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Legendary Games is back putting out more content for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Pathfinder 2E, and Pathfinder 1E including a full multi-volume adventure path, a new class, and a new magazine style supplement. There is also another adventure for D&D by Tomorrow River Publishing and unique character sheets by artist Tony DiTerlizzi. Finally, Warhammer gets additional details on dwarves, halflings, and elves and Traveller gets a campaign adventure. Finally, Paranoia gets more dice.

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RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics and sales available from online retailers. It does not cover products that are only available to customers through kickstarter, directly from a publisher website, or as print on demand.

Aegis of Empires Adventure Path Compilation (D&D) | Aegis of Empires Adventure Path Compilation (Pathfinder 2nd Edition) | Aegis of Empires Adventure Path Compilation (Pathfinder 1st Edition) by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition/Pathfinder 2nd Edition/ Pathfinder 1st Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: group of hardcover adventure books
  • RETAIL PRICE: $89.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A multi-volume adventure path that takes PCs all the way to 17th level. Adventures include gritty urban adventure, chilling mysteries, epic wilderness journeys, and lost cities ranging across the length and breadth of the World of the Lost Lands. Strange things are afoot in a ramshackle house in the back streets of Eber, but PCs who pull that first thread will find murder, mayhem, monsters, mystery and magic aplenty. Eldritch tomes hold ancient secrets better left forgotten, as sinister cults, secret guilds and malevolent masterminds weave a continent-spanning conspiracy that threatens doom for all. Ancient enemies will rise, and a legacy of sorrow and betrayal bears bitter fruit, but the lure of fortune and glory draws the PCs ever onward in a breathless race against time and rival forces, with redemption and cataclysm balanced on the edge of a knife and the fate of untold thousands at stake. In addition to six adventures, there are over 50 new monsters and over 100 new magic items, spells, rituals, deities, and equipment items.
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Phaya Nak - The Deep by Tomorrow River Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $22.99
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs start at level 0 and advance through four adventures. From humble beginnings, the party must escape or perish in the dungeons of Durgesh prison. If they survive, they go on to epic battles and mysteries in the lands of Phaya Nak. Includes more than a dozen custom monsters, with illustrations and has alternate statistics for other d20 fantasy RPGs like AD&D and DCC RPG.
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The Dragon's Hoard - Issue #8 by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $12.99
  • DESCRIPTION: This month's features include: The Treasure Trove (magic items like the mask of deadspeech, bloody boomerang, cloudstep boots, and staff of spell echoes), Basker’s Books (spells for many casters like tamer’s whip, aqueous extraction, tiger trap and consuming fire), Class Acts (new class options including the new iguaca and wolakan races and half a dozen new feats like Eclectic Training and Lava Shaper), and Marvelous Monsters (new monsters including the kyeryong, giant iguana, and the sinister underworld dragon).
43 second edition classes cartomancer.JPG
Second Edition Classes - Cartomancer by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Pathfinder 2nd Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: This spellcaster dabbles in every magical tradition as they draw power from a card deck that is equal parts weapon and magical focus. Mystical gamblers and masters of chance, cartomancers use their cards as tools for weaving spells with decks that may focus on divination, illusion, and mental manipulation through occult magic, elements and flora and fauna with a primal deck, raw power of life and death with a divine deck, or the diverse and balanced options of an arcane deck. Includes over 50 class feats from Combination Discard and Pass the Deal to Aces and Eights and Three Card Monte, plus a dozen more feats, traits, and backgrounds. There is a complete system of Card Casting, with unique spells like arcane erosion, untouchable ward, gambler’s guise, and bend nature. Also has focus spells like cartomancy and dead man’s hand and a bestiary with nearly a dozen specialized card constructs.
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Player Character Record Sheets Vol. II by Tony DiTerlizzi
  • SYSTEM: systemless
  • PRODUCT TYPE: pack of character sheets
  • RETAIL PRICE: $24.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Each character sheet features an original character designed by award-winning artist, Tony DiTerlizzi. Also included is a supplementary short backstory for each character that can be used as an NPC or as the premise for a PC. With spacious charts and simple design, these sheets are compatible with most role-playing games.
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Archives of the Empire Volume 1 by Cubicle 7
  • SYSTEM: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $34.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Dwarfs, elves, and halflings are detailed. The Dwarf Hold of Karak Azgaraz at the edge of the Empire is detailed as are Imperial Dwarfs. The Laurelorn elves live between Nordland and the Wasteland. Halfling clans are covered along with a guide to the Mootland. Includes lore, maps, adventure ideas, NPCs, and new careers and weapons.
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Shadows of Sindal by Mongoose Games
  • SYSTEM: Traveller
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover adventure campaign
  • RETAIL PRICE: $44.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A three-part campaign set against the backdrop of the Pirates of Drinax. The discovery of a long-forgotten key prompts a mission to Paal, an easy task to find and open a vault containing treasures from the Empire of Sindal. King Oleb expects a quick return with a huge payoff, but nothing is ever that simple. Includes In Search of Sindal, the Plague of Sindal, and the Prince of Sindal. The first adventure covers finding the vault and the unexpected weapon inside. The second includes the Aslan as a threat. And the final adventure a Prince tries to seize power. His bid to take over must be stopped without igniting a war with the Aslan.
43 paranoia dice.JPG

Paranoia RPG: Security Clearance Dice Pack by Mongoose Games
  • SYSTEM: Paranoia
  • PRODUCT TYPE: nine six-sided dice (20 mm)
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Set of nine six-sided dice with the Paranoia logo on the 6 face. Some people think the eternal question has to do with love, happiness or wisdom. They are wrong. The eternal question is, 'Do I need more dice?' And the eternal answer is, "Yes. Yes I do.'

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Charles Dunwoody

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