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Dungeon Crawl Classics, Delta Green, Runecairn, Mothership, Blades in the Dark, and Old Gods of Appalachia all have print products out this week.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG celebrates the 100th module with a box set adventure of awesome. There is also a new character class and an encounter available. Delta Green goes back to its origins with an adventure set in the 90s. Runecairn is a one GM/one PC RPG of Viking adventure with plenty of support. Mothership gets an adventure, there’s a new mech piloting RPG using the rules from Blades in the Dark, and Old Gods of Appalachia gets massive character folios.

Note: RPG Print News covers recent RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers only through Kickstarter or as print on demand.

155 the music of the.JPG

The Music of the Spheres is Chaos by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set of awesome adventure
  • DESCRIPTION: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos is a level 5 box set adventure bursting with the puzzles, foes, and magic befitting DCC module #100. Includes: Adventure Booklet (112 pages), Player Handout Booklet (28 pages and more than 40 illustrations), large Gameboard and four separate Spinning Maps, Double-Sided Bookmark of 4 Parts (to track changes imposed by the Spinning Map), Alembic Key prop (used by players to spin the dungeon!), and three Sheaves of Chaos handouts. The God-Eaters hid in a mountain a legendary treasure-hoard: coffers spilling over with blazing gems, strongboxes bright with gold, and the jeweled idols of a thousand gods. They were never seen again. But deep within the heart of the mountain, the flames of Chaos sputter and flare and with each thunderous turn of the Alembic Key, meteors streak the sky and prophets fling themselves from the turrets of high towers. The PCs must either master the mysteries of the God Eaters or succumb to the Music of the Spheres. Of course my copy of this boxed adventure of awesome is already on the way.
155 convergence.JPG

Convergence by Arc Dream Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Delta Green RPG The Conspiracy
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: September, 1996. In a small Tennessee town, teenager Billy Ray Spivey vanishes for two days without explanation and comes back changed when he uses unnatural powers to kill two people. The PC team of agents heads to Groversville to find the truth, but they may become the next victims. The first Delta Green scenario ever published in 1992 updated to the latest edition.
155 iron bearer.JPG
155 desperation.JPG

Icon Bearer | Desperation of the Hungry by Breaker Press
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG The Stennard Courier Volume 1
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $5/$8
  • DESCRIPTION: The Icon Bearer is a new class of holy warrior and demogogue spreading their faith. Includes rules for Iconic Deeds of Arms, which, when failed, can incur Disapproval. Also has new equipment and Followers of the True Believer, in which a PC maintains henchmen at all times. Desperation of the Hungry is an encounter for 8-12 0-level characters or 4-6 1st level characters. It should take 1.5-2 hours to complete. The encounter takes place at the edge of the town of Stennard. Famine has taken hold in the region around Stennard. A hungry mob wants to eat the well-fed hounds of Ohlnicks Muttwrangler. The PCs get caught in the middle.
155 runecairn core.JPG
155 runecairn bestiary.JPG
155 runecairn advanced.JPG
155 runecairn beneath the.JPG

Runecairn Core Rules | Runecairn Bestiary | Runecairn Advanced Rules | Runecairn Beneath the Broken Sword by By Odin’s Beard
  • SYSTEM: Cairn
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover rulebooks
  • RETAIL PRICE: $20/$35/$12/$10
  • DESCRIPTION: In a long forgotten age, a raging war shattered and devastated the worlds of gods and men. Now green life blooms amidst the ruins of the lost worlds. In the Runecairn Core Rules one PC hefts a bearded axe and linden wood shield before delving into a forsaken barrow to cleanse the draugr within. If the PC is overwhelmed and dies, they will wake up at the bonfire, knowing what to expect for the next attempt. Death is not the end. Four starting classes: the hearty warrior, the nimble scout, the cunning seer wielding 30 forceful runestone spells, or the spirited skald with 26 versatile sagas. The GM has15 monsters drawn from tales of Norse mythology. For more monsters, the Runecairn Bestiary adds 100 new monsters along with rules for creating or converting even more. The Runecairn Advanced Rules includes two advanced starting classes: Berserkr and Pyre, solo play with a rune-based oracle, random Norse dungeon generation, and options for three of more players. Beneath the Broken Sword is an introductory dungeon crawl set in the Cave of Echoesfor new adventurers. Also has a dangerous new monster to be overcome, the stone demon, and eight new Omens.
155 moonbase blues.JPG

Moonbase Blues by Anodyne Printware
  • SYSTEM: Mothership
  • PRODUCT TYPE: two page adventure
  • DESCRIPTION: A claustrophobic mystery set on an isolated moonbase observatory. Light-borne contaminants and infected colonists threaten to overwhelm the base in an uncanny tide of blue.
155 beam saber.JPG

Beam Saber by Austin Ramsay Games
  • SYSTEM: Forged in the Dark
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rules
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs are pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their part, then get out physically and mentally intact. There is no winning The War, there is only surviving it. Each pilot has a custom vehicle created from the ground up to suit their desires. The base frame can be humanoid, a more traditional vehicle, or something completely bizarre and equipped with holo-projectors, grapnel anchor tools, missiles, and much more. There are also several pilot types to choose from such as the Ace who are daring drivers or the Empath who are compassionate psychics. The pilots are part of a squad such as the Mechanized Cavalry which strikes fast and hard or the REDACTED which neutralize targets.
155 old gods.JPG

Old Gods of Appalachia - Character Portfolio by Monte Cook Games
  • SYSTEM: Old Gods of Appalachia
  • PRODUCT TYPE: five character portfolios
  • RETAIL PRICE: $22.99
  • DESCRIPTION: These 24-page character portfolios do the job of a character sheet, but also have room for notes, sketches, and other details about Appalachia, Players can keep a campaign journal, make maps and location notes, keep track of NPCs, and flesh out their character’s backstory and relationships.It’s printed in full color on heavy matte paper that takes pencil and eraser easily. Even the cover is easy to write and draw on.
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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

DCC really are the masters of doing things that feel old school but end up being quite novel. This box set really sums all that up. I'm looking forward to running it at some point, but there's so much amazing art in the adventure book, that it's honestly just a pleasure to read and flip through the pages for the time being. Another stellar box set from Goodman.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I didn't see Goodman mentioning this, but what they're doing with DCC #100 is basically an expanded version of what they did with DCC #50, which was a Monte Cook-written dungeon featuring mobile rings of rooms, which were mapped using a spinning wheel.

It was for 3E, and apparently a bit of a pain in the butt to produce (as was the Chained Coffin, which also features a spinning wheel), but it'd be nice to see that rebooted for 5E and DCC one of these days, similar to what they did with Crypt of the Devil Lich.

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