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RPG Print News – Free League, Exalted Funeral, and More

Forbidden Lands, D&D5E, and tuber dudes in an adventure for Basic and Expert D&D/Old-School Essentials

Forbidden Lands gets a new setting and a book of fearsome monsters. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition gets a deluxe adventure, a skirmish game, packs of miniatures, character folios, and a pad of mapping paper. Tuber dudes threaten or ally with the PCs in an adventure for Basic and Expert D&D/Old-School Essentials. There is also an RPG about mutant musicians if the end of the world and what comes after is your jam.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers only through kickstarter or as print on demand.

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The Bloodmarch | Book of Beasts | The Bloodmarch Map & Cards Pack by Free League Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Forbidden Lands
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplements and map/card pack
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.99 each/$19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Bloodmarch is an epic campaign module describing the demon-infested lands west of Ravenland. The plains of the Bloodmarch once blossomed abundantly, but this was before the Demon Flood. Ever since the sorcerer Zygofer had his demonic hordes lay waste to the country, the land has been dead and deserted, apart from the twisted nightmares that now roam its plains and forests. Yet there should be much treasure to find for those brave enough to face their fears. Contains: three new magic disciplines (Magma Song, Mentalism, and Dream Magic), 27 random encounters, 16 new monsters (Fire Wyrm, Salamander, and Hover Frog), The Legacy of Horn campaign, and eight adventure sites. Book of Beasts includes 28 new monsters like the iron dragon and twisted ent with tailored random encounters, new traps, rare tomes, and alchemy, and a system for playing solo. Also includes legends about each monster, an option to harvest resources from slain beasts, and how to use Lore skills to gain insight into a monster´s strengths and weaknesses. The Bloodmarch Map & Cards Pack includes a 720 x 520 mm double-sided color map of the Bloodmarch, a sheet of stickers for adventure sites and gravestones, and 14 cards for unique mounts and magical artifacts.
142 hunted in the snow barrens.JPG

Hunted in the Snow Barrens (Limited Edition Box Set) by Headless Hydra Press
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $64.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A sandbox adventure for a 5th level party to complete in one to two sessions. The PCs encounter a desolate village in the frozen north, an ancient god forgotten beneath the ice, and a mad druid who is more than meets the eye. If the PCs can survive a deadly blizzard and the attacks of animals driven into a rage, they will be forced to make an impossible choice. Includes: a 14 page full color softcover adventure booklet with two new magic items and random encounters, an ice cavern battle map, a hexplorer frozen north magnetic map tile set with 86 map tiles, tracker cards for two NPCs, and nine miniatures including an owlbear and wolves.
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Invasion of the Tuber Dudes by Knight Owl Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Old-School Essentials
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • DESCRIPTION: A weird fantasy/western adventure for 1st level characters and especially suitable for new players. In the high desert, the PCs face a choice. Join forces with the bandit king kidnapping babies to save the world or bring him to the Sisters of Clemency's stern justice. The PCs must choose carefully, as either choice would make for a powerful enemy. The Sisters can harness the power of volcanoes themselves and the bandit king leads an army of 10,000 tuber dudes. It’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly meets Attack of the Killer Tomatoes mashed up into Basic and Expert D&D. And the PCs drive the adventure; the best kind of adventure.
142 marvelous mutations.JPG

Marvelous Mutations & Merry Musicians by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: unique post-apocalyptic
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover core rulebook
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs comprise a band of mutant musicians who travel from town to town in a weird, fantastic, post-post-apocalyptic world, performing concerts. There's electricity, mostly solar-powered. Guns are thing of the past but musical instruments survive even the electric ones. Live entertainment is highly valued. There are no wars. There's only music. Weird ruins dot the landscape, full of ancient mysteries. Most living things are born with weird, seemingly random, mutations. People, not-people, and once-people roam the distorted landscape. Beyond jamming, the PCs can explore ancient ruins, help communities solve their problems, and drink and trash their rooms at the local inn.
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D&D Onslaught: Fundamentals Kit - Harpers vs. Zhentarim | D&D Acrylic 2D Minis: Wizards & Warriors | D&D Acrylic 2D Minis: Goblinoids by WizKids
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set of skirmish rules/packs of miniatures
  • RETAIL PRICE: $79.99/$14.99 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught Fundamentals Kit is a competitive skirmish game and it includes everything from the Harpers Versus Zhentarim Core Set except miniatures and dice. Contents: double-sided game board, 16 dial cards, 26 standard cards, 44 mini cards, 71 tokens, 14 terrain elements, rulebook, and scenario guide, and four plastic standees. 2D Minis: Wizards & Warriors includes: male human fighter, female elf fighter, and male and female miniatures of: dwarf fighter, dragonborn paladin, halfling rogue, elf ranger, human cleric, tiefling sorcerer, elf wizard, gnome wizard, human warlock, half-orc barbarian, and half-elf bard. 2D Minis: Goblinoids: four goblins with mace, four goblins with dagger, goblin with whip, unarmed goblin, four bugbears with clubs, bugbear archer, bugbear chief, four hobgoblins with swords, hobgoblin archer, hobgoblin devastator, hobgoblin warlord, and an ogre.
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142 folio michelle.JPG
142 folio Grant.JPG
142 pad of perception.JPG

D&D Character Folio: Honor Among Thieves - Justice Smith | D&D Character Folio: Honor Among Thieves - Michelle Rodriguez | D&D Character Folio: Honor Among Thieves - Hugh Grant | Pad of Perception: Monster Manual - Collector's Edition by Ultra Pro
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: folios/pad
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10.49 each/$5.99
  • DESCRIPTION: D&D Character Folio to organize and store notes, character sheets, and spell cards. Each folio features full-art cover from the movie and includes 10 single-pocket pages for character sheets and notes as well as two 9-pocket pages for standard size spell cards. Includes a sticker sheet usable with permanent or wet/dry-erase markers. The Pad of Perception features 60 pages of 6mm bullet dot graph paper between a full-color D&D art cover, which secures shut with an elastic band.

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