posted notes of the campaign’s progress under my GM’ing here on ENWorld, but I had to turn the campaign over to another GM, because my wife’s pregnancy is going to force me to take a paternity leave fairly soon. What I did run though was really really fun!

3. Run a steam punk campaign. This one will be hard for me as my group as a whole has no interest in steam punk. I only have one player who would love to play in Eberron or Iron Kingdoms. My goal for this one though is definitely Iron Kingdoms.

4. Run a historical campaign. I commented earlier on another person’s post that I would like to run a gritty historical one-shot (i.e. no magic, no monsters, etc., just pure history), a semi-historical one-shot (i.e. some magic, monsters, no fantasy races), and a fantasy historical (i.e. elves, dwarves, magic, monsters set in England or France).

5. Publish one adventure and get paid for it. I’ve written lots of modules in my own spare time, but none of them are really for publication. I’ve written one module and got it on an adventure module website that I think is now defunct for Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed ruleset. The module was called Curse of Menstaugher Manor and I really enjoyed writing it. I did see one blog (it’s gone now) where a group ran my module and used my maps on a projector. They also tweaked it and made the entries a really fun read. I’d like to see that again but with a module that I got paid for. I’m currently working on something, but it’s going slow (the wife’s pregnancy doesn’t help).

6. Run a rules-heavy game and make it really fun. There are a lot of rules-heavy games out there that I really like. Hero System with its sub-systems, GURPS, Rolemaster, Anima, the list goes on. If you know one that’s really rules-heavy and want to suggest it, please let me know! I played in a sci-fi playtest one time where you rolled to hit, determined location, then damage (after armor), then shock, blood-loss, and then trauma saves. A character sheet was a small 16 page booklet, but dang it was fun!

7. Have a complete collection of one particular rpg system. To make this count, you need everything for the line – core rulebooks, accessories, modules, character sheet packs, and official free downloadable content. A bonus if you have licensed third-party stuff to go with the ruleset. I am really close to having every book for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition (only four books away), but the four books that I don’t have had such small print runs that what books I can find on Amazon or Ebay goes for triple-digit $$. I am only missing two books from Iron Kingdoms (Lock and Load and the Witchfire trilogy hardback). Some systems (Pathfinder, 3.5) have sooo many books that you can fill up shelves of it with those game systems alone, so individual tastes varies on what will constitute a “complete” collection.

8. Make your man-cave an rpg gaming mecca. You know that pic with the converted basement that looks like a dungeon with gaming books filling up every shelf? Yeah, I want that. In order for this to count, it has to be one room or garage or shed that’s converted for only the purpose of playing rpgs. Storing old clothes, the kids’ toys, and the cleaning supplies in the garage next to the gaming table doesn’t count. This one will be expensive and will take some years to complete, but hey, that’s why it’s on the bucket list.

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I have some campaigns I'd like to run. I did get to run a great Changeling the Dreaming game that lasted 2 years so I was pleased to get that crossed off my list. And a couple of months I played through the Kingmaker AP to the end and that was the first AP I played through to completion which is an accomplishment since the first four times we tried we were not able to.

Things I want to do RPG related

1) I have an offer to write a module and get it published and get paid but finding the time to write is tough. I hope to get it complete but the latest stumbling block is I need to start over since the old computer crashed and I lost everything on it.

2) Run a Rules Cyclopedia or 1e campaign using many of the classic modules. I've got the books and modules just don't have the time or players to do it yet.

3) Another campaign I'd love to run is a modern day CIA or spy thriller that has Indiana Jones overtones. I've got the idea for the game all done but it needs a good system for it as well as players.

4) Once I get a place I own it will have an RPG Library. It is something I've never had the room for but do have the books to fill it.


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The #1 item on my bucket list is done (work in the gaming industry), so, here's the rest.

2. Actually read all of the books on my gaming shelves.

3. Create a fully detailed campaign world and run more than one campaign there (so past events of PCs have an impact on the present).

4. Run a D&D campaign (any edition) from 1st to max level with more or less the same party (I did run a 1 to 20 campaign in 3rd Edition, but the party rebooted with all new characters about half way through).

5. In conjunction with #3 , create a D&D campaign world and run it in every edition of the game, playing through edition changes as RSEs.

6. Related to #2 , actually run at least one campaign with each of the game systems on my shelves (not counting editions of the same game, that's 18 different game systems...also not counting the game systems I don't own yet, but want to).

7. Run (and complete) campaigns based on some of my favorite stories in other media, specifically Final Fantasy (the original, using D&D BECMI) and Babylon 5 (translated into fantasy and using D&D 4th Edition).

Currently working on 2 and 3. #4 may happen with my current campaign (fingers are crossed).

Wild Gazebo

...I've lived in many places, have had several solid gaming groups and met a great deal of wonderful gamers.

I have been kicking around the idea of renting a small conference room, some hotel rooms, and having a private Con. Invitation only. The brightest and best of my gaming past invited to a three day game-a-thon. Ideally, I would send out the invites a year in advance and find a neutral setting so that people can generally meet-in-the-middle. I would then take requests for games, systems, GMs, and props...and then make it happen.

I can't help but think how awesome it would be to play a game with my favorite friends from when I was 16, the best gamers from when I was 25, the best storyteller from when I was 30, and my current small group...it would be mind-blowing.

So when you talk about my RPG bucket list that is what I think of.
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Lord Mhoram

Big ones - collect every supplement to a bunch of superhero RPGs (my favorite genre by far) - done (complete Hero 1st-5th , plus some 6E - so this is done - have complete runs of about 6 or 7 SHRPGs.

Finish my Fantasy Hero book - Basically writing a "PH" for my Fantasy Hero game - I have something like 150 pages done - which is about halfway maybe? Work on it off and on. It will never be published - but I want to do it anyway.

Play RPGs until the day I day. Well I hope this one doesn't come soon.

The biggest one I ever had and it's done - Get paid for RPG writing. I did this - 5 articles in the Hero system house magazine. But I got paid for them. So I can say I am a professional RPG writer (no matter how tenuous the claim, it is literally the truth).

I wouldn't mind doing more but I've not felt comfortable enough with any system but Hero to be able to feel like I could do a good job, and I don't like the 6E so I don't write for it. :D
I've thought about some Pathfinder stuff - I'm beginning to feel like I have that level of system mastery with the game.

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