RPG Evolution: Looking Back at My Gaming Goals for 2023

Here we go again: I'm almost afraid to look...


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Get Ready for the Future of OGL (Partial)​

I've reformatted most of my existing publications to support the latest format as outlined by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons. But backwards compatibility is largely out of my hands; if there are significant changes for classes, every book with any class in it will need to be revised. I'm prepared as I can be, but that's not enough to truly be ready to pivot quickly when the new version comes out. So yes, I did what I could, but it's probably not enough.

Build the RPG Community (Partial)​

I didn't quite achieve the goals we set out for the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGA), at least partially due to my own busy life. The CAR-PGA's Facebook page and YouTube channel grew incrementally, as did the CAR-PGA's membership, but not at the pace we were hoping. We're doubling down in 2024 on these goals, with more interviews scheduled several months in advance.

Teach Myself Layout Software (Failed)​

This is a big ole fail. I had to get a new laptop first, which I did. Next step is to install the software, which I haven't. I'll get there.

Publish the Next Adventures in Welstar (Success)

5E Quest: Clockwork Carillon completed last year. This adventure, combined with 5E Foes: Video Game Bestiary and 5E RPG: Steampunk Adventures, completes the trifecta of video games, game shows, capitalist gnomes, and my love of Squid Game, Running Man, and any other media with the compete-or-die premise. I also published 5E RPG: Infernal Adventures after a very long development period.

Launch a New Podcast (Success)​

We launched 50 Date Night Screams, a podcast in which my wife and I review drama and horror movies in the public domain and then provide 5E statistics for each of the villains, all of them combined in 5E Foes: Gothic Villains. We're up to 30 episodes and counting. Here's hoping we get it finished before the new edition comes out!

How Did I Do?​

I had five goals, each worth 20%; I consider partials worth 10%. All told my score is 60%, an improvement over the past two years (50% last year, and 40% the year before). Still not a passing grade though. I'll continue to sharpen my focus for 2024, but I imagine things are going to get rocky with the release of the latest iteration of D&D. More on my 2024 goals in the next article.

Your Turn: What were your gaming goals for last year?

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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I keep getting more ambitious instead of less. You'd think I'd learn my lesson...
You learned the right lesson. Dream bigger, reach further. Challenge yourself.

You keep improving year after year, you're keeping yourself (publicly!) accountable.

Doing good! Go for it.

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