RPG For Power Rangers Coming

D&D's owner, Hasbro, owns a lot of properties -- and Power Rangers is one of them. They also...

D&D's owner, Hasbro, owns a lot of properties -- and Power Rangers is one of them. They also have partnership with Renegade Game Studios, which has made board games for them in past. Next up? An official Power Rangers tabletop RPG, powered by the D&D 5E rules!

There's also mention of G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony, but it's not clear yet if those are tabletop RPGs or boardgames. Renegade Game Studios already produces RPGs, including the popular Kids on Bikes.



Renegade Game Studios is thrilled to announce multiple new categories and properties, for hobby gaming, as an extension of their existing partnership with Hasbro, Inc.. With this expanded partnership the G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony brands join Renegade’s already successful Power Rangers line to their family of games. You can look forward to new roleplaying and deckbuilding games which will begin hitting shelves in 2021.

Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro first partnered for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Miniatures Board Game in 2018 and have released 11 expansions for the game since its debut. First up will be a 5th Edition compatible Power Rangers Role Playing Game and the upcoming Power Rangers Deck-Building Game which will be available to demo virtually at Renegade Con (October 9-11) and Renegade’s Morphin Meet Virtual Event beginning on October 23rd, and on shelves in Q2 2021.

Fans will also be able to enjoy entirely new websites that Renegade will be launching this fall to support the communities for its line-up of Hasbro games. Organized play, achievements, and in-store and at home events will be added to current programs, such as the current Power Rangers free monthly scenarios and Morphin Monday’s Twitch programs.

More details for G.I. Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony games will be announced in the coming months. You can be the first to know the latest news about your favorite franchise by signing up here.

“Hasbro has brought so much joy to fans through these worlds filled with rich narratives and iconic characters. We are excited to expand our relationship with Hasbro to help bring these stories to hobby tabletops in a new way, “explains Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher at Renegade Game Studios.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with Renegade Game Studios to include more fan favorite brands from our portfolio,” said Casey Collins, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Consumer Products at Hasbro. “The tabletop and roleplaying games Renegade Game Studios innovated for the Power Rangers franchise have proved to authentically connect with both gamers and the Ranger Nation and we are confident that G.I. Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony fans will love the exciting games coming soon.”

Further details will be announced for individual games beginning with the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game, coming available for pre-order in Q4 2020.

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I am really surprised. I thought d20 set in this age would be with other franchises as Overwatch by Blizzard or Fortnite: Save the World by Epic Games.

Open door for a future G.I.Joe d20 and Transformers d20? and my little pony d20?

What do you think about sourcebooks based in other sentai Saban franchises as VR Troopers or the mystic knights of Tir Na Nog?


I am not looking forward to a glut of Hasbro properties that 5e mechanics don't really fit that well getting a 5e cookie cutter write-up.

A couple will probably work fine but I fear how bad it could get.

Will they allow lincenced titles by 3PPs in the DM Guild? For example a Power Rangers where the zords are machines with animal shapes because they are animated by totem spirits (even dinosaurs) or a panzerpunk version of G.I:Joe where the III Reich is replaced by the Cobra-La lodge.

And a crossover Jem & Holograms with Equestria Girls,,or a Power Rangers vs Beast Wars?

Do we bet about a future Ghostbusters d20?

* In the past I thought about to create a PC race based in my little pony but with fingers to manipulate objects, and now the simplest solution is to say the upper legs are special, because a finger is a classic hoove to run, but within this there are more fingers, even one opposible dump (or two) to can manipulate objects or even to climp walls. This race can choose to walk as bipedal or quadruped (faster and better equilibrium). The name would be ipotane.

* I am happy to see updated versions of d20 Modern, but I feel my doubts about power balance with firearms, vehicles and high-tech.


"You have got to get that for me." <- The young gamer in our house who has the entire power rangers run on DVD and trick-or-treated the last few years as one.

With weapons more akin to flame bolt or lightning bolt than guns, and the ability to recover quickly from being hit by them, 5e d20 might be the time to do Power Rangers.


#1 Enworld Jerk™
Are they sure, though?

Like, if they want to make this a D&D sourcebook, I'm sure we would all be willing to put Dark Sun/Spelljammer/Greyhawk/Dragonlance/Birthright/Mystara/Planescape/Ravenlogt/Fogotten Realms/Nentir Vale on hold to see this quality content.

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