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This week D&D gets adventures for PCs over 20th level fighting sentient cities. No I didn’t make that up. Also the Plane of Shadows is back, now called the Shadow Realm with politics and monsters. Witches are fighting in an adventure and there are even more rule options available. Pathfinder 2nd Edition gets so many more magic items. RuneQuest (4th Edition) gets lots of gear and Star Trek Adventures gets what sounds like a fascinating new era to game in. Fantasy Trip and really any RPG gets a question die. Hunter the Reckoning gets dice and the Cypher System gets adventures for a limited time. You know, I actually remember a time before you had to add an edition to an RPG. Before the dark times, before the Empire.

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Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

Book of Ebon Tides (Limited Edition) by Kobold Press
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: deluxe hardcover adventure supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $59.95
  • DESCRIPTION: Introduces the Shadow Realm, a twisting and distorted counterpart to the lands PCs know and home to the shadow fey hold court. The darakhul hunt the unwary and people adapted to the shadows attempt to get on with their lives. A realm ever changing of subtle intrigue and thinly veiled aggression, political opportunities, and roaming monsters. The ebon tides are the ebb and flow of the shifting shadowstuff while the shadow roads connect the planes. Monsters and NPCs include bearfolk, shadow goblins, sable elves, umbral humans, and others. Also has 52 spells, 16 races and subraces, 10 subclasses, 22 monsters and NPCs, 80 magic items, and more.
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The Cursed Crones of the Enchanted Grove by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $9.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A wilderness crawl suitable for an introductory group of 1st-level characters. A sleeping stone giants is found asleep in the town square and he won’t wake up. The PCs must venture into an enchanted grove to search for answers and get caught up in an ancient feud between a hag named Goodie Grimjaw and her wicked sisters.
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The Dragon's Hoard - Issue #21 | Dismantling Cities by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $12.99/$19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Dragon’s Hoard includes the following. Magical items like the golden fleece, stasis grenade, whalebone helm, and crescent blade of the green dragon. Spells including undertow, dancing darkness, and snapdragon fireworks. New class options such as the catfolk, cat burglar, and oath of pearl. Monsters for various challenge levels including the weeping lacridaemon, the serene prydanu, and the scintillating scitalis drake. In case you have 24th–26th level PCs, here is Dismantling Cities, a GM handbook for how to run epic fights against sentient cities. I continue to write about RPGs so I can write sentences like that. That’s crazy talk, yet here we are. Includes details on 10 different sentient cities, from the highly magical to the utterly alien and pregenerated adventurers of 24th level for every class in case your players haven’t quite earned enough XP yet. We had 100th level PCs in AD&D, just saying. This is intended to be played after Epic Depths, Heart of War, and Forgotten Crowns to get in all the epic goodness and all use Epic Play for Fifth Edition.
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Treasury of the Fleet | Treasury of the Kingdom | Treasury of the Macabre by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Pathfinder 2nd Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10.99/$9.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Treasury of the Fleet collects an assortment of lavish loot for pirate PCs to plunder such as the earring of farseeing and sea lord's tricorne to the shadow sextant and rod of the ebb tide. Magical arms and armor include the cannonball breastplate and the hurricane harpoon, and magical firearms cover the whispering wheellock and golden gun. Ships get the ensign of parley. Treasury of the Kingdom has over 40 magic items like the shield of the encroaching forest and battle standard of the fallen. Exploration is covered with the survivalist's arrow and scout's spyglass. Managing a kingdom is helped with istant signal towers and the plow of the abundant harvest. And for killing, the burning skull mace and beldam's eye. The Treasury of the Macabre is a collection of over 40 haunted and horror magic items. Treasures worth winning are the beyonder's veil and clockthief's candelabrum to the witchblood stylus and sanguinary torque.
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Weapons & Equipment by Chaosium
  • SYSTEM: RuneQuest (4th Edition)
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $34.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A plethora of new adventuring equipment, weapons, and armor. Also has new and compiled rules for beasts of burden, mounts, and awakened animals along with prices and rules for warbeasts, exotic animals, pack animals, riding equipment, and even mobile dwellings. Covers land ownership: quality of land, prices of different dwellings, unique land features, fortifications, and developing and improving land over time.
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Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide by Modiphius Entertainment
  • SYSTEM: 2d20 Star Trek Adventures
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $52.99
  • DESCRIPTION: PC Starfleet officers engage in desperate battles, investigate scientific wonders and strange alien constructs, participate in post-war recovery, and join the search for the mysterious Red Angel. With the divided Klingon Empire unites under one banner, total war breaks out between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Scientists and explorers are forced to become soldiers. Independent traders and civilians everywhere struggle to survive and thrive.
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Question Die by Steve Jackson Games
  • SYSTEM: any/Fantasy Trip
  • PRODUCT TYPE: dice
  • DESCRIPTION: Question Die has six faces asking who, what, when, where, why, and how.
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Hunter the Reckoning Dice Set (15) by Renegade Game Studio
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Ten Years of Adventures by Monte Cook Games
  • SYSTEM: Cypher System
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49.99
  • DESCRIPTION: 10 limited edition adventures from fantasy and sci-fi one-shots, to multi-party mega-events, to horror adventures. These are fan-favorite adventures chosen from a decade of official MCG Gen Con events that have never before seen print except for Tyrant’s Key.
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