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RPG Evolution: Marshgate Castle Dragon Light Review

Need a light or a mounted dragon head for your game room? Why not both?

Need a light or a mounted dragon head for your game room? Why not both?


I got this dragon lamp as a gift but had nowhere to hang it. Now that we're redoing our office I finally have a chance to show it off, but I wanted to paint it first.

Like most Design Toscano dragons, these critters have horn ridges, horns, and dinosaur-like protrusions with pebbled, knobby skin. This dragon has a nose horn as well. The two ears are large and fan-like. The detail is amazing; the only place there isn't much detail is just below the chin.


The globe itself really comes to life when painted. It's multiple pieces of metal, and painting the finials gold made it really pop. There's also a runic pattern for the base that consists of three different overlapping designs. I used paint to distinguish each, and left them as metal (our office has a steampunk fantasy theme).

Painting it makes a huge difference in the detail. It's essentially a stuffed, mounted dragon head that's more functional. You can get a more imposing red dragon head made by WizKids that retails for nearly $400, but this is a better deal for sure.


There are downsides however. As a lamp, it isn't compatible with regular light bulbs. The globe snaps into place through tension and the cage surrounding it, which is fine except for the fact that the globe isn't very large. The opening is 2 1/8 inches (a standard light bulb is 2 1/2 inches). The standard socket is an E26.

The cord is short. At four feet, it's not nearly long enough so you'll need an extension cord for sure. That matters because it's one of those switches built into the cord. And if you plan to mount it, the head is HEAVY with just one hole to affix it to the wall.


Fully-painted, it's gorgeous and I love it. But if you look at it head-on you'll see that well, this is a DEAD dragon...

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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

Ghal Maraz

Is this an example of a review, to go along with your previous articles? Otherwise, I'm a bit puzzled about its inclusion as a front page article here on EN World, considering that it's only tangentially relative to the site.


I’ve purchased Tuscano’s 5 headed dragon before the various larger and gargantuan Tiamat minis from wizkids came out. It was a quality piece and display it on the shelf as a conversation starter.

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