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RPG characters with names derived from...


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...Pharmaceuticals and dietary supplement product names!

(Edit: or other RW products.)

1) I played a Half-Orc bounty hunter (Ranger with humanoid favored enemies) named Klor-Kon, just changing a “C” to a “K”. (Klor-con is a dietary supplement used to treat low potassium.)

2) Designed but did not play an Elf Enchanter named Ambien (a sedative).

Anyone else?
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Yes. My buddy had a ranger/magic-user elf named ‘Prozac’ back in the early 90s.

we were still playing 1e and I believe were using expanded multiclass rules perhaps from dragon? Some sort of update to unearthed arcana.


I haven't done it, and if I were to do it in my current group there are at least 2 players that would catch on. One is a doctor, and the other an apotecharie, and some of the others are on various meds)...


David Jose
Probably one of my favorite derived character team ups was Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Chief, a hand crossbow wielding, goblin assassin and buff-spell druid patterned after T Hawk of Street Fighter fame. It lead to the other players in the campaign attempting to adopt similarly themed rock n' roll lyric inspired characters, but none of them had the staying power of the original duo.

The idea sprang from the actual misunderstood lyrics that my sister and I had had of the song as kids. We both have uncanny fake memories of an early 80s cartoon of the same name that we convinced ourselves existed. My guess is that we cobbled together a handful of random He-man, Lonestar, and god only knows what other animated TV show memories and our adolescent brains didn't know the difference.


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Anyone else?
Pharmaceuticals, no.

However, old-time names for animal diseases is full of inspiration. Someday, I'll have an evil spellcaster NPC named "Fistulous Withers"...

I am currently playing a character whose name is taken from Linnaean taxonomy - a lizardfolk barbarian named "Smok Gekkota".

("Smok" is the name for a now extinct clade of semi-crocodillians that waked around on two legs, and is also apparently Polish for "dragon". And "Gekkota" is the clade that includes current geckos).
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David Jose
We made characters for a Temple of Elemental Evil campaign where everyone named themselves after different pieces of IKEA furniture.

Played a short lived campaign of Tomb of Horrors, where we all decided that every character was picked randomly from a stack of Legends set Magic cards and then we'd build them into D&D characters.

Played a pair of dwarven, axe-wielding bards named Bill and Ted.

Had a two or three year period where the overwhelming majority of my characters in any game were anagrams of some phrase or concept that described the character.


Long ago there was a group named after cigarette brands(ish); The Marlboro Monk, Pal Mol, and Kamal.

An army group all named after military items; Claymore, Jet Fuel, Warthog, and MP5

Dr Magister

A lot of the city names in my homebrew world are actually pharmaceuticals. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Corgard.


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If corporations count, I've put Ono-Hentai and Leyland-Futanari into quite a few sci-fi or cyberpunk games.

Or. there's A. Bertram, a major chain of ships outfitters found at most C-class or better starports.

Apollo's, a major chain of rather mediocre coffee shops.

A friend of mine once played a knight in Pendragon called Sir Loin de Bouef.

Or, for those wanting further inspiration, may I present:

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Are you looking for a copy of the Bacterionomicon? (Yes, it's a real thing)
A Frost Dragon called Clostridium difficile strains the structural integrity of the Fecal Inlet :ROFLMAO::LOL::poop:

so are those cards available MTG style too?

If corporations count, I've put Ono-Hentai and Leyland-Futanari into quite a few sci-fi or cyberpunk games.
um Ono-Hentai? Futarani? Errr just what kind of roleplaying are you doing with those?


Now I have to go find that one Bugs Bunny cartoon where he is wearing a royal robe and going on " ... rise, Sir Loin of Beef ... " (bash) ...

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